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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиТестыЗадания по олимпиаде 9-11 класс.

Задания по олимпиаде 9-11 класс.

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Всероссийская олимпиада школьников по английскому языку 2013-14 год школьный тур - 9-11 класс

Part 1 Listening

Listen to the text and choose the correct answer:

1. The city can boast the ancient…

A) Theatre B) Cinema C) Library

2. The amphitheatre has….seats on both levels.

A) Nineteen B) Forty two C) Twenty three

3. The high parapet proves that …..

A) There are five entrances onto the stage

B) Fights were held there

C) Spectators used to walk there

4. The form of the stadium resembles the letter

A) T B) U C) V

5. The stadium used to hold….twenty thousand people.

A) Much than B) More than C) Less than

6. …..was decorated with statues of athletes.

A) The stadium B) The stage C) A huge building

7. Two in every three of the spaces were….

A) The stadium B) The theatre C) Shops

8. ….shops are connected to each other.

A) All the B) Some of the C) Modern

9. The wall to separate a part of the stadium was built…

A) Not long ago

B) In the third century

C) Recently

10. The guide wants to show the…

A) Suburbs B) Castle C) Main street

Part 2 Reading

Text 1

Read the text and do the task that follows.

Culture, Logic, and Rhetoric

Logic, which is the basis of rhetoric, comes from culture; it is not universal. Rhetoric, therefore, is not universal either but varies from culture to culture. The rhetorical system of one language is neither better nor worse than the rhetorical system of another language, but it is different.

English logic and English rhetoric, which are based on Anglo-European cultural pattern, are linear – that is, a good English paragraph begins with a general statement of its content and then carefully develops that statement with a series of specific illustrations. A good English paragraph may also use just the reverse sequence: it may state a whole series of examples and then summarize those examples in a single statement at the end of the paragraph. In either case, however, the flow of ideas occurs in a straight line from the opening sentence to the last sentence. Furthermore, a well-structured English paragraph is never digressive. There is nothing that does not belong to the paragraph and nothing that does not support the topic sentence.

A type of construction found in Arabic and Persian writing is very different. Whereas English writers use a linear sequence, Arabic and Persian writers tend to construct a paragraph in a parallel sequence using many coordinators such as and and but. In English, maturity of style is often judged by the degree of subordination rather than by the degree of coordination. Therefore, Arabic and Persian style of writing, with their emphasis on coordination, seem awkward and immature to an English reader.

Some Asian writers, on the other hand, use an indirect approach. In this kind of writing, the topic is viewed from a variety of angles. The topic is never analyzed directly; it is referred to only indirectly. Again, such development in an English paragraph is awkward and unnecessary vague to an English reader.

Spanish rhetoric differs from English rhetoric in still another way. While the rules of English rhetoric require that every sentence in a paragraph relate directly to the central idea, a Spanish-speaking writer loves to fill a paragraph with interesting digressions. Although a Spanish paragraph may begin and end on the same topic, the writer often digresses into areas that are not directly related to the topic. Spanish rhetoric, therefore, does not follow the English rule of paragraph unity.

In summary, a student who has mastered the grammar of English may still write poor papers unless he/she has also mastered the rhetoric of English. Also, the students may have difficulty reading an essay written by the rules of English rhetoric unless he/she understands the ‘logical’ differences from those of his/her native tongue.

For items 1-5, choose the answer (A, B, C, or D) which fits best according to the text.

1. The author’s aim is to prove that

A. rhetoric is culturally specific.

B. foreign learners of English should acquire the rules of English rhetoric.

C. Asian and Spanish writers ignore English rhetoric.

D. English rhetoric is the best.

2. Mature English style can be characterized by

A. digression.

B. linear sequence.

C. degree of coordination.

D. vagueness.

3. Spanish writers tend to

A. neglect the central idea in the paragraph.

B. develop the topic in reverse sequence.

C. give a lot of examples.

D. wander away from the main topic.

4. It is difficult for the English reader to understand the Asian authors because

A. their texts follow different rules.

B. the rendering of ideas is too difficult.

C. the paragraphs contain subordinate clauses.

D. there is no coordination in the text.

5. The word “those” in the last sentence refers to

A. the rules of rhetoric.

B. other students.

C. logical differences.

D. foreign languages.

Text 2

You are going to read a magazine article about marathon running. Seven sentences have been removed from the article. Choose from the sentences A-H the one which fits each gap (1-6). There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use. There is an example at the beginning.

Marathon running – a recipe for health?

