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Where are you going to spend your holidays?

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Form: 6     date:  

The theme of the lesson: Where are you going to spend your holidays?

The aims of the lesson:

1. Educational: to revise and practice grammar material “modal verbs”, to notice how word order changes in affirmative, negative and question forms, to enlarge students’ vocabulary, to motivate self - study and group work;

2. Developing: to develop student’s abilities in thinking, in expressing their own opinions in speech and in resourcefulness, to enrich students’ outlook.

3. Up bringing: To bring up pupils to respect other countries friendship, to be more attentive.

The connection with the subjects: Geography, Kazakh.

Teaching methods: Level tasks, Critical thinking technologies’ strategy

The type of the lesson: Revision lesson

Teaching aids: Interactive board, grammar table, pictures, textbook, slides, semantic card.

A procedure of the lesson:

1. Organizational moment

2. Checking - up the home task

3. Warm - up

4. New words

5. New theme

6. Match the picture

7. Level tasks: I, II, III

8. Semantic card

9. Message of the President

10. Evaluating pupils

11. Giving home task

12. The end of the lesson

1. Organizational moment

- Good afternoon pupils and dear guests!

- Good afternoon teacher!

- How are you?

- Fine, thank you.

- What’s the weather like today?

- It’s sunny.

- What was it yesterday?

- It was windy.

- Ok, boys and girls what about your home task?

2. Checking up the home task

To write your plan using the grammar “Present Perfect Tense”

3. Warm - up

Fill in the words “pig, frog, sheep, to bark” to make a poem.

Have you ever seen a dog

Who got married to a …

Have you ever seen a …

Who was fit and slim as Twiggy?

Have you ever seen a …

That spoke English in its sleep?

Have you ever seen a lark

Teaching puppies how …

4. New words

Germany [ʤə: məni ] Германия

Kazakhstan [ka: za: kstan] Қазақстан

The USA [ϳu: es: ei] Америка Құрама Штаты

Canada [kænədə] Канада

Italy [itæli] Италия

The UK [ϳu: kei] Біріккен корольдік

France [fræns] Франция

Australia [Ɔ‘streiliә] Австралия

Mexico ['meksikәu] Мексика

Spain [spein] Испания

5. New theme

Present Perfect Tense

It denotes a completed action connected with the present

We use it with the words

ever, never, just, already, yet, today, recently, this morning, this evening, for, since

We form it with the verb to have and the third form of the main verb

6. Match the pictures with numbers.

A – 1, b – 9, c – 7, d – 8, e – 5, f – 3, g – 2, h – 4, I – 10, j – 6

7. Level task I Doing exercises:

Level task II

Level task III

Make up sentences use the Present Perfect Tense

8. Semantic card

9. A message 2050 of our President

If we are highly educated, we will become a developed and competitive country

Егер біздің сауаттылығымыз жоғары болса, біз бәсекеге қабілетті дамыған ел боламыз.

10. Evaluating pupils

11. Giving the home task: Exercise 7. P: 151

12. The end of the lesson. The lesson is over. Good - bye!




















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