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ВПР Комарова 9 класс Вариант 2

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Read the text and do the tasks.

A young mother was lying on a bed. She had just given birth to twin boys. She was tired but happy. A woman was helping her. Suddenly the woman screamed. “What’s the matter?” the mother cried. She lifted her head and looked at her babies. The babies were joined at their chests. She could not separate them.

That happened in Siam – now called Thailand – in 1811. The mother named her babies Chang and Eng. Chang and Eng grew up and became the famous Siamese twins.

People came from all over Siam to stare at the twins. One day, when the twins were 18, an American saw them. He thought, “I can make money with the twins.” He asked Chang and Eng, “Will you come with me to the United States?” Chang and Eng wanted to go to the United States, so they went with the man. They never saw Siam or their family again.

Chang and Eng traveled with the American for ten years. Later they traveled alone. People paid to see them and ask them questions about their lives. Finally, the twins got tired of traveling. They got tired of answering questions. They decided to live quietly in North Carolina. Soon after they moved to North Carolina, the twins met two sisters. The sisters’ names were Adelaide and Sarah. The twins fell in love with the sisters. Chang married Adelaide, and Eng married Sarah. The marriages were very unusual. Adelaide and Sarah lived in separate houses. The twins lived in one house for four days. Then they went to the other house for our days. The marriages were unusual, but they were long and happy. Chang and Adelaide had ten children, and Eng and Sarah had eleven children.

The twins were happy with Adelaide and Sarah, but they were not always happy with each other. Sometimes they argued, and they didn’t talk to each other. They asked doctor after doctor, “Please, separate us.” Every doctor said, “I can’t separate you. The operation is too dangerous.” So, the twins stayed joined together.

One night, when the twins were 63, Eng suddenly woke up. He looked at Chang, who was lying beside him. Chang was not breathing. Eng screamed for help, and one of his sons came.

“Uncle Chang is dead,” the young man said.

“Then I am going to die too,” Eng said, and he began to cry. Two hours later Eng was dead.

For 63 years the twins of Siam lived together as one. In the end, they also died as one.

1) Complete the sentences


1. This story is about

a)dangerous operations.

b)unusual marriages.

c) Siamese twin brothers.

2. The young mother lifted her head

a) to ask about an operation.

b) to look at her babies.

c) to scream for help



3. People came from all over Siam

a) to stare at the twins.

b) to travel with the twins in the United States.

c) to marry the twins.

4. The twins talked to many doctors because

a) the twins were often sick.

b) they wanted the doctors to separate them.

c) the doctors wanted to study the twins.

2) T (true) or F (false).

1. ____The story happened in Siam – now called China – in 1811.

2. ____Chang and Eng grew up and became the famous Siamese twins.

3.____ People came from all over Siam to stare at the twins.

4.____ An Australian asked Chang and Eng to come with him to the United States.

5. ____Chang and Eng travelled with the American for ten days.

6. ____After the twins moved to North Carolina, they met two cousins.

3)Guess the meaning of thehighlighted word

1. A woman was helping the young mother. Suddenly the woman screamed. “What’s the matter?” the mother cried.

a. yelled in a loud voice

b. smiled happily

2. The babies were joined at their chests. She could not separate them.

a. take them apart

b. wake them up

3. People came from all over Siam to stare at the twins.

a. take pictures of

b. look at

4. The twins were not always happy with each other. Sometimes they argued.

a. spoke quietly

b. spoke in angry voices

II. Лексика, грамматика


Task 1: Translate the words and expressions from Russian into English.

-Путешествовать на самолёте


-страдать от жажды


-уезжать в Лондон


- чувствовать себя как дома


- ручная кладь


-место получения багажа








Task 2: Fill in "the" if necessary.

1.      ___ Bermuda Triangle is located in ___ Atlantic Ocean.

2.      ___ Lake Superior is the largest of ___ Great Lakes.

3.      In ___ Atlantic Ocean, ___ American Mediterranean Sea is the combination of the seas of ___ Gulf of Mexico and ___ Caribbean Sea.

4.      The country I liked most of all was ___ Italy.

5.      Next year I want to visit ____ South America and to ____ Buenos Aires in ____ Argentine.

6.      ___ Island of Madeira is historically Portuguese territory.

7.      ___ Borneo is situated in the waters of ___ South China Sea.

8.      ___ Himalayas include more than a hundred mountains exceeding 7,200 metres.

9.      ___ Europe is bordered towards the north by ____ Arctic Ocean, towards ___ south by ___ Mediterranean Sea and ___ Black Sea, towards ___ west by ___ Atlantic Ocean and ___ east by ___ Asia.

10.  ___ Urals divide ___Asia and ___Europe.

Task 3: Use the verbs in the Past Simple or Present Perfect/Present Perfect Continuous.

1.      I (like) _______ him when I was at school.

2.      He (live) _______ in New York since 2001.

3.      I (not see) _______ Pete last night.

4.      I (look for) _______ this book yesterday.

5.      I (to watch) _____ this movie for about 2 hours.

Task 4: Use must/mustn’t, may, can/can’t, should/shouldn’t, need/needn’t.

1.      Students ___ leave the classroom before the ring bells.

2.      You ___ brush your teeth in the morning.

3.      ___ you pass my pencil to me?

4.      You've been driving all day. You ________ beexhausted!

5.      You ________ smoke so much. It's bad for your health!

6.       I know he speaks five languages, but ________ he speak Arabic?

7.      I'm on my way. I ________ be there in about 10 minutes.

8.      I ________ affordthat.

9.      This ________ be dangerous if you don't have the right equipment.

10.  You ________ yell at your parents. It'snotnice. 

Task 5: Fill in the gaps with the reflexive pronouns.

1.      Forget it! I’ll do it _____ .

2.      She burnt _____ on the oven yesterday.

3.      He talks to _____ all the time. It doesn’t mean he’s crazy.

4.      We all enjoyed _____ very much on the picnic.

5.      The protesters locked _____ in the church and refused to come out.

6.      Your sister is very busy, so you’ll have to do this task by _____ .

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