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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиТестыЗадания по английскому языку для 7-8 классов

Задания по английскому языку для 7-8 классов

Напоминаем, что в соответствии с профстандартом педагога (утверждён Приказом Минтруда России), если у Вас нет соответствующего преподаваемому предмету образования, то Вам необходимо пройти профессиональную переподготовку по профилю педагогической деятельности. Сделать это Вы можете дистанционно на сайте проекта "Инфоурок" и получить диплом с присвоением квалификации уже через 2 месяца!

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7-8 классы


Reading Comprehension

Time: 45 minutes

1. Read the text carefully. Mark the sentences given after the text as T(true) or F(false).

A pregnant teenage student was left with the clothes she was standing in after council workmen dumped everything she owned on a tip. Rose Adams , aged 18, had asked the local authority to clean the room at her new council flat in Bradford, Yorkshire-but her message was misinterpreted as wanting her home c l e a r e d. The teenager, who is four-and-a-half months pregnant, said: “The flat had been completely stripped. Everything has gone into the crusher.”

She had moved in two weeks earlier. Her parents, Mary and Bernard Adams, bought furnishings and were set to help decorate .But when the student returned home from college she found her flat was totally bare- everything from the underlay on the floors to the television, and even exam notes had gone. She declared bitterly: ”My whole past life was wiped out. I am in a state of shock. One room needed disinfecting and I wanted the council to clean it. Somewhere along the line the message has been misinterpreted and they have just cleared it all out.”

The council admits its mistake and will compensate Ms Adams. It has given her 200$ to buy clothes, and is trying to find her somewhere to stay.

1 She moved in four-and-a-half months ago. ( )

2 One day she found her flat bare. ( )

3 She called the council workmen because the flat needed disinfecting ( )

4 The only clothes left were those she was wearing at that moment ( )

5 Rose had ordered her flat cleared, didn’t she?. ( )

6 She herself bought all the furnishings for the flat as she was going to decorate it. ( )

7 The council refused to admit its mistake.( )

8 The council gave her only 200pounds to compensate her lost clothes. ( )

9 AS a result of misinterpretation of her message Rose Adams has nowhere to live. ()

10 Her whole past life was annihilated. ( )

hello_html_5160660d.gif2. You are going to read an extract from a novel. For questions 11-18, choose the answer (А, В, С or D) which you think fits best according to the text.

Сlym Bright decided he couldn't let another day pass without speaking to his mother about her differences with him and Eustacia. He left after sunset, as the summer sun was too hot for the long walk to Blooms-End.

Three miles into the journey he came to a spot where a soft perfume wafted across his path, and he stood still for a moment to inhale the familiar scent. While he stood, a sound between quiet breathing and a moan suddenly reached his ears.

He looked to where the sound came from; but nothing appeared except the outline of some nearby shrubs. He moved a few steps in that direction, and now he perceived a figure by his feet.

It never occurred to Bright that it might be one of his own family. Field workers had been known to sleep outdoors at these times, to save a long journey homeward and back again. Clym looked closer and saw that the form was feminine; and a feeling of distress came over him like cold air from a cave. He was not certain the woman was his mother until he stooped and beheld her face, pallid, and with closed eyes.

Clym held her, asked her what had happened, but she couldn't speak. The divide in their lives, which his love for Eustacia had caused, was not remembered by Bright. He thought only of the friendly past they had experienced together before the division.

Clym took his mother in his arms and tried to carry her to Blooms-End. A mile from the house, his mother became restless. Fifty yards off stood an unused hut. He took his mother there, where he laid her inside on some dry ferns he had cut with his pocket-knife. Assured she would be safe for a short while, he ran with all his might towards Blooms-End for help.

Clym returned with Susan Naylor and Sam. They revived Clym's mother with brandy, and she motioned that something was wrong with her foot. It was red and swollen. The colour was livid near the ankle with a small scarlet speck, smaller than a pea, in the centre. It was an adder snake bite. The only cure was to rub the wound with the fat of other adders which had to be fried from their bodies.

Sam went out into the heath to look for adder snakes, Clym built a fire, and Susan Naylor returned home for a frying-pan.

Before Susan returned, Sam arrived with three adders, two dead and one still coiling around the stick it was stuck on. The live adder stared at Mrs Bright with a sinister look in its small black eye. Mrs.Bright trembled throughout and averted her eyes.

Susan returned with the frying-pan, when the live adder was killed and the heads of the three taken off. The bodies were cooked until they produced a rill of clear oil. Clym dipped his handkerchief into the liquid and anointed the wound.

