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Задания школьного этапа олимпиады по Английскому языку 5-11 класс.

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ШКОЛЬНАЯ ОЛИМПИАДА по английскому языку.

9 -11 класс.

I. Complete the text with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets.

The Parrot Café ----- (open) two years ago, in a large building which----- (be) a factory before. Much work ----- (do) before the café ----- (get) its incomparable modern image. Only two years ----- (pass) since the café ----- (start) working but it already ----- (become) one of the most popular cafes in town.

Peter ----- (work) here for the last three months now and he really ----- (love) the atmosphere. At the moment he ----- (experiment) with new recipes, because his boss ----- (want) to attract still more new customers. He expects that by next week he ----- (make) a recipe for Exotic Fruit Delight which he hopes ----- (notice) by all the customers.

II. Fill in the article a or the where necessary.

1. I watched --- TV programme in the evening yesterday. I went to --- bed late at --- night.

2. I always try to do morning exercises, but it is not --- easy thing in --- small room crowded with --- furniture.

3. Her brother goes to --- same school she goes.

4. They are in --- room opposite ours.

5. What’ s this? – It’s cheese. – Is --- cheese fresh or stale? – It’s fresh.

III. Choose the suitable preposition.

1. (On, In, At) twelve thirty we have a break (for, of, at) lunch.

2. Don’t turn (off, in, on) the radio. Father is working.

3. There are a lot of many-storied buildings (in, at) our street.

4. He isn’t keen (on, at, in) team sports.

5. They live in the country, a long way (of, out of, from) Minsk.

6. My friend and I are going (on, to, for) a walk.

7. My son is going (to, for, at) school next year.

IV. Complete the sentences with the correct words.

1. Did you like our----------- ?

A. journey B. travel

2. I have hurt the ----------- of my right hand.

A. fingers B. toes

3. He is a --------- of this bank.

A. customer B. client

4. I was afraid of my own ---------.

A. shade B. shadow

5. Don’t allow ----------- to come in.

A. strangers B. guests

6. ---------- is the form of literature.

A. Poem B. Poetry

7. Will you ---------- in the concert?

A. take part B. take place

8. Look! The sky is ------------.

A. clear B. clean

9. Is it the ----------- of the town?

A. center B. middle

10. Where is the ----------- of the room?

A. middle B. center

V. Arrange the words and expressions in pairs of antonyms.

1. burst into tears a) finish

2. cry b) be late

3. lose c) useful

4. useless d) the worst

5. wake up e) find

6. begin f) laugh

7. turn red g) the happiest

8. be early h) turn pale

9. the most unhappy i) fall asleep

10. the best j) burst into laughter

VI. Choose between adjectives and adverbs.

1. She was crying loud / loudly.

2. My friend laughed hearty / heartily.

3. It was easy / easily to understand the book and make the report on it.

4. He spoke angry / angrily, and we understood that something has happened.

5. This rule is well / good. Remember it.

6. The work was done very careless / carelessly.

7. I don’t think this is right / rightly word.

8. It can be done easy / easily.

9. She swims well / good.

10. Your shoes are exact /exactly like mine.

VI I .Установите соответствие рубрик AG текстам 1 – 6, в которых содержится важная информация для туристов, приезжающих в Ирландию. Занесите свои ответы в таблицу. Используйте каждую букву только один раз. В задании одна рубрика лишняя.
















Ireland is located on an island. Winters in Ireland are not cold and rivers do not freeze. The summer months of June, July and August are mild. However, the weather is changeable. If you are going to visit Ireland in summer, do not forget to take an umbrella and warm clothes.


Most buses in big cities in Ireland have conductors who collect the money, but in small places passengers pay the driver. The trains in Ireland are not cheap, but they usually leave on time. Taxies are easy to get although they are rather expensive in comparison to other countries.


Irish farmhouse cheeses are very popular gift items. Other products to delight tourists are Irish salmon, netted in autumn, oysters and hand-made chocolates.


The best place to learn how to get a room in a hotel, change money, and much more is your nearest Tourist office. In Dublin city-centre the Tourist office is situated at 14 Upper O'Connel Street, beside the Savoy cinema.


Ireland has two national stations, RTE 1 and Network 2. You can watch different programmes. Most popular are political news, country news, sports and music programmes. People can also enjoy watching drama, films etc.


It is impossible to make any statement about the characteristics of the Irish, but they are known for their humour, hospitality, kindness.

The Irish know how to have a good time and very often they get enjoyment in the pub to the accompaniment of Irish folk music.







VIII. For Questions 31-37, read the text and then write the correct form of the word in CAPITALS to complete the gaps.

The National Maritime Museum

is set in the (31)…….surroundings of Greenwich park. BEAUTY

Within the complex of the museum there is a wide

(32)…..of objects, displays and paintings. VARY

The collections relate to the shipping,

astronomy and (33)…… The museum tells the story of NAVIGATE

figures of great (34)…..to IMPORTANT

Britain’s history, such as Lord Nelson and

captain James Cook. Galleries and exhibitions are

often updated to bring back into view (35)…. DIFFER

parts of the huge hidden collections of the

museum which is (36)….. all over the country. FAME

This visit will be an (37)….. experience. FORGET


I. was opened; had been; had been done; got; have passed; started; has become; has been working; loves; is experimenting; wants; will have made; will be noticed.

