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Задания для чтения по английскому языку 8 класс

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Once there was a man whose wife was dumb, and this made him very sad because he loved her very much. After some time he went to see a doctor and said. «Can you make my wife speak?» «Perhaps I can», said the doctor, «the operation is difficult, but if I try, I'll do my best». Of course, you may try», said the husband, «I'll bring her tomorrow”. The next day the doctor performed the operation and the dumb wife began to speak. She spoke so much and so loudly that in a few hours her husband went back to the doctor and said, «Can you make my wife dumb again?» «No», said the doctor, «there are many ways to make a dumb woman speak, but no ways to make a woman stop talking». «What must I do?» said the man», «I shall soon die if I have to listen to her all day long». «Well», said the doctor, «I can't make her dumb, but I can make you deaf and you will not have to listen to her». «Very well», said the man, «you may do so. It will be better than the other way».

I. Choose the correct answer.

1. There was a… whose wife was dumb.

a) dog;

b) cat;

c) man.

2. He’ll bring her…

a) tomorrow;

b) the day after tomorrow;

c) tonight.

3. What did the doctor do?

a) he performed an operation;

b) he made a message;

c) he sent the wife away

4. What happened to the dumb woman?

a) she began to sleep;

b) she began to jump;

c) she began to speak

5. How did she speak?

a) she spoke a little and quiet;

b) she spoke much and loudly;

c) she didn't want to speak.

6. What did her husband do after that?

a) he stayed at home;

b) he ran to the park;

c) he ran to the doctor.

7. What did he ask the doctor?

a) to make his wife dumb again;

b) to make his wife deaf;

c) to take his wife away.

8. What was the doctor's answer?

a) he said he couldn't do that;

b) he said he could do that;

c) he said he would operate her.

9. The man said:

a) I’ll be so glad to listen to her;

b) It’s OK, I like to listen to her;

c) I’ll soon die.

10. The doctor said that there was

a) no way to make the man quiet;

b) a way to make the woman stop talking;

c) the way to make the woman deaf.

11. The man asked what he

a) had to do;

b) had to bring;

c) had to buy.

12. He said he would die if he

a) looked at her;

b) listened to her;

c) met her again.

13. The doctor said that he only could make the man

a) happy;

b) deaf;

c) dumb.

14. The man

a) agreed do it;

b) disagreed to do it;

c) refused to do it.

15. The man said:

a) you might not do so;

b) you should do so;

c) you might do so.

II. Say which statements are false or true.

1. Once there was a man whose wife was dumb.

2. The man had a very talkative wife.

3. He didn't love his wife.

4. He went to the doctor.

5. He asked the doctor to help his wife.

6. « I can’t», said the doctor.

7. «The operation is very easy».

8. «I'll bring her tomorrow”

9. The man performed the operation.

10. The doctor spoke so much and so loudly.

11. Her husband stayed at home, and was very glad.

12. He said, «Can you make my wife dumb again?».

13. «No», said the doctor, «there are no ways to make a dumb woman speak».

14. The man said «I’ll soon die if I have to listen to her all day long».

15. «Well», said the doctor, «I can make you dumb, and I can make you deaf».

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