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”Which room do you like?”

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Form: 5 a, b date:

The theme of the lesson: ”Which room do you like?”
The aim: to teach pupils to describe their house, to study new words and practice them in speech.
The equipment: screen, blackboard
The stages of the lesson:
Org. moment: T.: Good afternoon, children!
Who is on duty today?
Who is absent?
What season is it now?
What date is it today?
2. Together, together
Together every day
Together, together
We work and play.
3. Let’s check up your home task: What is your homework: Ex. 5 p. 109
4. The theme of our lesson: «Which room do you like?»
Look at the blackboard: at first I` ll read new words then you` ll repeat after me. Open your vocabulary note - books and write down these new words.
5. Let’s see if you know the names of the rooms in the flat. Complete the sentences. Let` s do it orally.

6. Let’s play a memory game. Look at the picture for a moment, then close the slide and name all the rooms and things you remember. Who is champion?
7. Read the text:
English Homes.
Many English families live in flats, but some people have got own houses. There are two floors in the traditional English house: the ground floor and first floor. The bedroom and a bathroom are on the first floor. The sitting - room, the dining - room, the kitchen and a hall are on the ground floor.
The sitting - room is usually the largest room in the house. They read books, watch television, listen to music or sit around and speak. People in England like their homes and often say, “There is no place like home.”
Answer the questions:
1) Do all English people live in flats?
2) How many floors are there in the traditional English house?
3) What is the largest room in the English house?
4) What do English people usually do in their sitting - room?
5) What do English people think of their homes?
8. Are you tired? Let’s sing song “If you happy.”
9. Read the words. Which room does each word go in? You may use a dictionary and place the words in the right place.
10. Open your books: page 111, Ex. 2, 3, 4.
11. Let’s solve the crossword:
1) We cook on it. It is in the kitchen.
2) We watch TV in it. There is a sofa in it.
3) We work in it.
4) This is a kind of dish.
5) This is a telephone and a rug in it.
6) We sleep in it.
7) This furniture is in the kitchen.

12. Open your diary and write down your homework: describe your flat.
13. You were very active today. I’ll give your marks.

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