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Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия "The Magic of Oz"

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1.Dorothy 6. Scarecrow (11.Green soldier)

2. Witch 7. Lion

3. Fairy 8. Narrator (1-2)

4. Toto 9. Aunt

5. Tin Woodman 10. Oz

Nar. Once upon a time in America, in Kansas there lives a girl whose name is Dorothy. She lives there with her aunt and uncle on a farm. She has got a pet, Toto.

Dor. What a lovely dog! I love him very much. He is very clever. But he can’t talk with me!

Aunt: Dorothy, look at the sky! It is getting darker and darker every minute! And it’s windy! I think the storm is coming!

Dor. Yes, aunty. Is the storm dangerous?

Aunty: Yes, very. Go quickly to the underground shelter. Your uncle is already there, waiting for you.

Dor. Yes, aunty, I must find Toto and take him with me! Oh, Toto, where are you! Come back, Toto!

(Runs into the house)

Nar. She runs into the house and at the same moment the strong wind blows, takes the house high into the air and Dorothy with Toto fly very-very far away from Kansas.

Nar. When Dorothy opens her eyes in the morning she is very surprised.

Dor. Oh, Toto! Look through the window! Where are we? What a nice garden! And who is this beautiful lady, standing over there?

Fairy: Come out of your house, Dorothy! You are in the Magic Land! My name is Stella.

Dor. I can’t come out of my house, I have no shoes. Toto, come back to me. Oh, what are you doing?

(Toto runs away and then comes back with the Witch’s shoes)

Toto: These are your new shoes. Your house fell on the Wicked Witch of the East and killed her. And now her shoes are yours!

Dor. Oh, Toto! You can speak! How can it be?

Fairy: We are in the Magic country, where animals and birds can speak like people.

Toto: Yes, dear Dorothy, now your dream has come true!


Fairy: You see, Dorothy, people of my country are happy to meet you here. They want to thank you for the Witch. Now they are free.

Dor. But who can help me? I want to get home to my aunt and uncle.

Fairy: The Wizard of Oz, Great and Terrible can help you. He lives in the Emerald City. Do you see this road of yellow brick? Go along it day and night and it will take you to the Emerald city. ( And at night the magic star in the sky will shine to you)

Dor. and Toto: Thank you. Bye.

Fairy: Bye, and good luck!

(Dorothy and Toto go along the road)

Nar. Dorothy and Toto go along the road and suddenly they see a field with a strange man, standing in the centre of it. Toto begins to bark.

Dor. Who are you? Why are you standing here, tied to a big stick under the sun?

Sc. I’m a Scarecrow. My job is to scare crows. But it’s a boring job. And the crows are not afraid of me. Dear girl, can you help me to come down from this stick?

Dor. Yes, of course, here you are. Toto, stop barking!

Sc. Never mind. I’m not afraid of dogs. I’m only afraid of the lighted match.

Dor. Why?

Sc. Because I’m made of straw. By the way, where are you going?

Dor. We are going to a the Great Wizard of Oz. I want to get home back to Kansas and people say he can do everything.

Toto. Do you want to go with us?

Sc. Can the Magic of Oz give me brains? You see, I don’t have any, and that’s why I am very silly, but I want to be clever, very clever.

Dor. I think so. Let’s go together.

Nar. So three of them go together and soon they come to a forest.

Sc. Look! Who is this strange man? He is made of tin. But he doesn’t move, he’s

standing still.

Toto. Who are you?

T. W. I’m a Tin Woodman. My job is to cut woods. But the Wicket Witch of the West doesn’t like it, so she asked the rain to come down and now I can’t move.

Sc. Can we help you?

T. W. Oh, yes, please, take some oil from my bag and pour on my joints.

(Dorothy and Scarecrow pour oil on Tin Woodman)

T. W. Thank you very much. Now I can move and cut trees again. Do you want to stay with me?

Dor. No, thank you. We are going to the Great Wizard of Oz. Toto and I want to ask him to send us back to Kansas.


Sc. And I want to ask him for some brains.

T. W. I also have a dream. I want to have a heart and I don’t have one. Can he give me a big loving heart?

Toto. Yes, he can, he is a great wizard. Let’s go with us.

Nar. So they go along the road of yellow brick and come to a thick forest.

Dor. The forest is so thick! I can’t see anything! I’m scared!

Nar. Suddenly they hear a great roar and a big Lion jumps out in front of them.

Lion. RRR! I am hungry! I will eat you up!

Toto. Wow-wow! I can bite you! Go away!

Lion (crying) Oh, don’t shout so loudly! I am a harmless Lion, I am scared of you too. I am a cowardly Lion! I live alone in this thick forest without a family and friends! Oh, who can help me?! Ohhh!

