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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Задания для школьного тура олимпиады по английскому языку 5-6 классы
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Задания для школьного тура олимпиады по английскому языку 5-6 классы

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Комплект заданий для учащихся 5-6 классов


Time: 5 minutes

Task 1. Listen and tick the picture which shows the correct answer.

  1. Where did Sue go yesterday?


A ____ B ____ C ____

  1. What did Sue buy?


A ____ B ____ C ____

  1. What did she do in the afternoon?


A ____ B ____ C ____

  1. What did she have for dinner?


A ____ B ____ C ____

  1. What time did she go to bed?


A ____ B ____ C ____

Transfer your answers to the answer sheet!


Time: 20 minutes

Task 1. Read the text describing Maria’s daily routine and choose the best item (a, b or c).

Every day Maria gets up at 6.40. She always goes jogging in the park for half an hour to keep fit. Then she takes a shower, gets dressed and at 7.30 she has breakfast. She usually has a big breakfast. Then she often surfs the Internet for the news. At half past eight Maria goes to work. She is a bank manager.

In the afternoon she has a break and she makes a cup of tea or coffee. Sometimes she goes out for lunch with her colleagues. She works till 6.

In the evening she usually does the shopping. Sometimes she has dinner with her friends. At home she has dinner at 7.00 or 7.30. After dinner she reads a book or watches a DVD. Maria never goes to bed late because she is very busy next day.

  1. Maris gets up __________.

a) late b) very late c) very early

2. Maria does ______________.

a) tennis b) slow running c) acrobatics

3. She eats _______________ for breakfast.

a) a lot b) little c) not much

4. She often _______________ before going to work.

a) reads newspapers b) watches TV c) works on the computer

5. During the afternoon break Maria _______________.

a) does the shopping b) has a cup of tea c) has dinner

6. From time to time she has lunch with ________________.

a) her boss b) her friends c) the people from her office

7. Maria’s hobby is _______________.

a) playing the violin b) reading books c) collecting CDs

8. She never goes to bed late because she ____________.

a) likes sleeping b) has busy working hours c) prefers to get up early

Task 2. Read the text. Choose the best title (1-4) for each paragraph (A-C).

1. School cultural activities

2. Children like school

3. A brother and a sister

4. Going to school

A. Bob and Rose are English children. They are twins. But they are not the same. They both go to school. Bob goes to a boy’s school and Rose goes to a girl’s school. The children’s schools are not far from home. At school Bob learns English and German. Rose learns English and French. Rose is a very good pupil. She always works hard. She reads a lot of books. She always does all her exercises. Bob does not work hard. He does not like books and he does not like school. He is a lazy boy. He only likes to sing and dance.

B. School is not only a place of education. It is a place where we develop our relationship. At school we can show our individual talents. Everyone can join a school club or take part in other activities. Pupils always have a lot of parties, competitions and excursions. Such activities help us in our education and relationship with our classmates. So I go to school with pleasure, because I like my school and my class. I am sure that school years will be the happiest time in my life.

C. Some students like school, others don’t, but they all study at school for eleven years. For students who do well in most subjects school is an attractive place. But for those who are not successful, school is boring and uninteresting. I can say that I am happy at school. The standard education in our school is very high. We study many subjects and our lessons are usually interesting and exciting. I can say that we have many social and cultural activities at school. I like going to school.

A. - __, B. - ___, C. - ___

Task 3. Read the text again and choose True (A) if the sentence is true according to the text or False (B) if it doesn’t agree with the text.

  1. Rose is hardworking pupil.

A) True B) False

  1. She does not like books and she does not like school

A) True B) False

  1. At school we can join a school club or take part in competitions and excursions.

A) True B) False

  1. Some students like school, they study at school for eleven years.

A) True B) False

  1. We study many subjects and our lessons are usually boring and hard.

A) True B) False

Transfer your answers to the answer sheet!


Time: 20 minutes

Task 1. Read these sentences and choose the best word A, B or C for each gap.

