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Задания для олимпиады по английскому языку

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Олимпиадные задания по английскому языку 5 класс

1. Вставь пропущенныеглаголы:


Myname ____ Polly.I ____ ten.I ____ a pupil.I _____ to school. I ______ got a pet.It ____ a cat.Mycat _______ red.It_____ milk. Mypet _____ funny.

(7 points)

2. НапишиответПолине:


(10 points)

3. Какое из этих слов лишнее? Зачеркниего:

1. apple, pear, banana, potato.

2. coke, juice, tea, soup.

3. biscuit, ice cream, cake, bread.

4. black, grey, big, pink.

5. small, kind, clever, toy

(5 points)

4. Вставьlikeилиlikes:

1. I ________________ my toy car.
2. Den _______________ his black cat.
3. My dog ______________ to run.
4. Children _____________ to jump.
5. They _____________ their white dog.

(5 points)

5. Прочитайте текст и закончите предложения:

MynameisHelen. I’ve got a friend. Her name is Kate. Kate lives in London. She is twelve. She is a pupil. Her favorite subjects are Math, Art and English. She can sing English songs and draw. She likes reading. Kate is kind and always ready to help. Kate helps her mother after school.

1. Helen has got …

a) amother

b) a sister

c) a friend

2. His friend's name is…

a) Ann

b) Kate

c) Helen

3. Kate likes … .

a) reading books

b) singing


4. Kate's favorite subjects are …

a) Math, Art, English

b) Math, P.E.

c) Math, Geography, Art

5. Kate helps her…..

a) friends

b) mother

c) mother and father

(5 points)

6. Выбери подходящее местоимение и вставьв место пропуска:

1. ____ is a teacher. (you, she, I)

2. ___ go to school. (Your, he, they)

3. ___ likes to read. (we, he, they)

4. ___ helps her mother. (she, you,he)

5. This is ___ friend. (he, her , they). _____ name is David.(her, his, its)

(5 points)

7. Разгадайребус:

' ' " ' hello_html_m3a1c26bb.jpghello_html_m713526a8.jpghello_html_m73bcb5ab.jpghello_html_2b938796.jpg

(10 points)

8. Составь слово из букв:


9. Отгадай загадку (5 points):

1. В какой английской букве можно утонуть?

10. Разгадай шарады (10points ):

1. Скажешь по-английски -

    Тебя он повезёт,

    А по-русски если -

    Певец им запоёт.











2. Скажешь по-английски -

    Будильник он живой,

    А по-русски если -

    То повар он морской.












3. Скажешь по-английски -

    Тебе там сахар взвесят,

    Скажешь то ж по-русски -

    Квадрат числа то десять.












4. Скажешь по-английски -

    Я одежды часть,

    Скажешь то ж по-русски -

    Им напьёшься всласть.












5. Скажешь по-английски -

    Мне имя Джек иль Том,

    Скажешь то ж по-русски -

    Услышишь пушек гром.










Общеекол-вобаллов _________

Олимпиада 6 класс

Part 1

Circle the correct answer

1. Students…………talk and eat in the class

A can B must C mustn’t

2. He enjoys listening ……….music

A of B at C to

3. There is …….sugar on the floor

A some B a C many

4……. is your birthday?

A What B When C How

5……..you like a glass of lemonade?

A Would B Do C Can

6. Look! The star…….from the sky!

A is falling B falls C fall

7. She always …… a cake for the birthday party but now she is making a pudding

A is baking B bakes C are baking

Fill in the gaps with a/an/the

If you to Edinburgh, you must visit 1)…..museum unlike any other, 2)……Museum of Childhood! 3)…….museum has got 4)……..interesting collection of children’s toys and games!

You and your children can play with 5)…….toys and have a great time!

In 6)…….museum, there is also 7)…….shop. In 8)……shop, you can buy gifts and other toys. Don’t miss it!

Part 2 Reading.

Read the text and mark the sentences T(true), F( false) or DS(doesn’t say)

A man was walking in the park on a beautiful spring day and he saw a penguin. He did not know what to do. He took him to a policeman and said, "I've found this pen- guin, what should I do?"
The policeman replied, "Take him to the Zoo."
The next day the policeman was walking in the same park when he saw the same man with the penguin. He walked up to him and said, "Didn't I tell you to take the penguin to the Zoo?"
"Yes," answered the man, "that's what I did yesterday and today I am taking him to the cinema."
1. A man found a penguin in the park.
2. He knew what to do with it.
3. The man didn't want to take the penguin to the Zoo.
4. They met the policeman in the cinema the next day.
5. The man was taking the penguin to the cinema.



