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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиТестыАғылшын тілі пәні бойынша «Елтану» олимпиадасына арналған сұрақтар

Ағылшын тілі пәні бойынша «Елтану» олимпиадасына арналған сұрақтар

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Ағылшын тілі пәні бойынша «Елтану» олимпиадасына

арналған сұрақтар

1. When it is 12 o’clock in Moscow in London it is …
a) 6 o’clock b) 7 o’clock c) 8 o’clock d) 9 o’clock

2. In England “public school” means
a) state-financed school b) private school

c) comprehensive school d) religious school

3. The oldest university in Britain is …

a) London b) Cambridge c) Oxford d) Edinburgh

4. The telephone number to call for emergency services

in Britain is …
a) 03 b) 09 c) 911 d) 999

5. St. Patrick is the patron of
a) Wales b) England c) Scotland d) Ireland

6. Robert Burns is a … poet
a) American b) English c) Scottish d) Welsh

7. Under what king did the Knights of the round table gather

a) Henry IV b) Edward II c) Arthur

d) William the Conqueror

8. Englishmen cat dinner at …
a) 11 a.m. b) 2 p.m. c) 6 p.m. d) 9 p.m.

9. A lunch is …
a) breakfast b) late breakfast c) dinner d) a tea party

10. England consists of …
a) districts b) counties c) states d) regions

11. The safest topic for conversation in England is …
a) politics b) music c) weather d) love

12. The flag of the UK, known as the Union Tack,

is made of … crosses.
a) two b) three c) four d) five

13. The patron saint of England is …
a) St. George b) St. Patrick c) St. Andrew d) St. Valentine

14. Aberdeen is in …
a) England b) Scotland c) Ireland d) Wales

15. Secondary education in Britain is …
a) compulsive b) compulsory c) optional d) voluntary

16. The size of the house in Britain is determined by

the number of …
a) sitting rooms b) kitchens c) bedrooms d) floors

17. Margaret Thatcher was …

a) Queen of Britain b) British Prime Minister

c) leader of the Labour Party d) a film star

18. The London Royal Opera House is called
a) Covent Garden b) the National Theatre

c) Old Vic Theatre d) the Barbican

19. What was M. Thatcher by profession?
a) an engineer b) a doctor c) a chemist d) a teacher

20. The Whispering Gallery is situated in …
a) Westminster Abbey b) St. Paul’s Cathedral

c) Tower d) Hyde Park

21. What is the Barbican
a) a river b) an art centre c) a pop group d) a cinema

22. What is standing in the middle of Piccadilly?
a) the statue of Eros b) the statue of Pan

c) the statue of Cromwell d) the Marble Arch

23. What was J. Constable?
a) a musician b) a politician c) a poet d) a painter

24. What is the symbol of the speaker’s authority?
a) the mace b) the woolsack c) the ribbon d) the bell. 1

25. What’s tartan?
a) a disk b) a pattern of the kilt c) a bird d) a dance

26. What London street is famous for shops?
a) Oxford street b) Fleet street

c) Lombard street d) Charring Cross Road

27. What is the emblem of Wales?
a) Rose b) Leek c) Thistle d) Shamrock

28. What is Eisteddfod?
a) a county b) a dish c) a festival d) a dance

29. What is English marmalade?
a) apple jam b) orange jam c) sweets d) a cake

30. The Romans first invaded Britain in …

a) the 5th century AD b) the 5th century BC

c) the 1st century BC d) the 1st century AD

31.When did the Great Fire of London take place
a) 1566 b) 1768 c) 1516 d) 1666

32. Sherwood Forest is famous for the legendry …
a) Harry Potter b) Marry Poppins

c) Robin Hood d) Sleeping Beauty

33. The word “Albion”, the poetic name of Great Britain,

means …
a) green b) yellow c) while d) blue

34. The Capital of Northern Ireland is …

a) Dublin b) Londonderry c) Cardiff d) Belfast

35. Great Britain is …

a) monarchy b) republic c) big town

d) constitutional monarchy

36. Where is the United Kingdom of Great Britain

and Northern Ireland situated?

