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Защита окружающей среды в нашей стране и Великой Британии

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Тема урока: Защита окружающей среды в нашей стране и Великой Британии.

Цели урока: учить учеников правильно реагировать на сказанное собеседником, путем создания благоприятных психологических условий на уроке развивать навыки устной ситуативной, неподготовленной речи (диалогической и монологической), деятельность и активность учащихся; воспитывать чувство гордости и ответственности за родное государство.

Оборудование: географические карты Донбасса и Великобритании, грамматические таблицы, аудиозаписи.

Ход урока

T. Well, today well digest everything about the environmental protection of Donbass and Great Britain. First of all greet yourselves.

P1-P2-P3 etc. You look wonderful, you havent changed a bit.

-Neither have you. You look marvelous! So do you. Thats a nice colour on you.

-Thanks a lot, Im glad you like it.

T. Imagine that only animals live on our Earth. What animals are you now?

P1 (P2, P3). I am a lynx (a tiger, a lion, a dog etc.).

T. Now some training exercises. Follow the row; a word (a sentence, a story) a street ( a district, a town) a page ( a book) Saturday ( Sunday, Monday…) December (January, February…) a bud ( a leaf, a flower).

T. Id like to speak about winter because the Englishman say if you dont know how to start the talk, begin with the weather. The situation is like this: we are the artists and now we are drawing a majestically beautiful winter.

P1. Big and Fluffy snowflakes slowly fall down, that is why the countryside between the towns is like a silver carpet.

P2. The rime sparkles on the branches.

P3. Icicles like precious diamonds hang from the roofs of the houses.

P4. There are big heaps of snow everywhere.

P5. It is beastly cold and frosty, etc.

T. You see, never mind what weather it is, winter is beautiful in it is own way and causes such expression on your faces ( a picture with a happy expression). When are you happy?

P1. I am happy when nobody is ill in my family.

P2. I am happy when I have a devoted friend.

P3. I am happy when I get presents.

T. Well, in two days I will have my day off. Will you advise me any interesting way to spend it”

P1. Okey! Even if the weather is unbearably frosty, dont hesitate, go to the country, tramp down the country lanes with your friends.

P2. Be careful. It is slippery on the roads. Stay at home, relax, watch TV, read a book or simply idle away the time.

P3. Dont pay attention if it is a heavy snowfall with severe frost. Dont worry! Put may sledge, skate, ski, make a snowman and play snowballs.

T. Thanks a lot. And now the main theme “Environmental protection of Donbass and Great Britain. First, lets review the words:

1) Give the synonyms:

To worsen; rapid; toxic waste; a cause; vast area; contamination, an accident, to be in danger; to protect, to abuse nature, to be anxious about, dumping.

2) Interpret the following:

smog; environmental, mass media; greenhouse effect.

3) Finish my sentence in your own way:

If we want to improve the environment for the sake of our own we have to…

4) And at last your polylog. You have to blame the pollutants of the environment.

Pr1. Attention, please! Today you can witness the just trail. The participants of it, are the leading pollutants from our country and Great Britain, the major companies from these countries.

Pr2. And we are the prosecutors. We need a little persuading that things have gone wrong. Well, lets start!

You know that the state of environment has greatly worsened of late. This happened because of rapid industrial development in the world. Britain, for too long a time your unrestricted industrialization has been breaking a biological balance, abusing nature.

P1. But you see, it goes without saying, its impossible to do without industry nowadays. The United Kingdom is a highly developed industrial country, and we are proud of this fact. It’s known as one of the worlds largest producer and exporters of machinery, electronics, textile, aircraft and navigation equipment. One of the chief industries of the country is shipbuilding. Can you live without all these things? Of course, you cant! But we feel guilty for the environmental pollution and we shall do our best to improve it.

Pr2. Donbass! Another cause is a radioactive contamination of a vast area in 1986, when there was an accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power station. The trouble is that the accident cause the contamination not only 30 km zone, but it spread to many parts of Donbass and abroad.

P2. We are greatly sorry, but we can assure you that all careless chiefs and workers have been punished and everything is under the control. Besides Donbass appeals to the United Nation requesting helps to overcome the disaster aftermath.

Pr3. Donbass, the pollution develops due to toxic wastes produced by your chemical plant “Stirol”.

P3. But do you remember that our chemical plant “Stirol” is the biggest and one of the most important plants in our country? It produces medicine and chemical fertilizers to many other cities and abroad. We all need this. But dont worry! We'll change the situation to the best.

Pr1. Britain, do you really believe that whatever we did the Earth would remain much the same? No, its untrue. The nature is under theat. Britain, do you remember two incidents triggered major shift in attitudes? Suddenly the public was aware that Britain was rapidly turning into a wasteland.

P4. We are awfully sorry but we realized that the problem of environmental contamination required close governmental control and planning in order to protect all aspects of environmental use. We have been doing it already.

Pr2. Scientist in many countries are much concerned about the state of health of people, which is getting worse with every year because of our poor ecology.

P5. But it's not our fault. Its because the climate is getting milder and more damp with every coming year. In our country, the economic mechanism of conservation bodies is being introduced.

Pr3. I object to it, because not only people but the nature is ill too. We have all witnessed the forest in fire, the spread of the deserts, the closing of beaches on the Black, Baltic and Adriatic seacoasts, phenol poisoning of the water.

P6. Well, biological control has covered our countrys whole area and Extraordinary Governmental Commission on the Problem of the Dnieper, the Black Sea has been set up.

Pr1. And at last. Recently an investigative team from the “Sunday Times” showed that the level of river pollution is rising to dangerous levels.

P7. We know that the Earth is our home and we must take care of it for the sake of our own selves and our following generations. But this can be achieved only if all the nations combine their efforts in curing their planet.

Pr2. Listen here! Remember there are ill and dead places on the maps of our country and Great Britain. We are responsible for these black spots. The trial is over.

T. A minute of relaxation for you. Sing a song “I have a dream”.

T. Well, it has become a tradition to wish each other something pleasant at the end of the lesson.

  • P1 – P2. I wish you to improve your marks in History.

  • P3 – P4. I wish you to visit the concert of your favorite singer.

  • P5 – P6. I wish you to be always in a tip-top form.

T. Thank you for your work. You were brilliant, your marks are excellent. Your home task is to write a composition ‘The ecology of our town”. The lesson is over.

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