  1. Thank you for your _____ invitation, we’ll come on Sunday.

  1. clever b) sweet c) kind

  1. They are quite _____children, as some of their teachers have problems with them.

a) cool b) naughty c) funny

  1. Because students spend long hours at school, it is important to have a _____teacher who will give positive support to students.

a) caring b) sweet c) cool

  1. The fireworks are ______, it’s now illegal to sell fireworks that are louder than 120 decibels.

a) cool b) noisy c) friendly

  1. I prefer comedies. I like _____films.

a) clever b) naughty c) funny

  1. Don’t be afraid. Alex is a _____dog.

a) sweet b) friendly c) caring

  1. We had a ______time at the party.

a) cool b) kind c) funny

  1. The _____schoolboy didn’t do his homework!

a) cool b) noisy c) naughty

9. People at the hotel were very _____ and made us feel at home.

a) funny b) clever c) hospitable

Task 2. Read the text and choose the right option.

St Basil’s cathedral is (0)__in____ fact Moscow’s (10)_______ visited tourist attraction. The (11)__________ candy-coloured cathedral (12) _________ just outside the Kremlin gates. (13)_________marks the geometric centre of the city. The cathedral was (14)__________ between 1554 and 1560 during the reign of Ivan the Terrible. (15)______ is known about the (16)_____ Postnik Yakovlev, but he was clearly a fan of onion domes (церковный купол) and sharp spikes.

Example: a) for b) in c) on

  1. a) much b) little c) most

  2. a) funny b) famous c) excited

  3. a) is b) be c) was

  4. a) Its b) It’s c) It

  5. a) sold b) bought c) built

  6. a) Less b) Little c) No

  7. a) owner b) architecture c) architect

Transfer your answers to the answer sheet!


Time: 15 minutes

Imagine that you are going to visit London soon. Write an e-mail to your friend and ask him/her to join you. Do not write down the address.

Don’t forget to write about:

  • the date and the names of places you are going to visit

  • why you want to go there

  • the programme of your visit

You should write about 50-60 words

Методические рекомендации

Задание на поиск необходимой информации (Multiple choice)

Задание на понимание основного содержания прочитанного (альтернативный выбор)



20 мин


Лексико-грамматический тест

  1. Грамматическое задание (Multiple choice)

  2. Лексическое задание (Multiple choice)



20 мин



Продуктивное письменное высказывание в формате приглашения вместе отправиться в поездку (50-60 слов).


15 мин



60 минут

Ключи и транскрипции текстов для аудирования



Task 1

Task 2



  1. Where did Sue go yesterday?

A: Where did you go yesterday? Sue?

B: Well, I wanted to go to the supermarket, but my car broke down in front of the museum.

A: So what did you do?

B:Oh, I took the car to the garage, then I went to buy some clothes.

  1. What did Sue buy?

A: Did you buy that red jumper you wanted?

B: No, I didn’t - I bought a skirt.

A: The long skirt that was in the shop window?

B: No, I bought a short blue skirt to match my black jumper.

A: That’s nice!

  1. What did she do in the afternoon?

A: What did you do in the afternoon? Did you go to the zoo?

B: No, the weather wasn’t that good, so I stayed at home and read a book.

A: Didn’t you watch TV?

B: I wanted to, but there was a tennis game on TV. I hate tennis!

  1. What did she have for dinner?

A: What did you have for dinner?

B: I really wanted a burger and chips, so I called “Frisco”. They were closed, though, so I decided to cook something.

A: Did you try that spaghetti Bolognese recipe I gave you?

B: No – I didn’t have any tomato sauce. In the end, I just had some vegetable soup.

  1. What time did she go to bed?

A: Did you go to bed early?

B: Not really. Kate called me at 9:00, and we talked on the phone till half past nine. After that, I had a shower, and I finally went to bed at ten thirty.

A: You had a long day, didn’t you?

B: Yes, I did, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

Работа школьного тура всероссийской олимпиады школьников

по английскому языку

ученика (ученицы) _____ класса МОУ СОШ ________

Учитель: _____________________________




Task 1

Task 2




TOTAL __________

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