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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Презентации / Вся грамматика за 6 класс УМК Афанасьева О.В., Михеева И.В. в таблице.

Вся грамматика за 6 класс УМК Афанасьева О.В., Михеева И.В. в таблице.

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Present Simple

every day, often, usually, at first, sometimes, ever, then, seldom, on Mondays, after,

V1 / Vs

don't V1

doesn't V1

Do. ..V1



Past Simple

Yesterday, the other day, last year / month / week, in 1999, 2 days ago, once, when?

V2 / Ved

didn't VI

Did... VI

Who V2 / ed?

Future Simple

Tomorrow, next week, in a day, next month

shall V1

will V1

shan't V1

won't V1

Will... V1

Who will VI?

Present Perfect

Ever, never, just, lately, already, yet, recently, twice, several times


has Ved/3


hasn't Ved/3


Has.... Ved/3

Who has Ved/3

Past Perfect

by 5 o'clock, by Sunday, by that time, by the end of the year, when, after, before

had Ved/V3

hadn't Ved/3

Had ... Ved/3

Who had Ved/3

Present Continuous

Now, at present, at that moment, Look!


is V ing are

am not

isn't Ving aren't


Is Ving


Who is Ving

Past Continuous

At, when, while yesterday at 5.


were Ving

wasn't weren't Ving


Were Ving

Who was Ving

Future Continuous

at 5 o'clock tomorrow in an hour


shall be Ving


shan't be Ving


Shall be Ving

Who will be Ving

Present Perfect Continuous

For, since


has been Ving


hasn't been Ving


Has been Ving

Who has been Ving

Глаголы, не употребляющиеся в группе времен Continuous

to love, to remember, to like, to need, to forget, to be, to hate, to see, to hear, to want

in - внутри

out – снаружи

to stay in - остаться дома , to breath in - вдохнуть , to eat in - есть дома,

to stay out - остаться вне дома, to breath out выдохнуть, to eat out - есть вне дома

Present Passive

am / is / are + V3

by - кем-то

Is V3?

Past Passive

was / were + V3

with - чем-то

Was V3

Future Passive

Shall / will be + V3

Will be V3?

Modal verbs in Passive

Must be V3 ought to be V3

can be V3 should be V3

Had to be V3 didn't have to be V3

"if / when" clauses

If ... V/Vs when ... don't / doesn't VI

If the weather is fine, we shall qo to the forest.

He will tell you when she comes.

Degrees of


Biq - biqqer - the bioaest Исключения:

nice - nicer - the nicest

easy - easier - the easiest

useful - more useful - the most useful.

good-better-the best, bad - worse - the worst,

old - older/ elder -the oldest / eldest

far - further / farther- the furthest/ farthest

little - less - the least much / many - more - the most

So / Neither

I live in London. So do I. So does he.

He saw a film. So did I.

We are at school. So is Bob So am I.

Sam can swim. So can I. So can she.

Bill will be 13. So will Sue. So shall I.

I don't live in Moscow. Neither does she. Neither do I.

He didn't see a film. Neither did I.

They aren't cold. Neither am I Neither is he.

Sam can't swim Neither can Mary.

Bill won't be 14. Neither will Ted.

Reported Speech

Live - lived

Lived - had lived

will live - would live

is going - was going

said to - told

tomorrow-the next day this - that here - there

ago - before these - those

next day- the next year now - then

yesterday-the day before today - that day

Participle I

Participle II

Ving falling-падающий

Ved / V3 fallen - упавший


What a lovely day! What cold weather! What _ long roads!

What fresh air it is! - How Fresh the air is! What a brave officer he is! - How brave the officer is!

such, so

It is such a good idea. The idea is so good.

Complex object

Mother want(s) me / you

I would like him / her to do smth Я хочу, чтобы он / она вернулся.

They don't/doesn't want us / them

Complex object с глаголами чувственного восприятия

see me/us I saw Mother cook / cooking a pie.

Subject watch him/her/it do smth Did you hear him sing / singing at the party?

notice you/them doing smth We did not notice them come / coming in.

hear the girls I heard my sister cry / crying.

Let / make

to make smb + Adj (happy, sad, etc.) to let / make smb do somethinq (active without to)

But: to be allowed / made to do something (passive with to)

to look

1. to look at - посмотреть на; 2. to look for - искать; 3. to look through - просмотреть,

4. to look after - ухаживать; 5. to look up (in) - посмотреть (в словаре)

to take

1. to take after - быть похожим на; 2. to take away - унести; 3. to take off - снимать, взлетать

4. to take back - вернуть; 5. to take down - снимать, записывать.

to give

1. to give back - возвращать; 2. to give out - раздавать; 3. to give away - отдавать;

4. to give up - бросить, отказаться

to make

1. to make up - придумать, гримировать; 2. to make up with smb - помириться с; 3. to make out - разобраться; 4. to make off - сбежать

Uncountables in the plural - Money, hair, advice, work, information, weather, knowledge, progress, news

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