II. 1. a; -; -; 2. an; a; -; 3. the; 4. the; 5. the.

III. 1. at; for; 2. on; 3. in; 4. on; 5. from; 6. for; 7. to.

IV. 1. A; 2. A; 3. B; 4. B; 5. A; 6. B; 7. A; 8; A; 9. А; 10. А.

V. 1-j; 2-f; 3-e; 4-c; 5-I; 6-a; 7-h; 8-b; 9-g; 10-d.

VI. 1. loudly; 2. heartily; 3. easy; 4. angrily; 5. good; 6. carelessly; 7. right; 8. easily; 9. well; 10. exactly.

Школьная олимпиада по английскому языку 7-8 класс.

I. Make questions with ‘do’, ‘does’, ‘did’

1. It always rain here.

2. They go to Spain every year.

3. His car uses a lot of petrol.

4. They took off late.

5. They came on time.

6. He enjoys it.

7. They never go there.

II. Make the following sentences negative.

1. He lost his key.

2. We spoke to her.

3. It took a long time.

4. It always snows here in January.

5. I broke my leg.

6. We like this kind of thing.

7. They believe you.

III. This is one way we show interest in English. Reply to the following in a similar way

Example: A.: He works in a bank.

B.: Oh, does he?

1. A.: She talks too much.


2. A.: They came late as usual


3. A.: They live in London now.


4. A.: I believe him.


5. A.: I enjoy it very much.


6. A.: He wants to leave school.


7. A.: Susan brought her friend.


IV. Fill in the correct form of the verb.

1. Who _______that book you lent me? write

2. I didn’t hear the burglar because I ________TV. watch

3. The letter ______by first post this morning. arrive

4. The sun _____when I got up. That’s why I ______on this dress. shine, put

5. You know that already! I ______you last week. tell

6. The door bell ____while I ______into the bath. ring, get

7. The war _____in 1945, but I never _______him again. finish, see

8. I _____to John when the phone ________. speak. ring

9. I _______a cold while I ______ out in the cold. catch, wait

10. The film ________while everyone ______still ______ in. begin, come

V. Fill in ‘will’ or ‘(be) going to’ in the spaces

1. Look at those black clouds! It _______rain

2. I ______give it to him when I see him.

3. We _____have a party on Saturday. Can you come?

4. You _____have an accident if you don’t drive more slowly.

5. Richard _______cook the dinner tonight, isn’t he?

6. If they go to London they ______probably visit the Tower.

7. He’s studying medicine. He _______to be a doctor.

8. I ________buy some new shoes tomorrow.

9. Perhaps we _____ go for a drink in the country at the weekend.

10. You ________remember to go to the bank, won’t you.

11. Ann ______get up early tomorrow. She _______wake you if you ask her.

VI. Make one long sentence using a phrase from each list below

1. If you still feel ill tomorrow A. She’ll catch the bus

2. If John phones again B. We’ll visit you at the weekend

3. If you write to Mrs Smith now C. I’ll ring the doctor

4. It you can’t do your homework D. I’ll post it when I leave

5. If they visit Britain this summer E. I’ll tell him to ring back

6. If she misses the train F. They’ll definitely to Wales

7. If we’ve got time G. You’ll have to try harder

VII. What sentences are impossible in English?

1. If you do that, I’ll be angry.

2. If you do that, I’m going to be angry.

3. Are you going to tell me the time, please.

4. If you give me your address, I’m going to lose it.

5. Watch up! That car will stop.

6. I’m getting married at the weekend.

7. Who will be there?

8. Who are you going to visit?

VIII. Fill in the correct form of the adverb

1. He speaks very ________, doesn’t he? quiet

2. I wish you wouldn’t drive so _______. fast

3. This town is very ________planned. bad

4. If you watch ________, you will see something interesting. careful

5. He did that job really ______. good

6. He doesn’t work as ________ as his brother. hard

7. If you run _______, you’ll catch him. quick

8. I’m so tied I can’t think ________. clear

9. I think I speak French quite ______, but Peter speaks it really _____. good, bad

10. I’m sure you did that _________. conscious

IX. Fill in ‘many’, ‘much’, ‘a lot of’

1. There weren’t _____ people there yesterday.

2. How _______money have you got?

3. There’s _______ snow on the hill.

4. Are there _________new teachers at school?

5. I don’t think we’ve got ________time.

6. He doesn’t eat very __________.

7. There aren’t all that ________good restaurant here.

8. There hasn’t been as _________rain as usual this year.

9. Do you really need to take such _______things with you?

10. Why do so _______people go to Spain?

11. There are quite _________tourists here at the moment.

12. It will save you _________trouble if you leave now.

13. Not _______people have so ________money.

14. He didn’t have ________to say.

15. I’ve never seen so _______people make so ________mistakes.

16. When I was young I made________ mistakes.

17. I’ve met rather ________ people in my life, but I don’t have very _______friends.

18. How ________right answers have you got?

