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Aliyeva Ulkar Akif

English teacher

Азербайджан School

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I am an English teacher and I teach all grades. Love teaching. I was graduated from the University of Teachers. I have been working for 9 years. Right now I am getting my master degree. I have been to America, Britain, Ukrain, Georgia and Turkey and got education in all these countries and the same time attended some international conferences. I am fond of studing languages and teaching methods. I like to make my lessons interesting. I use different tekniquies but still need improving. I have been working as a teachers trainer too. So it gives me a chance to share my knowledge with teachers too. and the same time I learn from them too. I never stop learning.

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Material for teaching language "funny riddles"

Иностранные языки
Конспекты 07.04.2015 Просмотров: 207 Комментариев: 0

this material cowers some riddles in english language. as an english teacher i try to make my lesson interesting and i know that just teaching grammar or using just only text book makes lesson boring after a whileso i use riddles or games while teaching language. Here I added soem riddles which were very interesting for my students. Thye really enjoyed whiledoing it and they had a fun during the lesson. I want to share it with you and hope you will like it. and doing them individually or make...

Information is about internet

Конспекты 07.04.2015 Просмотров: 981 Комментариев: 0

This text is about Internet and some information about its features. This information is in Azerbaijani. You can get info about Internet and some explanation about terminology. As we know internet became very important even unseperatable part of our life. We can keep in touch with all over the world through internet. it makes our life easier and makes our long way shoter. Reading this material you can get some useful information. You can also get information about history of Internet. You can...

Learning language - German language + English language

Иностранные языки
Презентации 07.04.2015 Просмотров: 188 Комментариев: 0

this presentation is about grammar rule - learning german numbers through english numbers. As we know every language has its own rule own grammar and own language points. If we want to get full knowledge on any language we have to know iet vocabulary and gramma and sentence structure. after it we can keep in toucha dn express our ideas. this presentation helps us to learn numbers in german language through english language. You can get gramma rule about numbers and theit structure. How do we ...

Presentation on " Native American"

Иностранные языки
Презентации 07.04.2015 Просмотров: 352 Комментариев: 0

This presentation is about American people - especially who were called "indians" by mistake. You can get brief information about native americans. whe were they? how did they live? what was their busy field? How did they manage their life? You can fine some pictures anout them and their life. the wild life and the people living in it - attracted others and the most important thing was free and very productive lands. so their culture and their language was different form others. The pe

Presentation of the English language on " American literature" ( upper grade)

Иностранные языки
Презентации 07.04.2015 Просмотров: 194 Комментариев: 0

This Presentation is about American history. You can get brief information about Americans and their life. There are some pictures and facst about them. You can also get information about forigners who came these lands first and how was their attitude. Who were native Americans and how did they live? you can get some information about it. And the same time there little information about the wars between local and comers. They wanted to get freedom and they didn't want to depend on somebody.

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