Каждое правильно выполненное задание оцениваются в 1 балл.

1. Кто он был по национальности?

J. Cook was a (an) _______explorer who discovered Australia and many islands in the Pacific Ocean.

a) Portuguese b) English c) American d) German e) Russian

2.Выберите правильное вопросительное слово.

_________ is London from Paris?

a) How long b) How far c) How d) Where e) How much

3.Какое слово лишнее в этой цепочке?

a) spelling b) sightseeing c) conversation d) pronunciation e) нет лишних

4. Какой достопримечательности нет в Лондоне?

a) The Tower Bridge b) Buckingham Palace c) Stonehenge d) Covent Garden e) Hyde Park

5.Выберите нужный предлог. He sent a letter ___ his friend yesterday.

a) by b) to c) at d) on e) from

6. Выберите нужное по смыслу слово.

When the show finished there was complete silence. ________ clapped.

a) Anybody b) Everyone c) Nobody d) Someone e) Everybody

7. Выберите правильный вариант. Some _____ choose the profession of a teacher.

a) man b) mens c) man’s d) men e) mans

8. Выберите нужную форму глагола. I _____ home early yesterday evening.

a) have come b) have been coming c) will come d) came e) come

9. Выберите нужную форму прилагательного. This dress is as _______ as that one.

a)the most expensive b) expensive c) more expensive d) much expensive e) so expensive

10. Какой показатель подходит для этого предложения? He’s washing his car _______.

a) yet b) yesterday c) at the moment d) tomorrow e) on Monday

11. Выберите показатель Present Perfect. a) next b) since c) now d) last e) more

12. Какое из утверждений не соответствует действительности?

a) The UK consists of 4 parts. b) A red rose is a flower-symbol of Scotland. c) Big Ben is a clock tower. d) Buckingham Palace is the Queen’s residence. e) London is the capital of Great Britain.

13. Закончите разделительный вопрос. She has never been to London, ________?

a) isn’t she b) hasn’t she c) has she d) did she e) have she

14. Выберите правильный предлог. Hes good ___ English.

a) with b) in c) at d) to e) on

15. В каком предложении есть порядковое числительное?

a) His address is 39 Main Street. b) Her cell number’s 824673896 c) They are staying on the 4 floor.

d) She is a 13-year old schoolgirl. e) We go by bus Number 5.

16. Выберите правильное местоимение. Its all finished. I’m afraid there’s _______ left.

a) something b) nothing c) everything d) anything e) anybody

17. Выберите правильный вариант. If she _____ a lot of ice-cream, she’ll be ill.

a) ate b) has eaten c) will eat d) eats e) eat

18 Найдите неправильное предложение. a) I’ve never been there several times. b) She never go there alone. c) If you come to our party, you’re sure to enjoy it. d) He’s the best student in the class. e) Have a nice trip!

19. Выберите правильный вариант. “Would you like a cup of tea?” – she _____.

a) apologized b) warned c) offered d) thought e) told

20. Выберите правильную форму глагола. I _____ television when Paul arrived.

a) watched b) will watch c) have watched d) was watching e) watch

21 Выберите правильный вариант. A vet is a person who _________________.

a) makes our society safe b) studies the stars and planets c) looks after sick animals d) paints pictures e) cooks

22. Завершите пословицу. East or West - home is ______.

a) good b) home c) best d) better e) a house

23. Прочитайте тексе и выберите заголовок.

In Canada and the USA, junior and senior high school students usually go to a big dance in spring. It’s called a prom. Boys can ask girls to be their date and nowadays, girls can also ask boys. Proms are very formal dances.

  1. Танцы до упаду. b) Дискотека в школе. с) Выпускной бал. d) Равноправие на танцплощадке. е) Балетные школы.

24. Прочитайте текст и закончите предложение.

The first chewing gum came from a sweet tasting food called chicle. Chicle was found in a tree in Central America. So chewing gum was invented in America in 1871. Later other foods were used to make chewing gum. Chicle is _________.

a) chewing gum b) a tree in Central America c) sweet food d) inventor of chewing gum e) sugar

25. Определите профессию по описанию.

He or she helps to keep our society safe. They wear a uniform. Sometimes they patrol the town’s streets. They often carry a gun. Their work is dangerous.

a) teacher b) police officer c) ambulance doctor d) taxi driver e) actor

олимпиады по английскому языку для 9 класс.


