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Инфоурок Иностранные языки Другие методич. материалыЗадания по английскому языку для самостоятельной работы

Задания по английскому языку для самостоятельной работы

IV Международный дистанционный конкурс «Старт» Идёт приём заявок Для дошкольников и учеников 1-11 классов 16 предметов ОРГВЗНОС 25 Р. ПОДАТЬ ЗАЯВКУ

Traditionally, Australia was (1) ________ for producing FAME

wheat and
wool, but times have changed in (2) ________ years, RECENTLY

with many

farmers (3) ________ to be more diverse in their ELECT
crop and livestock range. It is now quite common to see


with more exotic fruit and vegetables. Farmers are

(4) ________ to LIKE

sell their crop locally nowadays, but rather to the

factories in the cities.

As a result, farms are now large-scale

(5) ________ PRODUCE
where thousands of tonnes of crops are (6) ________. CULTIVATE

Another aspect that is different nowadays is (7) ________. IRRIGATE
In the past,

farmers would just flood the fields but now it is common to see

sprinkler (8) ________ everywhere. This means that SYSTEMATIC

more water

is (9) ________, which has been helpful CONSERVATION

with the droughts that

has severely impacted the (10) ________ of the farms in MAJOR

the southern states of the country.

  1. Read the text below.

Guided London Walking Tours.

A London's oldest buildings

In a secret city of ancient buildings, courtyards and narrow streets, you'll discover how Stinking Lane and Turn again Lane got their names, and go inside some of London's oldest and most fascinating buildings, some of which can only be visited by special arrangement.

B Mayfair

For more than 250 years Mayfair has been the most upmarket district in London, and many well-known books have been written here. We explore streets with familiar names like Savile Row, famous for its men's suits, and Piccadilly, home of the Royal Academy.

C Dickens's London

Follow in the footsteps of Charles Dickens, the nineteenth century writer, and listen as we recite parts of his novels and bring characters like Oliver Twist vividly to life. Stand by the remains of the Marshalsea, where Dickens's own father was imprisoned, and which is the scene of much of his novel “Little Dorrit”.

D Clerkenwell to the Angel

We walk along St John Street, where animals used to be driven on their way to Smithfield Market, and see a 1504 gateway. We pass the historic Sadler's Wells Theatre and the original termination of the New River, constructed to bring water to London from springs over 30 km away.

E South Bank

We walk along the River Thames to Bankside, where the former power generating station has been transformed into Tate Modern art gallery. Close by we see the new Globe, a replica of Shakespeare's theatre of four hundred years ago, then continue to Borough Market, where you'll find it hard to choose among all the fine food and other goods on sale.

Look at the five descriptions of guided walks A-E. For which walk is each of the following statements true? Write the correct letter A-E. You may use any letter more than once.

1. This tour includes the site of a former prison.

2. On this tour you will learn the meanings of some street names.

3. This tour includes a street well-known for its clothes shops.

4. This tour takes you to a modern theatre.

5. On this tour excerpts from books are read aloud.

6. This tour is of an area that has high status.

7. On this tour you can see a building that has been converted to a new use.

8. This tour includes a functioning market.

9. On this tour you can see where an artificial watercourse used to end.

10. This tour includes going inside places that are normally closed to the public.

  1. Choose the correct answer.

1. I couldn't drive my car all of last month because it ________ after the accident.
a. is being repaired
b. was being repaired
c. was repaired

2. He looked just as he ________ ten years ago.
a. looked
b. look
c. had looked

3. George heard his little kids ________ a lot of noise.

a. made

b. making

c. had made

4. I regret to say ________ thinks too much of himself.

a. he

b. his

c. him

5. I know many people ________ speak Spanish very well.

a. who

b. they

c. whose

6. Everyone knows him ________ the best student in the class.

a. is

b. be

c. to be

7. I wish I ________ the problem a week ago.

a. settle

b. settled

c. had settled

8. If I had taken a taxi to the station I ________ my train.

a. wouldn't have missed

b. won't miss

c. hadn't missed

9. I'm fond of modern music, and so ________.

a. is my wife

b. my wife is

c. does my wife

10. She is known ________ for the exams.

a. be preparing

b. preparing

c. to be preparing

IV. Complete the following paragraph using one of the adverbs, A, B or C in each space.

(1) ________ I believe that both men and women should pay more attention to the way they dress, especially when it comes to the colors they wear. I shall first of all discuss the choices men have when it comes to clothes. (2) ________ men feel they need to wear something conventional to work like a dark suit, but (3) ________, there is still room for individuality in their choice of shirt and tie. (4) ________, men should have the same choices as women when it comes to dress and not feel that they are forced to wear something they do not like or feel comfortable in. (5) ________, many men do not feel they can challenge the system and introduce more colour into their clothes.

1. a. Unfortunately b. Personally c. Apparently

2. a. Understandably b. Frankly c. Totally

3. a. statistically b. unbelievably c. clearly

4. a. Honestly b. Ideally c. Interestingly

5. a. Disappointingly b. Wisely c. Personally

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Задания по английскому языку предназначены для самостоятельной работы студентов.Все тесты по английскому языку помогут вам определить, насколько правильно вы знаете грамматические правила английского языка. У вас есть возможность самостоятельно проконтролировать процесс освоения грамматики английского языка. Все тесты представляют собой логично построенный список вопросов. Каждй тест посвящен той или иной теме грамматики английского языка. Как только вы сделали выбор в пользу того или иного ответа, вы можете сразу же проверить правильно вы ответили или нет.Проверка полученных знаний с помощью тестов - важный этап, который нельзя проскочить. Невозможно составить представление о собственном уровне владения английским языком, не пользуясь таким средствами для самоконтроля, как тесты.


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