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Ануфриев Вячеслав Павлович

  • учитель английского языка
  • МКОУ СОШ №2
  • Россия
  • 03.08.1977

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It has been my ambition, ever since I was at school, to become a successful teacher, so I do my best to give loyal and enthusiastic service. I’m responsible, hard-working and I also get along with people. I’m also easy-going and open to new ideas. I always listen to the advice of people who have more experience in the field and I’m ready to face challenges that may come along the way. I enjoy actively participating in various projects that the school may offer and I do everything I can to contribute to its growth and development. Tht last words of the song are: Wish I knew how to reach her, I'd write a letter and say, If I lived the way you taught me to, teacher, I'd be a better man today. My aim is to teach my students to be better.

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