T.W. Come with us to the Great Wizard of Oz! He can help everybody!

Lion. Oh, with great pleasure!

Nar. They go together and soon come to the Magic country.

(The solder. Welcome to the Emerald City. Put on the green glasses. Everybody in Emerald City wears green glasses. This is the rule. Here you are)

Nar. They put on green glasses because all people of the country of Oz wear glasses and knock at the palace door.

M. of Oz. Come in! Who are you and what do you want?

Lion. We are friends and we know that you are a great magician. So, we want to ask you to make our wishes come true.

M. of Oz . Yes, I can do everything. But first try to do my wish. Go and kill the Wicked Witch of the West! Bye!

Nar. And so Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Tin Woodman and Cowardly Lion go to the Wicked Witch of the West.

Witch. I am cooking special soup, lovely soup, tasty soup! Ha-ha! Dorothy and her friends will eat this soup and they will die! Ha-ha!

Who is coming to my country?

Lion. Hello, we are Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Toto, the Tin Woodman and the Lion.

Witch. I know you. I am a Great Witch of the West! I know everything!

You want to kill me. But first I’ll kill you! Shazam!!! You, Tin Woodman will stand still! (she pours water on him), I’ll take the straw out of your clothes. Shazammm! Now, you , Scarecrow can’t move!

You, Lion, will live in cage! Shazammm! And you? Dorothy, eat please my tasty soup! (she is bringing the plate to her)

(to herself) Ooh! What do I see? These are magic shoes! They are my sister’s shoes. I can’t kill her! I will make her my servant!


(to Dorothy) What lovely shoes! Where did you take them?

Dorothy. They are shoes of the Wicked Witch of the East. My house killed her. And now they are my shoes.

Witch. OK, Dorothy, you will live with me and work for me. Now go to the kitchen and wash the floors!

Nar. Dorothy and Toto go to the kitchen and Dorothy begins to wash the floor.

Witch. I want to take these magic shoes! I must have them! What can I do? What can I do? Oh, I know! Ha-ha-ha!

Nar. She takes the rope and ties it to a chair. While washing the floor Dorothy fell on the floor and loses one of the shoes. The Witch takes the shoe.

Witch. Ha-ha! Now it is my shoe! Give me the other shoe! Quickly! Or I’ll kill you! One-two-three!

Nar. Dorothy is very angry. She takes a bucket of water and pours it on the Wicked Witch.

Dor. No, you are a wicked old woman! You must not take my shoe from me!

Witch. Oh! What are you doing? Don’t you see I’m melting…

Toto. Hurrey! Now we are free! Lets help our friends and go to the Great Wizard of Oz.

Nar. They come to the Emerald City again and the Green Soldier again gives them green glasses.

(Green Soldier. Here are glasses for…

Nar. And they come to the Wizard’s palace.

They come one by one, first the Tin Woodman, then the Scarecrow, then the Lion and then Dorothy with Toto. (Wizard is sitting on a throne, every time changing a mask).

T.W. The Wicked Witch of the West is dead. Can you help me now?

W. of Oz. What do you want?

T. W. I want to have a heart.

W. of Oz. Oh, yes, it’s easy. Here you are.

T. W. Oh, it’s lovely! Thank you very much!

Sc. Hello, the Great Wizard of Oz! I am the Scarecrow and I want to ask you for some brains.

W. of Oz. OK. That’s again easy. Take them.

Sc. Thank you very much. Bye!

Lion. And I am a Cowardly Lion. I want some courage. Can you give me any?

W. of Oz. Yes, drink it please. And you’ll be very brave.

Lion. Thank you.


Dor. I’m Dorothy and I want to get back home to Kansas. Can you send us there, me and my dog Toto?

W. of Oz. You can go there easily. Look at your shoes. They are magic. You must turn round your left foot three times and say: ’I want to go back to Kansas’.

Dor. Oh, that’s easy. But first I want to say ‘good bye’ to my friends.

Nar. She kisses her friends good-bye, takes Toto in her arms, turns three times and happily gets back home to her aunt and uncle.

Краткое описание документа:

Сценарий постановки написан для 3-4 класса школы с углубленным изучением английского языка. Подходит как для заключительного концерта, так и для постановки к любому празднику.

Среднее количество в группе -10-12 человек. Если чуть больше, то можно ввести персонажа The Green Soldier или разделить слова автора между 2 или 3 учащихся.

Если мало места для перемещения (на сцене или в классе), то друзья и Дороти просто медленно перемещаются от одного края (класса) к другому, при этом поют песню (мы напевали "Twinkle, twinkle, little star"). И у каждого конца сцены встречают нового героя, а потом и злую волшебницу.


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