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Задания на урок английского языка по песням Sunrise Avenue и Robert Sylvester Kelly

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Sunrise Avenue – Fairytale gone bad

This is the end you know

Lady, the plans we had went all wrong

We ain’t nothing but fight and shout and tears.

(Avenue – used in the names of streets in a town or city: Fifth Avenue

go – to change in some way, especially by becoming worse than before: This milk has gone bad.

you know – used to emphasize a statement: There’s no excuse, you know.

go wrong – to do something that makes a plan, relationship etc fail (срываться, идти не по плану, получаться не так, как надо):

Thinking back on the marriage, I just don’t know where we went wrong.

ain’t – a short form of ‘am not’, ‘is not’, ‘are not’, ‘has not’, or ‘have not’.

nothing but – only: She’d had nothing but bad luck.

shout [ʃaut]кричать. There’s no need to shout! I can hear you!

tear [tɪə] слеза. The children were all in tears.)

We got to a point I can’t stand

I’ve had it to the limit; I can’t be your man

I ain’t more than a minute away from walking.

(point – an exact moment, time, or stage in the development of something (момент времени):

She had got to the point where she felt that she could not take any more.

not/no more than something – used to emphasize that a particular number, amount, distance etc is not large:

It’s a beautiful cottage not more than five minutes from the nearest beach.)

We can’t cry the pain away

We can’t find a need to stay

I slowly realized there’s nothing on our side.

(away – used to show that something disappears or is removed: The music died away. Ruben gave all his money away to charity.

something is on your side – used to say that you have an advantage that increases your chances of success:

Barnes didn’t have much experience, but he had youth and enthusiasm on his side).

Out of my life, Out of my mind

Out of the tears we can’t deny

We need to swallow all our pride

And leave this mess behind.

(deny [dɪ'naɪ] – to refuse to admit that you are feeling something (отрицать): Emotions can become destructive if they are suppressed and denied.

swallow ['swɔləu] – to stop yourself from showing a feeling, especially anger (подавить, основное значение – глотать): She swallowed her anger and turned to face him.

leave somebody/something behind you – to permanently stop being involved with a place, person, or situation:

It’s time to leave the past behind.

mess [mes] – a situation in which there are a lot of problems and difficulties, especially as a result of mistakes or carelessness (неприятность, путаница): My life’s such a mess).

Out of my head, Out of my bed

Out of the dreams we had, they’re bad

Tell them it’s me who made you sad

Tell them the fairytale gone bad.

Another night and I bleed

They all make mistakes and so did we

But we did something we can never turn back right.

Find a new one to fool

Leave and don’t look back. I won’t follow

We have nothing left. It’s the end of our time.

(look back (phrasal verb) – to think about something that happened in the past: Looking back on it, I still can’t figure out what went wrong).


Fill the gaps

У нас только драка, крик и слезы

We ain’t nothing but fight and _____ and ____

До меня постепенно дошло, что у нас нет преимуществ.

I slowly _____ there’s nothing on our side

Нам нужно подавить гордость

We need to _____ all our _____

Прочь из слез, их нельзя отрицать

Out of the tears we can’t ____

Скажешь, это я тебя расстроил,

Tell them it’s me who made you _____

Robert Sylvester Kelly – I believe I can fly

I used to think that I could not go on

And life was nothing but an awful song

But now I know the meaning of true love

I'm leaning on the everlasting arms

(used to /juːst tu/ - used to show that a particular thing always happened or was true in the past, especially if it no longer happens or is no longer true: She used to live in Glasgow.

She used to love cats but one attacked her and she doesn't like them anymore.

could /kʊd/ - past simple of can, used to talk about what someone or something was able or allowed to do:

When I was younger I could stay up all night and not get tired.

It was so noisy that we couldn't hear ourselves speak.

everlasting /ˌev.əˈlɑː.stɪŋ/ - lasting forever or for a long time:

I wish someone would invent an everlasting light bulb.

Their contributions to science have earned them an everlasting place in history.

arms /ɑːmz/ – weapons)

If I can see it, then I can do it

If I just believe it, there's nothing to it

I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky

I think about it every night and day, spread my wings and fly away

I believe I can soar, I see me runnin' through that open door

I believe I can fly, I believe I can fly

I believe I can fly

(spread your wings - to use your abilities for the first time in your life to do new and exciting things:

She'd been working for the same company for fifteen years and it was time to leave and spread her wings.

runnin' - a short form of ‘running’)

See I was on the verge of breakin' down

Sometimes silence can seem so loud

There are miracles in life I must achieve

But first I know it starts inside of me, ho-ow

(verge - the edge or border of something: They set up camp on the verge of the desert.

breakin’ – a short form of ‘breaking’, breaking down (phrasal verb): to be unable to control your feelings and to start to cry: When we gave her the bad news, she broke down and cried)

If I can see it, then I can be it

If I just believe it, there's nothing to it

I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky

I think about it every night and day, spread my wings and fly away

I believe I can soar, I see me runnin' through that open door

I believe I can fly, I believe I can fly

I believe I can fly

Hey, 'cause I believe in me, oh

If I can see it, then I can do it

If I just believe it, there's nothing to it

(soar /sɔːr/ - to reach a great height:

The highest peak in the range soars 15 771 feet into the sky.

cause /kɔːz/a short form of ‘because’


Translate into English using active vocabulary.

  1. Я катался на велосипеде когда был молод.

  2. Еще никто не изобрел вечный двигатель

  3. Солдат часто называют братьями по оружию.

  4. Птица расправила крылья и улетела в небо.

  5. Мы разбили лагерь на краю реки/

  6. Высота самого высоко небоскреба достигает 828 м.

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