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Задания по теме "Страдательный залог в английском языке"

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Test 4 (Spotlight-8)

I. Choose the correct form of verb.

1. The book (wrote /was written) by Hardy.

2. A famous architect (was built/built) the bridge.

3. Local police (have been arrested/ have arrested) the bank robber.

4. The room (will clean/ will be cleaned) later.

5. People (aren’t used / don’t use) this road very often.

6. A new supermarket (will be built/ will built) here next year.

II. Rewrite the sentences in the Passive Voice. Mind the tenses.

1. Advertising influences a lot of people.

2. They found him guilty of murder.

3. Students will write an English test next lesson.

4. A professional chef was cooking this meal.

5. The head teacher has announced the results of exams.

6. When did children visit the Tretyakov Art Gallery?

7. Does this team win all games?

8. Who invented the telephone?

III. Complete the sentences. Use by + agent or with + instrument/ material/ ingredient.

1. The material was cut ____ a sharp pair of scissors.

2. “Guernica” was painted ____ Picasso.

3. The ground is covered ____ snow.

4. The sauce has been made ____ tomatoes, onion, and garlic.

5. New opera house will be opened ____ the Mayor.

6. A modern cinema complex had been built ____ M&H two years ago.

IV. Fill in: bushy, slim, overweight, crooked, protruding, frizzy.

1. That woman has got a very ____ figure. She is very pretty.

2. Helen hides her ____ ears behind her long hair.

3. My sister is not happy with her ____ hair. She wishes it to be straight.

4. Tony doesn’t like his ____ nose.

5. This boy is ____. He has to go on a diet.

6. Danny made a nasty remark about Betty’s ____ eyebrows.

V. Fill in: off, away, up with, through, out, on.

1. You should put ____ a warm jacket. It’s cold outside.

2. The flight was put ____ because of terrible weather.

3. Our teacher said: “Put your workbooks ____.

4. A group of men had managed to put ____ the fire before the fire fighter arrived.

5. He can’t put ___ her rude remarks any longer.

6. Will you be so kind to put ____ to Mr. Wilson, please?

VI. Complete the sentences with words derived from the words in bold.

1. My cousin is very ____ person. DEPENDENT

2. It’s ____ to travel around the world on foot. POSSIBLE

3. Do you know all English ____ verbs? REGULAR

4. My colleagues are not allowed to wear ____ clothes to work. FORMAL

5. John is one of most ____ people I have ever met. RESPONSIBLE

6. I think her answer was ____. LOGICAL

7. Wait a minute, please. Don’t be so ____. PATIENT

8. His jokes are very childish. He is so ____. MATURE

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