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Задания на английском языке к фильму "Паддингтон"

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  1. Write down the plot of the film and its main idea in English (10-15 sentences).

  2. Answer the questions:

  1. What are the names of the main characters?

  2. In what way did ">Who was learning Chinese?

  3. What has happened with ">Why did ">Why did ">What was the aim of ">Who did hunt for ">What was the name of the taxidermist?

  4. How did ">What was the reaction of the children’s parents when the latter dried ">Describe the episode with ">Who did help the taxidermist to find ">Where did the Brown’s meet ">How many members are there in the Browns’ family?

  5. What are the names of the children in the Browns family?

  6. What are the relationships between the children and the bear?

  7. Why did the thief say “Tiny police bear”?

  8. Why did ">What was the weather at the moment ">Why did the taxidermist look at the phone number at the Brown’s home?

  9. Did ">Why was ">What conversation did take place between the husband and the wife in the Brown’s family?

  10. Where did ">Who did feed him?

  11. Why and where can you see the word “Orphanage”? Who did explain the meaning of the word? How did he or she define it?

  12. It’s a fur cop”. It was the title of the article in a newspaper. What was it about? Write down your opinion.

  13. Where can you notice the word “Samship”? Put down some sentences of the place.

  14. When did you hear the phrase “Nice weather for the ducks.” Who did say it and when?

  15. Why did ">“Cur family is in danger.” Why did Mr. Brown say so?

  16. Write down the name of the place, the office nearby where did the Brown’s family first meet ">Did you enjoy the film and why?

  17. What was the end of the film?

  1. Find the additional information about the author, the actors and the actresses, the company which shooted the film. Do the presentation.

  2. Choose two characters. Make up the short dialogues between them with your partner according to the film. Act it out in the class.

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