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Горобченко Ольга Григорівна

  • Вчитель англійської мови
  • Кременчуцька спеціалізована школа І-ІІІ ступенів №10 із поглибленим вивченням англійської мови
  • Украина
  • 17.09.1994

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Sitting in a classroom with the smell of chalk and glue, I think back to those days when I hated to get up early Couldn't stand to be there and couldn't wait to get home. In the beginning I was that child that struggled, Until the day that special teacher came into my life- The first one that believed in me and took time with me- The first one that helped me find that school was fascinating And that I was intelligent and had something to give- The first time I did not have that blank stare- The beginning of my lifelong love for learning- The beginning of everything. And now older and wiser I look forward to going, Can't wait to do the work and enjoy every minute of it, While most are just wanting to be finished with it. There are those of us doing everything we can to get back to it.

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