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You are working in an ESOL school with class sizes of 14-18.

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The student should be able to: 
- to reach the goals of communication in different spheres of communication; 
- to organize it in the form of a dialogue, to be the initiator of an interrogation dialogue, using advanced communication strategy (start and end the conversation in situations of various degree of complexity, to express verbal communicative task to clarify the details of the message of the person); 
-to achieve the goal of communication in any speech situation where the role of the initiator of communication belongs to the interlocutor and where you need the ability to implement the tactics speech behavior, characteristic for the unprepared communication in the framework of a free conversation.

Task type - composite dialogue 

Maximum - 9 points 

Example tasks:

STUDENT CARD (2–3 minutes)
You play the part of an exchange student in an international school in England. You
come to your classmate Maria / Mike to borrow her / his Dictionary. You need
it to write an essay on a traditional British holiday.
- Ask for the Dictionary and explain what you need it for.
- Answer your classmate's questions about the tradition you are going to write about.
Do not accept any suggestions for the day as you want to start writing the essay as soon as possible.
- Invite you classmate to go to a new exhibition tomorrow.
You begin the conversation. The examiner will play the part of your classmate.
Remember to
- mention all the four aspects of the task
- be active and polite.

The decision of communicative tasks
Maximum - 3 points

If you want to get the maximum score for the solution of communicative tasks, you should:
- fully disclose all the aspects mentioned in the job. In our example, you should see the dictionary, to answer questions interlocutor relatively British tradition, which you are going to write an essay, not to accept any of the proposals of the person on today and invite a person on the show tomorrow.
- comply with standards adopted in the dialogical speech, to be polite.

If the decision of communicative tasks assigned a score of 0 points, all task is worth 0 points.

Interaction with someone
Maximum - 3 points
If you want to get maximum score, you should:
- to start, maintain, and end the conversation;
- to observe the order at the exchange of remarks;
- to be active in the conversation and interest to the interlocutor;
- to be polite.

Lexico-grammatical speech design
Maximum - 2 points

For maximum points in a monologue should:
- to demonstrate large vocabulary;
- to use a variety of grammatical structure;
- to use different types of offers.

The maximum possible score is 1 point

For getting maximum points, you have to pronounce the words correctly, avoid mistakes, changing the meaning of an expression, observe the correct tone for proposals as well.

Краткое описание документа:

Your boss does not like your school’s current way of testing spoken English. At the moment it is tested in a one-on-one, 2 minute speaking test at the end of course with a mark from 0-10.

It does not seem to be working well and takes up a whole lesson from the course. He has asked for suggestions as to how to change the system.


With reference to what you have studied in this and other modules, and to your own experience and reading, make some suggestions to your boss as to how the school could assess the spoken English of the students in a more accurate and less pressurized way. 


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