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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Задания к плану-конспекту урока по английскому языку на тему: "Present Perfect"

Задания к плану-конспекту урока по английскому языку на тему: "Present Perfect"

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

1) Put the verbs in brackets into Present Perfect.

1. Kate (write) her name. 2. He (draw) a picture. 3. I (buy) a new dress. 4. The dog (eat) its bones. 5. The tree (fall) near the house. 6. Kevin (give) his bicycle to his cousin. 7. She (make) a mistake. 8. You (eat) your dinner. 9. The train just (leave). 10. I already (tell) the secret. 11. I never (be) in Somali. 12. Mike and Jenny just (go). 13. Mr Parker (sell) all his cookies. 14. He (read) this novel.

2) Make up negative sentences. Make up different types of questions to the sentences.

1. Sonya has washed her cat. 2. Father has just repaired his car. 3. Mr Brown has just tidied his room. 4. My mother has made some cakes. 5. They have decorated their old house. 6. Liza has bought some presents for New Year’s party. 7. My sister has just cooked dinner for the family. 8. The cat has just drunk all milk. 9. Mrs Green has gone to Canada. 10. I have never been to Spain. 11. The boys have just broken a window. 12. We have cleaned the bedroom. 13. Michael has visited his close friend. 14. The bus has already come. 15. It has started to snow. 16. Kelly has gone to America. 17. We have forgotten our books at the library. 18. I have decided to sign a contract. 19. They have worked for this company for a long time. 20. Kelly has been to London.

3) Put the verbs in brackets into Present Perfect.

  1. We just … (see) one English actor.

  2. Your parents … (buy) the cottage?

  3. She… (not finish) her home assignment yet.

  4. You … (be) to Nizhnevartovsk before?

  5. I … (wash) the dishes yet.

  6. They … ( do) the shopping today.

  7. Marine … ever (visit) Oxford?

  8. I … ( not see) this detective film recently.

  9. He … (clean) his jacket.

  10. Our kitten … ( not eat) the fish.

4) Make up sentences, using Present Perfect as in the example: (you / ever / be / to Australia) - Have you ever been to Australia?

1. You/ever / be / to Switzerland?

2. She / watch / any English films?

3. They/ live / in this village all their life?

4. How many times / you / travel / abroad?

5. What's / the most interesting movie/ you /ever / watch?

6. She/make / bed/ her/ already?

7. You/ wash/ your/ dirty clothes?

8. We/ do/ our/English tests?

9. She/ ever/ visit/France?

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