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Заключительный урок по теме "Professions and Jobs"

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Заключительный урок в 11 классе

по теме: “Professions and Jobs”



  1. Знакомство с профессиями, их особенностями, качествами, присущими каждой профессии, с требованиями по приему на работу.

  2. Обобщение информации, полученной на предыдущих уроках.


  1. Формирование коммуникативных умений в монологической и диалогической речи по теме.

  2. Развитие навыков обобщения и систематизации материала по теме и умения логически и грамматически правильно излагать его в устной речи и на письме.

  3. Развитие памяти, внимания и воображения, умения работать с ТСО.


  1. Воспитание чувства ответственности за выбор будущей профессии.

  2. Воспитание чувства языка.


  • Мультимедийная установка

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1. Начало урока.

Good morning, everybody! I’m glad to meet you at the English lesson. Today we have closing lesson on the theme “Professions”.

I think most of you have already chosen your road. I’m sure you know what University you’ll enter, and what you’re going to do and to be.

At our previous lessons we analyzed qualities, abilities and skills which are necessary for this or that job; we spoke about what we should do to be successful.

Today we’re going to speak about your choice, about your future professions or perhaps you want to tell us about a person whose qualities and skills admire and attract you.

2. Презентация проектов.

Do you remember professions? Let’s check it up. There are a lot of professions in the world as you know. What are they? Can you guess? Sasha has prepared a crossword. Listen to the definition of the profession and name it.

The first person whom a child meets when he appears into this world is a doctor. And what qualities and abilities must a person have to be a doctor? I know that Katya wanted to be a doctor when she was younger. So she knows everything about this profession and will tell us.

And can Vika be a doctor? You see, Vika likes doctors’ uniform. Is it enough to become a doctor? Vika, tell us please why you have decided to be a doctor.

Special qualities, skills and abilities are needed for each profession. For example, Tanya, if you want to be a teacher what kind of person must you be? And what about Marina? Does she have abilities to be a teacher?

And who can be a President in our class? I hope if Anya isn’t a President of our country, she’ll be a President of a company. Do you agree with me, children?

I know that there are future super stars in your class. Do you know who they are? You are right. They are Stas and Dima. They have been dreaming of an actor’s career since their childhood. And today they would like to share their dreams with you.

As I’ve already said some are sure of their profession and some are still hesitating. Do you agree with me, girls? I know that Olya and Alyona, for example, can tell us what troubles them and why they are hesitating.

3. Ролевая игра «Собеседование при приеме на работу».

Imagine you passed your exams successfully and entered the University and you face a problem where to get money. You look for a job and read a lot of advertisements. Will you be interested in such advertisements? Why?

So you found a job and are going to hold a job interview. Here is a list of tips how to prepare for a job interview.

Let’s try to realize this advice in our Role game “A Job Interview”.

At home you read the job advertisement and role cards attentively. I hope that you’ve thought over your strategy, questions and answers and now you are ready for the game. So Kostya and Sasha will interview Igor and Vova.

The other students will open the books at page 171 and fill in the self-evaluation cards and make comments about the best answers or questions, some typical mistakes. Be ready to give your opinion about the boys’ performance.

4. Итог урока.

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