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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Заключительный урок на тему "Творчество Шекспира" (10 класс)
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Заключительный урок на тему "Творчество Шекспира" (10 класс)


Заключительный урок по теме: Творчество Шекспира (10 класс)

Цели: формирование навыков аудирования, монологической и диалогической речи; расширение страноведческого кругозора.

Задачи: повторить тематическую лексику,читать сонеты

1. While working at the lesson I want you to be attentive, emotional and active.

Let’s start with a Vocabulary test.

Look at the screen and fill the gaps.

Pay attention to the first letters of the words remember them

1. People act in the theatre on the… Stage S

2. Among them are «King Lear» «Macbeth and…»”Hamlet H

3. A person who acts on the stage is an.. “actor” A

4. We live in a small town of… Kirovgrad. K

5. What is the English for яйцо? - .. egg E

6. A poem consisting of 14 lines is a … sonnet S

7. Children who study at school are… pupils P

8. You study… as a foreign language. English E

9. Stratford stands on the river… Avon A

10. What is the English for круглый? …Round R

11. What is the English for зарабатывать? Earn . E

As you have guessed the theme of our lesson is connected with Shakespeare

2. Make up sentences please.

- Adjectives :

3. Hamlet. Do you agree that all of us are Hamlet – we have many serious problems we can be in different situations.

4. Which of the plays are Comedies; Which-Tragedies( the list of plays)

5. Quotations and Proverbs (from his plays)

6. The next task is to make up a dialogue, using Shakespeare’s Quotations.

7. Lets read sonnets (ученики читают по желанию любимые сонеты)

- Do you admire the sonnets?

-Is Shakespeare’s English different from modern English?

- Is Shakespeare’s English difficult?

8. I expect Katya to tell us a few words about Shakespeare’s sonnets.

Last year she wrote a report for her Literature classes

Here is a passage from the report.

9. Change Shakespeare’s English into modern English

Let’s compare Shakespeare’s English and modern English.

Are the sentences understandable? – Use the Glossary.

2 Sentences – for each group.

Example: Thou art heavy = You are sad.

  1. Me thinks thou are foe. = I think you are enemy.

  2. Sirrah, attend counsel. = Boy, listen to advice.

1. Mark tidings. = Pay attention to news.

2. Thee would naught. = you wish nothing

10. Let’s relax. Imagine you are actors, not pupils.

Pronounce the phrase “To be or not to be” as if you:

  1. Have run from the dog

  2. Have hot potato in your mouth

  3. You are happy (tired)

Read and guess what play is it from?

-The green-eyed monster (humorous) jealous

He has really been bitten by the green-eyed monster; he gets jealous of his wife if she so much as talks to another man.”

(This metaphor was coined by W. Shakespeare in his play “Othello”)

11. You know that Shakespeare used the rhythm of the heartbeat in his poems and plays. Place your hands over your hearts and feel the daDum, daDum of your heartbeats. I want you to have a good sense of Shakespeare’s meter.

Read “A Winter Song” by Shakespeare.

When IciCles hang BY the WALL,

And DICK the SHEPherd BLOWS his NAIL,

And TOM bears LOGS inTO the HALL,

And MILK comes FROZen HOME in PAIL.

Is the rhythm of the song the same as of the sonnets. (ученик читает любой сонет на английском языке)

12. We have mentioned that Hamlet had a problem “to be or not to be?”

The problem for you is “To study or not to study English?”

  • What for…

  • Is it necessary to study it properly?/ every day…

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