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Задания по теме "профессии" для 8 -9 классов

  • Иностранные языки

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Task 1. Guess which job/ word is described in the definition

  1. A person, who hasn’t got a job is _______________________________

  2. When you are too old to work , you are _________________________________

  3. Money you get for your work is _________________________________

  4. When an employer tells the employee to leave the company _______________________

  5. When you work only in summer, you have a _________________________________

  6. Hardworking, skilled, confident are _________________________________

  7. A person who fights fires is a _________________________________

  8. A person who designs buildings is a _________________________________

  9. A person who makes chairs/tables is a _________________________________

  10. A person who grows vegetables is a _________________________________

Task 2. Answer the following questions with your partner:

  1. What is your job?

  2. Where do you work?

  3. Do you like it?

  4. Do you think it is difficult/easy, interesting/boring, creative, exciting, safe/dangerous, well-paid/ badly/paid?

  5. Have you got friends at work?

  6. Do you like your work place? Is it comfortable?

Task 3. Look at the pictures and discuss:

  • where he/she works

  • what he/she does

Ae_11:Raster:Occupations:Cartoons:Cameraman.tifAe_11:Raster:Occupations:Cartoons:Carpenter 5.tifAe_11:Raster:Occupations:Cartoons:Mechanic 4.tifAe_11:Raster:Occupations:Cartoons:Postal Carrier 3.tif

Ae_11:Raster:Occupations:Cartoons:Scientist.tifAe_11:Raster:Occupations:Cartoons:Barber 04.tifAe_11:Raster:Occupations:Cartoons:Waiter.tif

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