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Задание по говорению. Подготовка к ОГЭ.

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You are going to give a talk about ... You will have to start in 1.5 minutes and will speak for not more than 2 minutes.

1. Give a talk about learning foreign languages

Remember to say:

·    whether it is useful to speak foreign languages, why

·    what foreign languages you learn at school

·    how people learn foreign languages

2. Give a talk about sport

Remember to say:

·    whether teenagers should do sports, why

·    whether you prefer doing or watching sports

·    what you do to keep fit

3. Give a talk about holidays

Remember to say:

·    what holidays your family celebrate

·    what your favourite holiday is, why

·    what you like more: giving presents or getting presents

4. Give a talk about mobile phones

Remember to say:

·    whether you use a mobile phone

·    what the advantages of using mobile phones are

·    what the disadvantages of using mobile phones are

5. Give a talk about your school uniform

Remember to say:

·     whether you wear school uniform in school or not

·     what the advantages of wearing school uniform are

·     what the disadvantages of wearing school uniform are

6. Give a talk about libraries

Remember to say:

·    why we need libraries

·    whether you use your school library, why

·    what you prefer: using libraries or Internet resources, why

7. Give a talk about TV

Remember to say:

·    why TV is important in modern society

·    what your favourite TV programme is

·    what you prefer: watching TV or reading a book, why

8. Give a talk about your school.

Remember to say:

·      when your school was founded;

·      what clubs and sports facilities the school has;

·      whether there is anything special about your school.

9. Speak about money.

Remember to say:

- what today’s teenagers usually spend their pocket money on;

- whether you have ever thought about taking a job; why it can be a problem for a student;

- what you would do for your town/city/village, if you had lots of money.

10. Speak about pets.

Remember to say:

- what the advantages of keeping pets are;

- why people become so attached to their pets;

- what pet you would like to have if you could choose any, and why.

11. Speak about TV.

Remember to say:

- whether TV plays an important role in the life of today’s teenagers, why/why not;

- how TV can help teenagers in their studies;

- what negative effects of watching TV you know.

12. Give a talk about the Internet.

Remember to say:

·      why Internet activities are so popular;

·      how the Internet can help students in their studies;

·      whether the Internet can be dangerous, why.

13. Give a talk about your home town.

Remember to say:

·       what the place you live in is famous for;

·       what season is the best for visiting your home town, why;

·       whether your home town has any environmental problems, what they are.

14. Speak about important inventions.

Remember to say:

- what invention you consider the most important

- what devices you often use and what for

- why it is difficult for people to do without  computers and mobile phones

15.Give a talk about the Internet.

Remember to say:

·       why the Internet is important in modern society;

·       what you use the Internet for;

·       whether the Internet can be harmful for users, why.

16. Speak about special days.

Remember to say:

- what special days your family celebrates;

- what your favourite special day is, and why;

- whether you prefer to give or to receive presents, and why.

17. Give a talk about foreign languages.

Remember to say:

·       why foreign languages are important in modern society;

·       what you do to speak English fluently;

·       why you have chosen English as your exam this year.

18. Give a talk about keeping fit.

Remember to say:

·      why lots of people try to keep fit;

·      what you do to keep fit;

·      what sports are popular with your friends.

19. Speak about the Internet.

Remember to say:

- why today’s teenagers use the Internet so often (in your opinion);

- whether the Internet is a reliable source of information, why/why not;

- what dangers teenagers can face when they use the Internet.

20. Give a talk about environmental problems.

Remember to say:

·      what environmental problems our country has;

·      what environmental problem you consider to be the most serious, why;

·      what people can do to improve the situation.

21. Give a talk about free time.

Remember to say:

·       what you enjoy doing in your free time;

·       whether you prefer spending your free time with your friends or alone, why;

·       what you would do if you had more free time.

22. Give a talk about travelling.

Remember to say:

·       why most people like travelling;

·       where you would like to go on your holidays;

·       what means of transport is the best for travelling, why.

23. Speak about a famous person from history.

Remember to say:

- what he/she is famous for;

- when and where he/she lived;

- whether he/she played a positive or negative role in history, and why.

24. Give a talk about books.

Remember to say:

·      why people continue reading books nowadays;

·      what kinds of books are popular with Russian teenagers;

·      what book you would take with you to a desert island and why.

25. Speak about animals.

Remember to say:

- why some wild animals have become endangered;

- how people can protect endangered species of animals;

- whether it is right to keep wild animals as pets.

26. You are going to give a talk about your career plans.

Remember to say

·         what job you want to do in the future;

·         what two subjects you think are the most important for your future job, and why;

·         whether your family approve of your career choice or not.

 27. You are going to give a talk about TV.

Remember to say:

·         whether watching TV is still a popular pastime with teenagers, and why, or why not;

·         how many hours a week you watch TV;

·         what you dislike most about TV.

28. You are going to give a talk about your free time.

Remember to say:

  • whether you have a lot of free time, and why, or why not;

  • what you enjoy doing in your free time;

  • what your Sunday afternoons are like.

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