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Инфоурок Иностранные языки КонспектыЗанятие по теме AT THE AIRPORT

Занятие по теме AT THE AIRPORT

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An airport is a state organization which provides the regular departure and arrival of passengers, luggage, cargo and mail. The airport provides the aircraft maintenance too. Therefore there are different kinds of facilities and equipment here. Let's have a look at the airport territory. It is large. There is an airfield, air terminal, some hangers and other constructions.

The planes use the airfield to take off and land. There are some runways and taxiways. Each runway is about 3000 metres long.

There is a control tower here, which controls the departure and arrival opera-

tions. Every hour many planes take off and land at the airport. Usually aircraft ILS or GCA. GCA uses radar systems which are automatic.

At big airports there are special offices which service the international flights. Among them there are offices for customs examination, passport control and others.

At the terminal passengers check in their tickets and baggage, rest and wait for their flight.

There is a bus service between the terminal and the city. It takes 20 minutes to get to the centre of the city from the airport.

Usually there are many planes on the apron in front of the terminal. They arrive here from different parts of Russia and from abroad.

New words:

airport take off

state land

provide air terminal

departure runway

arrive taxiway

arrival flight

luggage check in

baggage apron

cargo customs examination

hangar mail

airfield maintenance

ILS (Instrument landing system)

GCA (Ground controlled approach system)

Translate the sentences.

  1. Many passengers go to the airport restaurant before their departure.

  2. It does not take much time to get to the city from the airport.

  3. There are few planes on the apron now.

  4. Only few planes can use this radar system.

  5. They go to the control tower to see the arrival and departure operations.

  6. The airport is to provide passengers with all necessary comfort.

  7. What is the time of our departure from the airport?

  8. The planes take cargo, luggage, passengers and mail on board

Answer the questions:

1. What does the airport provide?

2. What is there on the territory of the airport?

3. What does the control tower do?

  1. What special offices are there for international flights?

  2. When must passengers register their tickets and luggage?

  3. How much luggage can passengers take on board the plane?

  4. When does the registration stop?

Find the antonyms and translate them:

civil to land

large arrival

to take off little

different domestic flight

departure military

international flight the same

Find the synonyms:

to arrive type

to depart baggage

facilities to register

luggage to take off

to check in to come

kind equipment

Translate the text:

Sheremetyevo airport is one of biggest ones in our country. The airport is situated in the beautiful place not far from Moscow. It is the main air gates to Moscow through which a lot of air travellers come into the capital of our country.

The building of the airport is huge, modern and very impressive. The glass walls of the first floor offer a view of the airfield. The air terminal has a post-office, various kiosks which sell flowers, souvenirs, perfumery, tobacco and periodicals in different languages. There are also cafes, bars, hairdressers' saloon, currency exchange centre and an office of the Intourist Agency of Russia.

Information TV-sets and dynamics can help you to get the information about the flights at any time.

The first floor has the hall for transit passengers where the dispatcher checks in their tickets and here the passengers are to go through all the necessary formalities. On this floor there is a cinemahall and a mother and child care room.

Read, learn, act the dialogue:

    1. Excuse me how can I get to the airport? Is it far from here?

    2. No, it's no distance at all. You can get to it by bus number 50.

    3. Thanks a lot. How many minutes does it take me to get there?

    4. 15 minutes, not more.

    5. Thank you.

    6. You are welcome.

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