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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Задания для олимпиады между группами по английскому языку
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Задания для олимпиады между группами по английскому языку


Государственное бюджетное профессиональное образовательное учреждение

ЧГПГТ им А.В.Яковлева


На заседании ЦК ООД Зав. Учебной частью

Председатель О.А.Никитина Е.Н.Тарунтаева

« » 2016 г. « » 2016г.

Протокол № .

Задания для проведения внутриучрежденческого тура

олимпиады по иностранному языку в 2015-2016 уч. году

1 часть


Task 1

You will hear a conversation between a girl, Holly, and a boy, Max, about having a party. Listen and decide if each sentence (1-7) is correct or incorrect. If it is correct, write T (True) for YES. If it is not correct, write F (False) for NO.

1. Max has already thought about his birthday party.

2. Holly thinks Max should invite more people this week.

3. Max wants to invite more than twenty people.

4. Max says all his friends have a lot in common.

5. Holly says Max should buy some new CDs for the party.

6. Holly and Max share the same opinion about playing a DVD.

7. In the end, Holly persuades Max to have the party on a Friday.

Task 2

You will hear a teacher telling his class about a school trip. For each question (8 - 14) fill in the missing information in the numbered space.

8. Kind of transport to pick them up from school: The_________________________________________________

9. Where to meet on Friday morning:

The __________________________________________________

10. What to bring with you for lunch:

Only a _______________________________________________

11. First place we’ll visit:

The __________________________________________________

12. What we’ll see in the afternoon:

A ________________________ show in a concert hall.

13. Good souvenirs to buy:

The _______________________ - they’re quite cheap.

14. Time we leave: __________________________________


Task 1

Read the article and choose the missing sentences (A-F). There is one sentence which you do not need to use.


Works of art by apes have been displayed in art galleries around the world since the 1950’s. It’s not a joke. Apes are natural artists and ape art is becoming big business.

Ape art did not use to have any form. In fact, paintings by chimps were nothing more than paint thrown onto a canvas, and it was impossible to tell what the pictures were meant to show. (15)_____. They can even use sign language to give their paintings titles.

Koko and Michael live in California and they have been painters since they were very young. (16)______. At first she was shy, and did not want to show anyone her pictures, but now Koko’s and Michael’s art work is displayed in exhibitions and they have many fans. Unfortunately, not all of their paintings survive, as they often eat their work as soon as it is finished.

Sadly, there is bad news for these recently discovered artists. (17)______. There are only 600 gorillas and a few thousand lowland gorillas left in the world. The work of Koko and Michael is being used to help raise money to save the world’s gorillas.

Some people might laugh and say that these paintings are not art, but who really knows what art is? (18)______. Although you cannot buy Koko’s and Michael’s original paintings, many people are prepared to pay a great deal of money to buy high quality copies of the originals. (19)______. Not only will you receive a colourful picture or T-shirt, but you will also be helping to save one of the world’s most intelligent species. Is there a better way to spend money?

A. Koko learnt to draw when she was just three years old.

B. The truth is, there has been a great deal of commercial interest in gorilla art in all its forms.

C. They even buy T-shirts printed with their pictures.

D. No one wants to buy gorilla paintings.

E. Gorillas are an endangered species.

F. Today, however some gorillas, like Michael and Koko, are able to paint quite realistic pictures of the objects around them.

Task 2

Read the text and the questions below. For each question, mark the correct letter A, B, C or D.


Essay by Jessica Bourne, aged 14

I’m a big fan of films featuring the spy James Bond. I`ve got most of them on DVD. We’ve recently bought Quantum of Solace, in which Daniel Craig plays the part of Bond. I don`t know why the film’s got that name – but it’s a great movie, anyway.

All the actors who’ve played James Bond have been great, but Daniel Craig, who’s made lots of other films, plays the part better than any of them. Even though he doesn’t talk very much, I think he’s the most perfect actor for the role. He even does a few of the more dangerous things in the film himself, instead of getting someone else to do them. I did wonder sometimes whether he’d be clever enough to defeat the bad people – but I’m not going to tell you the ending. The actress who stars with Craig gives a fantastic performance too – I loved all the glamorous clothes she wore!

The director probably had a hard job making this Bond film as full of action as earlier ones. But the excitement starts right at the beginning here, with a car chase along a mountain road, and plenty of other thrilling scenes, too – Bond leaping off tall buildings and so on. Unfortunately I found the story difficult to follow in places, and it also seemed to be over very quickly – it lasted under two hours. I also felt there weren’t as many jokes as in the old Bond films. And where was all the ridiculous Bond equipment – the underwater car or exploding watch that everyone laughed at? This is more serious, darker Bond film, but I still really enjoyed it.

20. What is Jessica trying to do in her essay?

A explain what first attracted her to Bond films

B tell readers about the Bond DVDs she owns

C give a balanced view of a Bond film she has seen

D describe how Daniel Craig got the part of James

Bond 21. What can a reader find out from Jessica’s essay?

A whether Quantum of Solace is her favourite Bond film

B what other films Daniel Craig has made

C which other actors have played James Bond

D whether she thinks Daniel Craig is the best James Bond

22. What does Jessica tell us about Craig in the new Bond film?

A He performs some of the action scenes.

B He wears some stylish clothes.

C He is given a lot of lines to say.

D He looks strong and fit enough to fight the criminals.

23. What is one problem with the film, according to Jessica?

A It seems a bit too long.

B It’s sometimes hard to understand what’s happening.

C It has too much silly technology in it.

D It has jokes that aren’t very funny.

24. Which of these might appear in a magazine review of the new Bond film?

A It’s full of excitement, with Bond jumping across rooftops, so don’t be disappointed by the slow start.

B The director wanted to move away from the last Bond film and include a bit less action.

C I’m not sure the title tells you much …but be prepared to watch a rather different kind of Bond movie.

D Daniel Craig performed well as James Bond, but the main female star was disappointing.

Часть 2


Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space. For each question, mark the correct letter A, B, C or D.

Number (0) has been done for you.


Film-maker David Breashears (0)…A…… already climbed Mount Everest three times when he decided to make a film, so that audiences could share his (25)______.

He set off on this nine-week adventure the following spring, with his photographic equipment and with six climbers from (26)____ the world. Although the conditions were hard and dangerous, with temperatures of - 40 C, the climbers made good (27)_____. Then, when they were just one thousand metres from their goal, there was a terrible (28)_____. The team didn’t give (29) _____, however. They hid in a tent on the mountainside until it passed. Thirteen days later they reached the top.

I was so tired that it was impossible to enjoy our success at first”, said David. “Climbing Everest is difficult enough but filming made it (30)_____ harder. I am really proud we did it in the end!”

0 A had B has C was D did

25 A acts B events C occupations D experiences

26 A along B above C about D around

27 A improvement B progress C increase D development

28 A climate B storm C weather D air

29 A out B back C away D up

30 A ever B more C even D as


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