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What colour is your cat? (5 form)

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Білемін           Үйренгім келеді       Үйрендім
beautiful               white                                      
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№ слайда 5 Білемін           Үйренгім келеді       Үйрендім
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Білемін Үйренгім келеді Үйрендім beautiful white nice black handsome brown tall grey short red fat green kind yellow

№ слайда 6 beautiful               white                                      
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beautiful white beautiful white nice black handsome brown tall grey short red fat green kind yellow

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Краткое описание документа:

The theme of the lesson: Step one
What colour is your cat?
The aims of the lesson: to develop pupils skills in reading, talking,
asking about colours.
Questions: what colour? Adjectives
The aids: book, slides, vocabulary, grammar table

The Plan of the lesson:
I. Organization moment
- Good - morning dear boys and girls!
Nice to see you! Today we have a very interesting lesson.
We’ll telling about colours of things, clothes. And we have many guests at our lesson. Let’s greet them. ( of chorus)
Good afternoon 2
Good afternoon to you.
Good afternoon, dear guests
We are glad to see you!

II. Checking up home work.
- What was given for your homework?
- Learn by heart the colours.
- OK. Let’s check it. Who is ready?
P 1: - white – ақ blue - көк
- - black - қара green - жасыл

III. Phonetic drill.
T: - All of you look at the slide and let’s read a poem. We’ll read it in chorus, then one by one.
Spring is green
Summer is bright
Autumn is yellow
Winter is white
T:- children, what about the poem?
P:- about season and colours.

IV. Introduction to the new theme7
Continue of theme “ What colour is your cat?” ( 2 hour)
Work with cards.
The main part.
- What, have you got?
- I have a cat.
- What colour is your cat?
- It’s a white cat.
- Roman, what have you got?
- I have a…
- I have a ball. My ball is yellow.
Playing game.
brown orange
white pink
red violet
blue green

but eyes, trousers, jeans, shoes, trainers – үнемі көпше түрде тұрады.
- What colour are your eyes? Trainers?
- They are brown…
Work with copy - book. Ex. 4 and 6
Slide “ Polyglot”
- Give the translation of the words in Kazakh, Russian, English. (Дают перевод слов в казахском языке, русском языке, английский язык)
1. ақ - қоңыр -
Черный - red -
Yellow - оранжевый -
Very well. Good for you!

Work with book.
Answer the questions: talking with your classmates. P -- P
- What ‘s your name? My name’s…
- How old are you? – I’m 10
- Which class are you in? – I’m 5 class
- What colour is your hair?- My hair is black
- What colour are your eyes? – My eyes are blue.

V. Conclusion.
VI. Giving home task. Ex. 11
VII. Putting marks.
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