X. Fill in ‘some’, any’ (or ‘someone’, ‘something’ etc.) in the following dialogue

A. Would you like ______tea?

B. Yes, please.

A. _________ sugar?

B. Two, please, but no milk. Have you got _______ lemon?

A. Yes, I think there are _______ in the kitchen… Yes< here you are. Would you like ______ cake, too?

B. Mm. please, I don’t know __________ who makes cakes better that you.

A. Thank you very much. ________ can learn, you know. _______ people think baking is an art, but __________ with a little common sense can manage.

B. The trouble with me is I never seem to have _______ free time. But I’ll have to start trying to make _________ simple. _________ like this, I think. It’s really lovely.

Олимпиада по английскому языку (5-6 классы)

I. Find the right word for each line.

weather, season, months, sports, family

1) ____: rainy, sunny, warm, snowy, cloudy.

2) ____: mum, grandma, dad, grandpa, brother.

3) ____: volleyball, table tennis, hockey, football.

4) ____: winter, spring, summer, autumn.

5) ____: December, June, August, September.

II. Fill in the blanks.

favourite, by heart, second, Maths, have, lessons

I have a friend. His name is Jason. He is only six. But he goes to school. Every day he has three (1)____. The first lesson is (2)____. Jason and his classmates count pens and pencils. In the (3) ____ lesson they learn poems (4)____. Art is Jason’s (5)____ lesson. He can draw very well. At 12 o’clock they (6) ____ lunch.

III. Agree (T) or disagree (F) with the sentences about the months of the year.

1) There are ten months in a year. _____

2) There are thirty days in February. ____

3) The winter months are December, January, and February. ____

4) The summer months are June, July, and August. ____

5) School begins on the first of September, school is over in May. ____

6) The spring months are June, July, and August. ____

7) The autumn months are September, October, and November. ____

IV. Choose the right answer A, B, C, or D. (Present Simple, Past Simple, Future Simple, Present Continuous) (Выберите правильный вариант ответа)

1. Laura __ to school five days a week.

a) go b) is going c) to go d) goes

2. Nick ___ in a regatta next week.

a) will take part b) take part c) to take part d) are going to take part

3. Mike __ very happy yesterday.

a) is b) were c) was d) will be

4. They ___ a competition last year.

a) win b) won c) are going to win d) are winning

5. She ___ a book now.

a) reads b) is reading c) read d) will read

6. Yesterday granny and grandpa ___ me a puppy as a present.

a) brought b) bring c) brings d) will bring

7. My father doesn’t often _____ TV.

a) watched b) watch c) watches d) watching

8. She always _____ a party on her birthday.

a) have b) has c) had d) will have

9. My father _____ Great Britain last year.

a) visits b) visited c) visit d) are visiting

10. There ___ only two apples on the table.

a) is b) was c) are d) were

V. Choose the right word (much, many).

1) There are ____ apples on the plate.

2) There is ____ milk in the bottle.

3) There are ____ oranges in the box.

4) There is ____ water in the kettle.

5) There is ____ bread in the bread bin.

VI. Read Jill’s letter and do the tasks.

25 September

Dear Ann,

Thank you for your letter. Today is Saturday. It’s a holiday. I don’t go to school on Saturdays and Sundays.

It’s rainy and cloudy today. But it isn’t windy. It’s warm. I like autumn. It’s my favourite season. When it’s rainy, I can listen to music and read a book. When it’s sunny and warm, we can have a picnic in the park. My dad says, “Tomorrow the weather will be fine. We’ll go to the park and have a picnic.”

My dad and my brother Jim will fly a kite (запускать воздушного змея). My mum, our dog Rex and I will play hide-and-seek (играть в прятки). We’ll have cheese and ham sandwiches and many tasty cakes with tea.

But winter will come soon. You know I don’t like winter. We don’t have picnics in winter. Ann, what is your favourite season? What do you like to do in this season? What will you do next winter?

Write back.


Jill Brown.

1) Choose the correct answer.

1) What is the weather like on Saturday?

a) It’s rainy and windy. b) It’s rainy and cloudy.

2) What does Jill do in rainy weather?

a) She listens to music. b) She watches TV.

3) Will the weather be fine tomorrow?

a) Yes, it will. b) No, it won’t.

4) What will they do in the park?

a) They’ll read books. b) They’ll have a picnic.

5) What is Jill’s favourite season?

a) It’s autumn. b) It’s winter.

2) Write down sentences in the right order.

1) My dad says, “Tomorrow the weather will be fine.

2) I don’t go to school on Saturdays and Sundays.

3) But winter will come soon.

4) I like autumn.

5) We don’t have picnics in winter.

6) My dad and my brother Jim will fly a kite.

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