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Задания на отработку новой лексики по теме "Marital Status" (5 класс)

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Marital Status

New words.

Marital Status

Adj. Nouns Verbs

Single just good friends to split up

Engaged fiancee to go steady with

Married fiancé to divorce

Separated a maid of honour to go out with

Divorced to date

Widowed Widow to marry


Phrases –

They are quite serious













#2. Find antonyms.

Single to divorce

To date married

To marry to split up

Just good friends fiancee

Fiance a couple

#3. Read and translate.

Dear Ann,

Thanks for all your news. Things are normal here, as usual. Mike and I have split up – we both felt we had had enough of each other. He’s dating a girl who was going steady with Jack, when you were here – I think, they are quite serious – and I’m seeing a film producer called Harvey who’s waiting for his divorce to come through. We are more than “just good friends”, but I don’t know how long it will last. But I hope we will marry soon, after his divorce, because he has already bought a wedding ring. So I think, you will be my a maid of honour.

Kisses and hugs,


№4. Fill the gaps with the given words.

1. I’m ____________ a boy, called John. We are quite serious.

2. My husband and I are already _______ for 10 years.

3. We couldn’t understand each other, so we ___________

4. I’m still _______, but in the near future I’m going to date with my friend.

5. – We are__________! – I don’t believe in it, you look at each other so loving.

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