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What's your job. (5th form)

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Form 5. Unit 3. Lesson 3.

Theme: "What is your job?"

Teacher: Semyonova M. V. Fergana valley Kokand

Lesson objectives:

-to practice listening and reading for gist.

-to enable pupils to talk about there friends' and parents' job.


-to make up friendly atmosphere.

-to improve pupils' outlook.


-to revise the use of indefinite article "a" and "an".

-to practice working independently with the new vocabulary.

-to practice reading for specific information.

Expected results:

at the end of the lesson pupils will be able to:

-write the names of professions independently.

-use new words and get information about new jobs.

-to develop pupils' outlook about professions.

Materials: textbook, colored pictures, handouts, posters, a tape recorder, computer.

Stages of the lesson:

1. Motivation. Unscrambling the words. 3 min

2. Presentation. 10 min

3. Practice stage. 5 min

4. Production stage. 15 min

5. Consolidation and evaluation. Spelling dictation. 5 min

6. Home task. 2 min

Key words: profession, teacher, pupil, doctor, mechanic, secretary, farmer, engineer, businessman.

Motivation. Chain drill. Pupils say words turn by turn. One pupil says only one word, the next pupil find other word, that word should begin with the letter which is the last letter of the first pupil's word.

E.g. Mother-rule-evening-girl etc.

Exercise 4. Ask and answer.

1. What is your father?

2. Where does your father work?

3. Have you a mother?

4. What is your mother's job?

5. How old is your brother?

6. What jobs do you like?

Presentation. Exercise 5a. Read about Mrs. Whitfield.

Mrs. Whitfield is from England. She is English. She is Lucy and John’s mother. Mrs. Whitfield is an English teacher. She has got a father and a mother. Her father Mr. Simpson, is an electronic engineer. Her mother, Mrs. Simpson, is a secretary in an office. Mr. Simpson and Mrs. Simpson are Lucy and John’s grandparents.

-Indefinite article: a, an.

1. Indefinite article "a" is used before the words, which begin with consonant sound.

E.g. A teacher, a doctor, a pupil.

2. Indefinite article "an" is used before the words, which begin with vowel sound.

E.g. An engineer.

Practice. Group work. Domino. Teacher organize two groups by the handouts which named “Sunday” and “Monday”, they are putted on the table with unwritten side. After that teacher distributes pictures to the pupils and explains how to make this activity.



















Production. Group work sunflower.

-teacher draws a sunflower at the blackboard. Then he/she writes the word "JOBS" to the center of the sunflower. Pupils should write the names of the jobs to the leaves of the sunflower, they should write turn by turn.



Spelling dictation. Exercise 6. This activity improves memory and pupils' spelling skills.

-this dictation consists of ten words. First of all, teacher should read whole dictation to the pupils.

-teacher reads the words which belong to jobs.

-he/she should pronounce (spell) every letter of a word, at that moment pupils should write whole word. E.g. T-e-a-c-h-e-r.

Words: teacher, mechanic, engineer, doctor, businessman, driver.


Teacher checks up pupils' spelling dictation. He/she shows their mistakes if they have. Then pupils try to spell and read these words. After that teacher marks all pupils.

Home task: ex 1. p 28.

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