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Why is water important for us?

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Сабақтың тақырыбы:

Why is water important for us?

Сабақтың жалпы мақсаты:

Presentation of the lesson about water and it’s importance

Оқушылар үшін оқу нәтижелері

To develop the pupils habits of the oral speech , to develop pupils creative and logical abilities, understanding, reading and writing, grammar and lexical skills to learn

Негізгі идеялар

to bring up love and interest to the subject, to respect each other, to create an English atmosphere in the classroom

Сабақта қолданылатын материалдар:

Жұмыс дәптерлері,интернет материалы Аяпова 5 сынып

Оқыту әдістері:

1Топтық жұмыс

2. Жеке жұмыс

Дерек көздер:

English оқулығы, Teacher's Book, , жұмыс дәптері,


1.мәтінді оқу

2.жаңа сөздерді теріп жазу

3.сұрақтарға жауап беру

4.жаттығулар орындау

Мұғалімнің сабақ бойынша жазбалары

Блум таксономиясы бойынша сабақ жүргізіледі:

  1. I.Organization moment : Greeting with the student , Get ready them for the lesson, Asking day and date Greetings

-Good morning children?

-How are you?

  1. A talk about on duty

-Who is on duty today?

-Who is absent today?

c) A talk about the weather?

-What day is it today? -What season is it now?

-What date is it today? - What month is it now?

Test 10 min

1. I usually …….. (go) to school.

2. They ……(visit) us often.

3. You …….(play) basketball once a week.

4. Tom ……..(work) every day.

5. He always ……..(tell) us funny stories.

6. She never ……(help) me with that!

7. Martha and Kevin …….(swim) twice a week.

8. In this club people usually ….(dance) a lot.

9. Linda ………(take care) of her sister.

10. John rarely ….(leave) the country.

11. We ……..(live) in the city most of the year.

12. Lorie …….(travel) to Paris every Sunday.

II. Warm up

Teacher: And now let’s practise the English sounds and words. Look at the screen and repeat after me:

[Λ] Subject, London, fun, discuss

[ei ] favourite, name, same, break

[з:] learn, first, bird, word

[t] History, task, Scotland

[tς] question, picture, French


Vocabulary: Temperature, body, need, control, expert, homework, tap water, healthy, glass, boring.

Warm up.

Exs.1 p 120 Guess the words of drinks.

  1. C……

  2. T….

  3. L….

  4. M….

  5. W….

  6. J……

Exs.2 p 120 Talk to your partner.

Do you drink water?

How many glasses of water do you drink a day?

How often do you drink water?

What kind of water do you drink mineral or tap water?

Do you think you need to drink more water?

Exs. 3 p. 121. Read the text.

Exs. 5 p 121 Cover the text and complete the sentences

We need water when….

We get water from…

We need… a day.


Exs 9 p 122 Put the words into the correct column.

Use, food, fruit, new, look, school, do, June, full, woman, you

U: U

Use good


Application :Students use the words in their sentences, using of the grammar

can work with electronic textbook and with cards

Grammar much, many How much and  how many we use in question forms.

Differences between them we use How many with countable nouns, How much we use with uncountable nouns.

How much water does a camel drink? - Сколько воды пьет верблюд? (вода - неисчисляемое существительное).
How many books did you buy? - Сколько книг ты купил? (книга - исчисляемое существительное).

Exs. 6 p 122 Complete the questions with how much and how many

Exs 7 p 122 Choose an answer for exs 6.

Exs 8 p 122 Write guestions

Use ; a) how much, how many

b) cup of coffee, fruit juice, coke, milk, bottles of nineral water, lemonade.

c) drink a day.

Example: How much fruit juice do you drink a day?

Not much/ a lot of/ a little

Not many/ a few

Analysis: Use how much or how many from the dropdown menu to complete the questions. Mind countable and uncountable nouns.

1……….stars are there in the sky?

2……….people live on islands?

3……….. birds are there?

4………… water is in the ocean?

5………… money is in a bank?

6………….countries are there in the world?

7…………..bread is eaten per day?

8………….bones are there in the human body?

9…………sand is in the deserts?

10……….. information is on the internet?


Choose the appropriate answer. Much or many?

1.They have too (many/much) furniture in the room.

2.There are too (many/much) books on your desk.

3.You have too (many/much) mistakes in the test.

4.You must drink (many/much) coffee.

5.You put too (many/much) vegetables in the soup.

6.You put too (many/much) fruit in the salad.

7.Must we learn (many /much) words for today?

8.We have got (many /much) sandwiches.

VI. Consolidation the material

Insert much or many.

They don't have ________ words to learn. There isn't ________ furniture in the room. There aren't ________ things in the wardrobe. There isn't ________ snow in the forest He has got I don't take ________ money to school. Do you need ________ money? There are ________ new houses in the street. There are not ________ shops in our street. ________ people come to Moscow in summer.

VI. Home task


Evaluate: summative assessment


I know

I don't know

I have known






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