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Задания на закрепление и отработку изученной лексики в упражнениях

  • Иностранные языки

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I. Translate from English into Russian

  1. Farmland-

  2. Grasslands-

  3. Endless-

  4. Mixture-

  5. A melting pot-

  6. Waterways-

  7. A desert-

II. What is it?

  1. An Indian boat-

  2. A very high building-

  3. To begin-

  4. Wild , open land covered mainly with grass-

  5. Powerful-

  6. A place , where there is a mixing of people of different nationalities-

  7. A number of connected things-

  8. Sandy country with little water-

  9. Different things put together-

  10. Your grandparents’ parents –

III. Complete sentences

  1. She sells seashells on the sea… .

  2. Where is the Gobi … situated?

  3. Could you show the main mountain … on the map?

  4. New York is the city of … .

  5. Siberia is famous for its … forests.

  6. Rivers are used as … .

  7. America has been … since its beginnings.

  8. This tea is the ... of different sorts.

  9. At what temperature does the ice … ?

  10. Do you know where the Moskva river …?

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