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Written test of the English language (grade5)

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hello_html_3458fcef.gifTest (the 5th form) I quarter

  1. Find the right transcription.

1. nine [fa:ðә]

2. name [kA:zәn]

3. fine [fiS]

4. thank [ilevn]

5. number [nain]

6. eleven [kæmәrә]

7. fish [neim]

8. father [Өæŋk]

9. cousin [nAmbә]

10. camera [fain]

  1. Name the right numbers.

  1. two – 2

  2. eleven –

  3. twenty seven –

  4. sixty four –

  5. eighty nine –

  6. thirteen –

  7. fifty two –

  8. forty five –

  9. seventy –

  10. hundred –

  1. Give the right opposites.

  1. bad short

  2. kind young

  3. fat good

  4. tall strict

  5. old thin

  1. Circle the correct answer.

  1. What is your name?

A) I’m eleven.

B) You

C) Colin

2. How are you?

A) I’m OK.

B) I’m in class 5.

C) I’m from London.

3. Where are you from?

A) I’m fine.

B) I’m Carol.

C) I’m from Kazakhstan.

4. How old are you?

A) I’m from London.

B) I’m ten.

C) I’m OK.

5. Which class are you in?

A) I’m from London.

B) I’m fine.

C) I’m in class 5.

6. What is this?

A) It’s a table.

B) It’s bad.

C) They are books.

7. Whose pen is this?

A) It isn’t a pen.

B) It’s Colin’s.

C) I’m from London.

8. Whose jeans are these?

A) It’s his.

B) They are nice.

C) They are Carol’s.

9. Have you got a bike?

A) No, I haven’t.

B) No, it isn’t.

C) It isn’t a bike.

10. Is this your book?

A) Yes, I have.

B) Yes, this is a book.

C) Yes, it’s mine.

11. How many sisters have you got?

A) My brother has got three sisters.

B) I have got two sisters.

C) I have got a camera.

Test (the 5th form) II quarter

    1. Write the right numerals.

  1. Twelve – 12

  2. Hundred twelve –

  3. Seventy three

  4. Ninety two

  5. Thirty five –

  6. Sixty seven –

  7. Eighteen –

  8. Forty one –

  9. Twenty –

10. Fifty eight –

    1. Put in: am, is, are.

  1. What colour … your cat?

  2. Carol and Colin … cousins.

  3. He … my friend.

  4. I … in class 5.

  5. How … you?

    1. Which one is different?

  1. Three, five, thanks, six, seven

  2. Kettle, plate, book, spoon, fork

  3. Pen, notebook, ruler, pencil, fridge

  4. He, she, boy, we, I

  5. Walkman, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom

    1. Circle the correct answer.

    1. Are you from Japan?

A) No, I’m ten. B) No, I’m from China. C) No, I can’t.

2. Who is that boy?

A) He is Colin. B) She is Asel. C) He is fine.

3. Have you got a cat?

A) Yes, he has. B) Yes, I can. C) Yes, I have.

4. Whose pen is this?

A) They are mine. B) It’s Carol’s. C) It isn’t a pen.

5. What is your mother like?

A) She is a doctor. B) She is beautiful. C) She is from London.

6. Are these Aidar’s shoes?

A) Yes, it is. B) Yes, they are shoes. C) Yes, they are his.

7. How many brothers have you got?

A) My brother has got a car. B) I have got two brothers. C) I have got a dog.

8. What colour is your hair?

A) They are black. B) They are brown. C) It is brown.

9. What colour are your jeans?

A) They are blue. B) They are fine. C) It is black.

10. Can you play tennis?

A) Yes, I do. B) Yes, I can. C) Yes, I am.

Test (the 5th form) III quarter

I. Write some or any in the gaps.

1. There are … chairs in the living room.

2. Are there … pillows on the sofa?

3. There aren’t … plants in the room.

4. There is … juice in the cup.

5. There isn’t … bread on the plate.

II. Write questions: How much? How many?

  1. water is there in the kettle?