11 Why did he leave his home at the time he did?

A It had been two months since he spoke to his mother.

В It was too hot to leave earlier.

С Не needed all day for the long journey.

D Eustacia prevented him from leaving.

12 What first made Clym stop on his way to Blooms-End?

A He heard a sound.

В Не smelled a perfume.

С Не saw a figure.

D He wanted to rest.

13 Why wasn't Clym upset when he first saw the figure?

A He thought it was an injured field worker.

В Не thought his mother was sleeping.

С Не thought it was a sleeping fieldworker.

D He realised that his mother would be safe now.

14 Why had Clym and his mother parted angrily?

A Because he lived so far away from her.

В Because of his relationship with Eustacia.

С Because Clym had never had a good relationship with his mother.

D Because she was bitten by a snake.

15 How far did Clym manage to carry his mother?

A One mile.

В Fifty yards.

С Three miles.

D We do not know.

16 How did they realize what was wrong with Mrs Bright?

A She made a gesture.

В Sam noticed that her foot was red.

С The bite was obvious.

D She managed to say a few words.

17 The fact that the wound was from an adder snake meant that

A it was poisonous and she would die.

В the wound wasn't serious.

С Clym had found his mother just in time.

D there was only one cure.

18 How did Mrs Bright react to the sight of the snake?

A She fainted.

В She couldn't stop looking at it.

С She shook with fear.

D She remained calm.

3. Read the following and choose the best answer (A, B, C, or D) to the questions which follow.

You’re already well-equipped to prevent crime

Everyone comes with their own built-in burglar alarm. It’s called the sense of sight and sound. Unfortunately, many of us go around with the alarm switched off.

We don’t see the stranger loitering outside the house next door.

We overlook the kids trying the car doors.

We don’t notice the sounds from the flat upstairs (weren’t they supposed to be on holiday?).

The police can only do so much to prevent crime. There never can be enough of them to guard every home in every town. So they need your help in combating the burglars, the vandals, the car thieves. Not, of course, by setting our “to have a go” every time you see something suspicious. It’ll always be the job of the police to arrest criminals. But by acting as a line of communication between them and your community.

For instance, you probably know far more about your immediate neighbourhood than the police ever could. A stranger in someone’s garden would probably be far more obvious to you than it would be to even the local bobby. Providing, of course, you were on the look-out.

And that’s the whole idea behind the Neighbourhood Watch schemes now springing up around the country - to create a spirit of watchfulness within a community, anything suspicious being reported to the police.

It’s early days yet, but results so far are very encouraging. The crime figures are already dropping in many of the areas running a scheme. And all due to people like you.

19. The purpose of the advertisement is to

A warn people about the increasing risk of crime.

B encourage people to join the police force.

C advise people how to protect their homes from crimes.

D explain how people can assist the police.

20. The advertisement points out that many people

A are not very keen to co-operate with the police.

B are not as observant as they could be.

C don’t control their children properly.

D don’t tell their neighbours about their holidays.

21. One of the ways we could help prevent crime is to

A keep the alarm system in our home turned on.

B try to stop criminals from escaping.

C watch out for people behaving suspiciously.

D inform the police if we hear noises upstairs.

22. One disadvantage the police have is that they

A don’t know local people personally.

B are too busy arresting criminals.

C know communities less well than residents do.

D can’t see what’s happening in people’s gardens.

23. Results of the Neighbourhood Watch schemes suggest that

A they are already successful wherever they are run.

B they are likely to be a success.

C they are not successful in certain areas.

D they are not popular with the police.


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Use of English

Time: 45 minutes

Task 1

Choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence.

1 You should put your hand in cold water to___________the pain of the burn.

a bear b avoid c resist d relieve

2 There will be three of us going camping, not___________the dog.

a adding b counting c saying d involving

3 Having climbed the stairs to the 9th floor I was completely out of __________.

a air b wind c breath d gasp

4 Nutritionists recommend a _________diet with plenty of fresh vegetables.

a wide b various c changeable d varied

5 I cannot get in touch with him as he’s __________ever at home when I call.

a almost b rarely c hardly d occasionally

6 I don’t enjoy going to the theatre__________myself. I need company.

a with b by c for d on

7 The reason it won’t work is that no one has _________ it in.

a switched b connected c plugged d adjusted

8 It’s hard to find a __________ that’s narrow enough to fit my watch.

a belt b strap c cord d band

9 If you don’t pay your bills, they’ll ________ your electricity.

a cut in b cut out c cut off d cut down

10 You are unlikely to need vitamin pills ________you have some special medical reason.

a while b unless c because d if

11 Can I rely on you? You won’t let me_________,will you?

a out b down c up d off

12 That black car ________so suddenly in front of me that there was nearly an accident.

a cut up b cut in c cut across d cut off

13 Do you think your plan will really come_________?

a off b out c round d to

14 I had to look the spelling_________in the dictionary.

a for b through c up d out

15 Oh dear, I feel awfully dizzy. I think I ___________ …

a I’ll faint b I’ve fainted c I am going to faint d I’ll be fainting

Task 2

15 points (1 point for each correct word or expression,5points for correct matching)