If ever there was living proof that marathon running keeps you fit, Jenny Wood Allen from Dundee is it. (0 – H) She was 71 and she did not even have proper training shoes then.

At first she could only run to the end of her avenue, which is about three quarters of a mile. She had problems getting back and had to either take a bus or ask somebody for a lift. (1 - )

Scientifically speaking, human beings are perfectly tuned for jumping and running and walking long distances. (2 - ) One of them, Professor Craig Sharp says that if you are reasonably fit, you can probably run for two hours at a medium pace and feel OK. At this point your muscles run out of glycogen – the best source of energy we have.

This means you start using fat for energy, and your body has to work harder to transform fat into energy. This happens at a time when you are starting to feel exhausted. (3 - ) All this is proof – he believes – that the body isn’t designed for long-distance running.

Other specialists have a very different opinion. Dr Percy Brown believes that if you train sensibly and prepare several months in advance, it could even help you live longer. (4 - )

He believes the only problem you may have when running a marathon is exhaustion or a small injury caused by falling or tripping over things. (5 - ) Only 1 in 1,000 actually makes it to hospital.

Another problem may be post-race exhaustion. Surveys show most runners are much more likely to catch colds or develop chest infections in the week after running a race. (6 - )There is no evidence of lasting disease or an increased risk of illness.

At 87, Jenny Wood Allen would be doing the London marathon for the 13th time this Sunday. And she plans to go on taking part for many years to come.

  1. He argues that after 16-20 miles, you have to slow down and running gets really hard.

  1. After f quick top up of water and rest, most go home and make a full recovery.

  1. When it comes to marathon running, however the experts are divided.

  1. In spite of this, marathon running is bad for your health.

  1. But this weakening effect on the system is short-lived.

  1. Within a couple of months, however, she was managing two or three miles.

  1. This is because running halves your risk of getting heart disease.

  1. She started by running to the shops, wearing an anorak and carrying her shopping bag.

Part 3 Use of English

Task 1

Complete the sentences with the correct preposition from the box. There is one preposition you do not need to use. Some of the prepositions can be used more than once.

at down off in over to through on from


1. Can you get the lid _________ this jar for me, please?

2. The river Thames flows ___________ London.

3. As soon as we got ___________ the plane, we were happy to be on solid ground again.

4. We are flying _________ Hamburg _________ 11th August.

5. __________ the end, we decided to move out of the flat.

6. Donna was standing __________ the top of the stairs! She must have overheard what we were saying.

7. Patty is arriving _________ Athens __________ 8 o’clock tomorrow morning.

8. Don’t run _________ the stairs! You’ll fall and hurt yourself.

9. You can fly _________ New York in a Helitour helicopter.

10.Rod is a genius. He got his degree in mathematics _______ the age of 15!

Task 2

Complete the sentences using the words in bold.

1. This film is so violent that I can’t watch it. me This film is _______________________ .

2. I packed several sweaters because I was afraid I would be cold. case I packed ________________________.

3. He hasn’t signed the contract.

still The contract ______________________.

4. Is it necessary to write this report today? have Does this report ___________________?

5. Everyone thanked me except Paul. person The only _______________________.

6. They are building me a new shed. having I ______________________________.

7. I’d prefer him to be back before 11 o’clock. rather I _______________________________.

8. You should never park on double yellow lines. circumstances Under _____________________.

9. I regret ever telling her about my plans.

wish I __________________________________.

10.The management won’t let passengers smoke on the train. are Passengers ___________________________.

Task 3

For questions 1-11, read the text below. Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space line.


Have you ever taken part in a job interview?

Interviews are an (1) method of choosing the best people for jobs, PERFECT

yet human beings like to (2) each other in this way. One of the EXAM

many problems of (3) as it is commonly practised is that the forms SELECT

filled in by (4) often fail to show people as they really are. This APPLY

means that you can follow all the best (5) when completing your ADVISE

form and still find that you are (6) at the next stage- the interview. SUCCESS

(7), in the rare cases where interviews are automatic, a candidate SIMILAR

with an (8) form may do surprisingly well. ADEQUATE

Of course, your form needs to show that you have (9) in your CONFIDENT

(10) to do the job, but don’t try to turn yourself into someone else - a ABLE

person you have to pretend to be at the interview. Realism and (11) are HONEST

definitely the best approach.












Part 4 Writing

Write an article for a school magazine (150-200 words) describing how Moscow marked its recent City Day. (Writing time - 30 minutes)

You should say:

- what events were organized

- what kind of atmosphere there was

- what was special about this particular celebration





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