  2. desks are there in the room?

  3. chairs are there in the kitchen?

  4. butter is there on the plate?

  5. milk is there in the fridge?

III. Write the correct prepositions.

  1. There is a carpet (в середине) the room.

A) in front of B) opposite C) in the middle of

2. There is a sofa (перед) the fireplace.

A) behind B) in front of C) under

3. There is a window (напротив) the door.

A) between B) opposite C) next to

4. There is a cat (под) the table.

A) on B) behind C) under

5. There is a bed (возле) the wardrobe.

A) in front of B) next to C) among

6. There are flowers (на) the table.

A) in B) under C) on

IV. Circle the correct answer.

  1. Can you speak English?

A) Yes, I do. B) Yes, please. C) Yes, I can.

2. What does Colin’s father do?

A) He lives in London. B) He is at home. C) He is a taxi-driver.

3. What do you want to be?

A) I want an ice-cream. B) I want to be a pilot. C) I’m a student.

4. Do you like History?

A) Yes, I am. B) Yes, I do. C) Yes, it is.

5. Do you want some Pepsi?

A) Yes, please. B) Yes, it is. C) Yes, he does.

6. Are you good at swimming?

A) Yes, I am. B) Yes, I do. C) Yes, I can.

7. Is there a swimming pool in your school?

A) No, there isn’t. B) No, it isn’t. C) No, there aren’t.

8. Does Colin ever help his mother?

A) Yes, he is. B) Yes, he does. C) Yes, he can.

9. What do you need to buy?

A) I need to buy a pen. B) I need to see my friend. C) I need to learn English.

10. There is a dishwasher in the … .

A) bedroom B) living room C) kitchen

11. There is a bed in the … .

A) kitchen B) bedroom C) living room

12. There is a sofa in the … .

A) bedroom B) bathroom C) living room.

Test (the 5th form) IV quarter

I. Which one is different?

1. banana, pear, apple, table, orange.

2. doctor, lawyer, brother, teacher, driver.

3. bread, milk, juice, water, lemonade.

4. shoes, trainers, shirt, boots, slippers.

5. write, pencil, read, swim, play.

II. Put in : a, an,some, any

1. Are there … books in the bag?

2. Would you like … apricot?

3. I want to write … letters.

4. There is … lamp on the table.

5. I haven’t got … stamps.

III. Put the words in the correct order.

1. got, two, I, brothers, have.

2. in, Colin, up, at, morning, gets, 7 o’clock, the.

3. the, table, there, a, is, room, in.

4. favourite, is, my, subject, English.

5. father, watching, my, is, TV.

IV. Circle the correct answer

1. There … a bed near the window.

A) am B) is C) are

2. There … some books on the table.

A) are B) am C) is

3. There is a TV set (между) the window and the table.

A) among B) between C) in front of

4. There is a carpet (в середине) the room.

A) among B) behind C) between

5. There is a library (напротив) the computer room.

A) in front of B) behind C) opposite

6. What do you want to be?

A) I want an ice cream. B) I want to be a doctor. C) I do my homework.

7. What time do you get up?

A) I get up at 7 o’clock. B) I go to school. C) I like swimming.

8. He is … Mathematics.

A) play B) good at C) nice

9. Is there a table in the room?

A) Yes, there is. B) Yes, they are. C) Yes, it is.

10. Does he speak English?

A) Yes, he has. B) Yes, he does. C) Yes, I do.

Краткое описание документа:

The Test is intended for the pupils of the secondary schools, as well as teacher of english. Trains students in using lexical and grammatical   materials. Give the teacher possibility to check the degree of the learning the passed material. Satisfied  the requirements to the state standard. Develop the mental abilities of the students. Alltogether – 4 tests, for each quarter. The tasks are different levels: from simple to complex.It Is taken into account of level of the knowledge each student.
Each teacher can change the tasks at own discretion, considering knowledges their own children.




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