1. Match the headings and the texts.








Imaginary person


Food and drink



1. Irish hand-made tweed is famous all over the world for its individual look, its quality and different colours. This cloth is made from wool and widely used for caps, hats, skirts, trousers, and jackets. Tweeds can be bought in most of the larger cities as well as in the specialist tweed shops. The most famous place for tweed production in Ireland is Donegal.

2. Ceili consists of hundreds of people. They join arms together, dance up and down a hall at high speeds to the fast sounds of Irish traditional music. Men and women move so quickly turning round and round, that if they don't fall at least once, it means that they are not trying hard enough.

3. Gaelic is not widely used today in Ireland. With hundreds of years of colonisation by the British it lost its significance and was used less and less. It wasn't allowed to be taught in the schools, and it became impossible to use Gaelic in most jobs.

4. Irish products are very popular. Irish hand-made farmhouse cheeses, chocolates and wild smoked salmon taste so nice that they are known everywhere. Many people like Irish coffee which is a hot drink made with coffee, whiskey, and cream. Baileys, a cream liqueur, is becoming known internationally. We must also mention Guinness, is a type of beer, which for many years has been as the meal in a glass.

5. Children in Ireland love to listen to stories about leprechaun, a small wizard with magic powers who could make impossible things happen. He is dressed in green velvet and wears a shiny black belt and magic shoes. He is very small, no more than half a metre tall. He has a pot of gold and gets very angry if he thinks someone is trying to steal it.

6. Irish products are of great value and high quality. They can always tell a story of the history, culture and geography of the place where they were made. Most visitors know of Aran sweaters, Irish lace, Ulster linen table-cloths and bed covers, Galway glasses, Tara plates and cups. Hardly any visitor leaves the country without buying something which will remind them of the country later.










2. Read the text. For questions 7- 11, put the correct letter (A-D) on your answer sheet

I went to the cinema last week and laughed all the way through the new film “Waiter!” which is set in a restaurant. The American actor Tom Waters plays the worst cook the world has ever seen and he employs one of the worst waiters, played by Joe Vermont.

The London restaurant where the filming took place does actually exist.

Jane Connors, the owner, runs a successful business and, although she thinks “Waiter!” is a good film, she is very annoyed with the director. When she agreed to the filming, she wasn’t told that the film is about a restaurant where everything goes wrong and the food is disgusting. Although the film might make Jane’s restaurant famous if it is a success, she is afraid that people will stop coming because they will think that the food and service is terrible- like it is in the film. Jane is worried she will lose business and may even have to close and start again with a new restaurant.

Having seen this film, I agree that she has a problem. The film company paid her a very small fee and she has since asked for more. The best solution though is for her to contact the newspapers. I am sure they will be interested in her story and it will actually help her business in the end.

7. What is the writer trying to do next?

A) to advertise the restaurant B) to review a film C) to explain someone’s problem D) to take someone’s advice

8. What can the reader find out from the text?

A) Why Jane is feeling angry B) Why Jane’s restaurant has closed C) Why Jane didn’t enjoy the film

D) Why Jane’s restaurant is unpopular

9. What does the writer think Jane ought to do?

A) To open a new restaurant B) To ask the film company for more money C) To improve the quality of the food in her restaurant D) To write to the newspapers

10. What did the director not tell Jane?

A) That the film would be a success B) That the restaurant in the film would be very bad C) That she would not be paid D) That she would need to employ extra staff

11. What is Jane worried about?

A) That she would have to close her restaurant B) That she would have to close her business and start a different one C) That she would become unpopular D) That she would have to close her restaurant and open a new one.








1. Choose the correct letter.

1. I've just bought ... copy of his latest book.

a) — , b) a, c) the, d) any.

2. ... in my class likes him.

a) All, b) All pupils, c) All the pupils, d) Everyone.

3. Jack left ... Paris last week.

a) in, b) for, c) from, d) to.

4. They... yet.

a) didn't arrive, b) haven't arrived, c) hadn't arrived, d) don't arrive.

5. Turn right... the end of the street.

a) at, b) in, c) to, d) on.

6. Nelly is ... at History than Jane but worse at French.

a) as good, b) not so good, c) better, d) best.

7. A young man asked if we ... students.

a) are, b) were, c) have been, d) shall be.

8. I have asked some friends — for tea.

a) to go, b) to stay, c) to bring, d) to drink.

9. Has he ... you of his decision?

a) talked, b) said, c) told, d) spoke.

10. She made her husband ... the tree.

a) to cut down, b) cut down, c) to have cut down, d) cutting down.

