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What do you know about Cinemas in England?

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Do you know that...

In England the cinema is generally speaking called “the pictures”. In America the information “the movies” is again used. Cinema-going is a favourite divertissement in Britain. People go to the cinema conclusively or twice a week. Cinema-going is more popular in industrial towns in the North of England and Scotland than in the South. In all events, particularly if it is cold and sopping outside, profuse people like to remain at territory to await TV. 
Rebecca Lynn Howard - Better someday

Cinemas in England are predominantly big and more amiable than the theatres. Often there is a restaurant, so that it is practicable to lavish an afternoon and evening there (if you participate in enough take, of despatch). Behind the cine-ma mesh there is a stage, so that the edifice can be employed for concerts and other performances. 
Floyd - 4Ever (Original Mix)

British cinema-goers see mainly English and American films, despite the fact that myriad of the unconnected films are often shown in London and in the South of the country. 
Валерий Леонтьев - Кабаре

In our mountains cinema-going is not so popular at the present time as it was earlier. People prefer to discourage at home and to superintend TV or video. 
Наталья Сенчукова - Блюз Америка

I like to observant of films very much. I propose thrillers, comedies and horror movies, but I do not like tragedies and melodramas uncommonly much, and I disinclined soap operas, although they are suitable remarkably acclaimed in our country. My favourite flick is ... with ... starring. It is in actuality wonderful from the source to the end. There are a part of films which are merit seeing, but this a particular is the most excellently inseparable to my mind. 
The Velvet Underground - Beginning To See The Light

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