All these jumbled expressions relate to a. professions, b. qualities and skills necessary for them.

The first letter of each word is underlined.

Match the expressions in a column to the expressions in b column. Transfer the results of matching ( the numbers of matching words) into your answer sheet (from 26 to 30)


16 u r o m p c t e r e m p g o r m a r 21 a l i c n a f i n k s s i l l

17 t o c c u n t a n a 22 f u l c h e s e r n e s

18 n a t i l s j u o r 2 3 s s n e e t i l o p

19 c i d s y e c j o c 2 4 e g g n a l a u l i s k l s

20 e f f o c i r e k w o r 2 5 d r a o y b e k k s s i l l

Task 3

Read the text in which some of the lines are correct and some have a wrong word that shouldn’t be there. Mark (+) the correct sentences, or write the unnecessary word at the end of the line. Transfer your answers into your answer sheet.

0 You should analyze the advertisement carefully (+)

00 before writing your for job application. (for)

26 Follow instructions carefully, write your application in the black ( )

27 tell why you are being applying for this position. Be positive about ( ) 28 your achievements but don’t mention the work you’ve been turned down of ( )

29 or ways in which you don’t meet the job criteria. When you have finished ( )

30 check it through in such case you have made any grammar or spelling mistakes, ( )

31 then photocopy it as to ensure that you keep a permanent record of what you have written. ( )

32A CV includes your name, address, a telephone number, education, qualifications,( )

33 career history and work experience. Mentioning of your skills such as foreign languages, ( )

34 or computer skills is also very important. Mind that work experience should be put( )

35 in quite reverse chronological order so that the most recent job comes first. ( )

36 Remember yourself that there is no need to mention salary details, ( )

37 marital status or religion if you don’t want to.( )

Task 4

For questions 43-52 , read the text below. Use the word given at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line.

By 1900 43… output had developed so much that consumption as well as industry

44……had to be managed and controlled. In the 19th century, industrialists had produce

treated their 45……simply as workers who would produce their goods, but in employ

the early 20th century, these workers became 46……as well. purchase

Advertising and 47…….soon became industries themselves, developed out of a market

need to persuade people to buy. In the 19th century 48…merely made and manufacture

sold products but in the 20th century 49…….were needed to create and sustain advertise

a demand for each new product. Consumers were not just given 50…..of the describe

new products but they were shown the emotional51……that they could gain satisfy

by buying products for 52………and pleasure. enjoy


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Participant’s ID number

You have decided to enter a short story competition . The rule states that the story must begin with the following words:

As the train started, I took off my coat and wondered who would be waiting for me when I arrived.

Write your story. Mind that sentences with direct speech may be written in informal style while the whole story should be more formal. Entitle your story.

20points 120-180words

Time: 45 minutes




Карточка участника

Student 1

Task 1

(Monologue; Time: 1,5 - 2 minutes)

In a minute you will have to speak on the variety of jobs you can consider for your future career.

If you could have any job at all, what would it be? Why? What jobs can you think of are over-paid\underpaid?

Task 2

(Dialogue; Time: 3 - 5 minutes)

Discuss with your partner summer jobs opportunities for teenagers. Is having a summer job in your teens a good idea? Find out your partner’s attitude to the problem. Discuss pros and cons of having a summer job. Give arguments and examples in support of your opinion. You may or may not come to an agreement with your partner. Remember it is a discussion and not a monologue.

Student 2

Task 1

(Monologue; Time: 1,5 - 2 minutes)

In a minute you will have to give your answer to the question: What work do you want to do when you finish your studies? What are the advantages of the job you’ve chosen? Speak on the importance of having a good satisfying job.

Task 2

(Dialogue; Time: 3 - 5 minutes)

Discuss with your partner the problems in getting a summer job. Find out your partner’s plans for the coming summer. What are the worst things about having a job? Give arguments and examples in support of your opinion. You may or may not come to an agreement with your partner. Remember it is a discussion and not a monologue.

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