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Введение к исследовательской работе "What's in a name..."

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What’s in a name?” (William Shakespeare)


You are reading a short summary of the research project done by Valentina Anatolievna Chernova, a teacher of English, and her students Elena Nosovets and Anastasia Orlova from the town of Nefteyugansk in the north of Russia.

The name of our research is “What’s in a name?’ This is the line from act 2, scene 2 of the world-famous tragedy by William Shakespeare “Romeo and Juliet”. But we have dared to argue a little bit with Mr. Shakespeare and prove that a name can mean a lot. You also may say that this topic isn’t a new one. None the less we’ve tried to find our own way to cover the problem.

The research goal is as follows:

  • to find out the trends which influence the choice of first names;

Our hypothesis sounds like this: “If we research the development of modern English anthroponimics (name-making process), we can find out the tendency for the creation of new first names on the basis of traditional names common for all English-speaking countries.”

In order to confirm this hypothesis or contradict it we had to fulfill some tasks:

  • to learn about the history of the question;

  • to study the factors which influence the choice of names;

  • to carry out a survey in some schools of England, the USA and Canada;

  • to draw up a list of rating of the first names among the contemporary teenagers in English-speaking countries;

  • to find out in which of the English-speaking countries parents are more inclined toward creativeness in naming their children;

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