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Задания для работы с сериалом "Sherlock" (BBC) (episode 1), Upper-Intermediate

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hello_html_m4fcff904.gifSherlock Holmes, bbc. Episode 1: a study in pink.

  1. Answer the questions.

  1. What conclusions did Sherlock come to after the examination of the body of the dead woman in pink? (9-10 fact about the woman) (app. -12th minute)

  2. What do people think about Sherlock Holmes and why?

  3. How did Sherlock find out everything about Watson?

  1. Write a script of Watson’s and Mycroft’s dialogue (start - app.16 min) (at least, 15 lines). Retell it in 3 sentences (in indirect speech).

  2. Who said these replicas? Try to state the situation.

  1. I’m not his date!

  2. Girlfriend? No, not really my area.

  3. You’re unattached, just like me.

  4. Everything is all right. Welcome to London.

  5. And I said “dangerous” and here you are.

  6. Sherlock, what have you done…upstairs.

  7. That was ages ago, why would she still be upset?

  8. I see, so you’re a proper genius too.

  9. Is it nice not being me? It must be so relaxing.

  10. Taxi for Sherlock Holmes.

  11. Clever enough to bet your life?

  12. I’m gonna talk with you for a while and then you’re going to kill yourself.

  13. Look! I’m in shock, I’ve the blanket.

  14. Sherlock Holmes is a great man and I think one day he might be a good one.

  15. One being about being a cabbie: you always know a nice quite spot for a murder.

  16. I now want people think. I know how people think I think.

  17. I’ll have the gun, please.

  18. Was I right, wasn’t I?

  19. As ever. I’m concerned about you.

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