11. When I entered they ... to music.

a) have listened, b) were listened, c) were listening, d) listen.

12. She spoke to ... person at the party.

a) few, b) a few, c) every, d) many.

13. I ... glasses since I was a child.

a) wear, b) am wearing, c) have been wearing, d) was wearing.

14. They took a rest after they ... the yard.

a) had cleaned up, b) were cleaning up, c) would clean up, d) have cleaned up.

15. I knew I'd forgotten ... .

a) somewhere, b) anywhere, c) something, d) anything.

16. You usually have dinner at home, ... ?

a) do you, b) don't you, c) have you, d) haven't you.

17. The police haven't got ... information to catch the robber.

a) some, b) enough, c) another, d) these.

18. I haven't heard ... you.

a) anyone call, b) anyone to call, c) someone call, d) someone to call.

19. The news you've brought ... much better than last time.

a) is, b) are, c) have been, d) were.

20. I hope I've got ... mistakes in my test today.

a) little, b) less, c) fewer, d) fewest.

2. Read the text below. Complete the spaces (1-7) with the correct form of the words in capitals. There is an example (0) at the beginning.

It was obvious that Jack was an (0) important man, of considerable

intelligence. He had an air of confidence about him. He was not a

(1) …………………., but a marketing man. He wanted to change the world, or at very least make a (2)…………………. Everything about Jack suggested that he was a man of (3) …………………….. position. And yet, in his eyes you saw integrity, (4) …………………, a warm heart and (5) …………………….. There was more to Jack than just well-tailored suits and the (6) ………………………… briefcase. Paris was the (7)………………………. of everything he had dreamed.










For questions 1-20, choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

    1. What is the name of the British flag?

A. State Standard, B. Stripes and Stars, C. Union Jack, D. John Bull.

    1. Who is the official head of Great Britain?

A. the Queen, B. Prime minister, C. Mayor, D. Lord Chancellor.

    1. Where is Cardiff situated?

A. in England, B. in Scotland, C. in Ireland, D. in Wales.

    1. Which day is not observed in Britain?

A. St. Valentine’s Day, B. Thanksgiving Day, C. Mother’s Day, D. Guy Fawkes’ Night.

    1. In what part of London is St. Paul’s Cathedral situated?

A. in the West End, B. in the East End, C. in Hampton Court D. in the City.

    1. What is Humpty Dumpty?

A. a toy, B. an egg, C. an animal, D. a monster.

    1. Who wrote ‘Winnie-the-Pooh’?

A. A. Milne, B. L. Carroll, C. O. Wilde, D. J.R. Tolkien.

    1. Who invented the telephone?

A. Isaac Newton, B. Michael Faraday, C. Alexander Bell, D. James Watt.

    1. When did the Romans first invade Britain?

A. in the 5th century AD, B. in the 5th century BC,

C. in the 1st century BC, D. in the 1st century AD.

    1. Where does Elizabeth II live?

A. in the Tower of London, B. in Westminster Palace,

C. in Buckingham Palace, D. at No.10 Downing Street.

    1. What is the British money today?

A. euros, B. dollars, C. pounds, D. crowns.

    1. What important historical event happened in 1066?

A. the Roman invasion, B. the Danish invasion,

C. the Battle at Waterloo, D. the Battle at Hastings.

    1. Which holiday is traditionally celebrated on 25 January?

A. Burn’s Night, B. Hogmanay, C. Eisteddfod, D. Guy Fawkes’ Night.

    1. Which is not a traditional English dish?

A. scrambled eggs, B. bacon and eggs, C. porridge, D. haggis.

    1. Who was Robin Hood?

A. a character of English legendary stories, B. a national hero of Great Britain,

C. a popular cartoon character, D. a leader of the people’s uprising.

    1. What is a “public school” in England?

A. a state-financed school, B. a private school,

C. a comprehensive school, D. a religious school.

    1. Where are the Crown Jewels kept?

A. in Buckingham Palace, B. in the Tower of London,

C. in Westminster Palace, D. in the British Museum.

    1. Which word is missing in the saying “To kill two _____ with one stone”?

A. hares, B. mice, C. birds, D. flies.

    1. What is a limerick?

A. a joke, B. a rhyme, C. a song, D. a play on words.

    1. Which is the right Russian equivalent to the English proverb “Birds of a feather flock together”?

A. Рука руку моет. В. Рыбак рыбака видит издалека.

С. Всяк кулик свое болото хвалит. D. В нужде с кем ни поведешься.

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