a) The British Isles b) the Atlantic Ocean

c) the Pen nine Chain d) the West End

37. Which waters separated the British Isles from the

continent of Europe?

a) from Scotland by the Cheviot Hills b) the Gulf Stream

c) the North Sea d) the English Channel and the Strait

of Dover in the south and the north Sea in the east

38. What islands do the British Isles consists of?

a) Great Britain and Ireland b) Wales

c) The Northern Ireland d) Highland Britain

39. Which four parts of the territory of the United Kingdom historically divided into?

a) the English Channel, Edinburgh, Wales, Britain

b) Lowland Britain, Belfast, City, the Severn

c) England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

d) Camry, the Arctic Circle, England, Northern Ireland

40. What is the total area of the United Kingdom?

a) 244 square kilometers b) 252 square kilometers

c) 247 square kilometers d) 242 square kilometers

41. What natural zone is the UK situated?

a) the temperate zone of Europe b) the temperate zone

of Wales c) the temperate zone of Asia d) Northern Ireland

42. What natural regions can the territory of G.B. are

divided into?

a) East- north , England with highlands

b) Scotland, mountainous England c) Scotland with

highlands and uplands, Wales and mountainous England,

South – east England with plain landscape

d) South- north Wales landscape


43. Which are the wettest parts of the G.B?

a) the western Highlands of Scotland, the Lake District

and North Wales b) East Wales, the southern England

c) Midlands and East End d) the West End

44. Who is the official head of G.B?

a) the Prime Minister B) the King c) the queen

d) the king and the queen

45. Which are the three branches of state power in the UK?

a) the legislative branch, the executive branch and the judicial branch b) the Commons ,the Monarchy and its Power

c) the House of Lords, the Lord Chancellor and the legislative branch d) the judicial branch, the Commons

46. Which are the two main political parties in Great Britain?

a) the Conservative and the Labour Party b) the House of Lords and the House of Commons c) Political and the Conservative Parties d) the Liberal and Commons

47. How many colleges are there in Cambridge”

a) twenty b) thirty c)fifty d) sixty nine

48. Which is the oldest college?

a) Peter house b) Further Education

c) Colleges of Education d) Cambridge

49. When was the most resent college opened?

a) Robinson College (1977) b) 1980 c) 1976 d) 1982

50. Which is the most famous college?

a) Cambridge b) King’s College

c) Peter house d) Further Education

51. Where is the Liverpool situated?

a) in Lancashire b) in Wales c) in Irish Sea d) in Scotland

52. When were the Beatles at the height of their glory?

a)1965 b)1960 c) 1970 d) 1978

53. Who chooses the Cabinet of Ministers?

a) The queen b) The Prime Minister

c) The House of Commons d) The King

54. Which part of London can be called its centre?

a) The West End b) The East End

c) The South East d) The North East

55. Whose statue stands in the middle of Piccadilly Circus?

a) Admiral Nelson b) Eros c) Aphrodite d) Zeus

56. Who built the Tower of London?

a) William the Conqueror b) Henry VIII

c) Charles I d) Elizabeth II

57. Where does the changing of the Guard take place?

a) Buckingham palace b) Piccadilly Circus

c)Trafalgar Square d) Victoria and Albert Museum

58. What London Street is famous shops?

a) Buckingham Palace b) Piccadilly Circus

c) Trafalgar Square d) Downing Street

59. Who is the symbol of the British nation?

a) Uncle Sam b) John Bull c) Winston Churchill

d) King Arthur

60. The Romans first invaded Britain in…

a) the V th century AD b) the Vth century BC c) the Ist century BC d) the IIth century AD

61. What is the most famous place of pagans’ sun worship in England?

a) A temple to the goddess of Minerva in Bath b) Stonehenge on Salisbury plain

c) Dart moor National Park d) Hyde Park

62. Stonehenge is about __________ years old. a) 2000 b)3000 c) 4000 d) 5000 3

63. The ancient Romans left Britain ______

a) by 410 AD b) by 500 AD c) by 50 BC d) by 43 AD

64.The tribes who started settling in Britain after 430 AD

were _____

a) Celtic tribes b) the Angles and Saxons

c) the Angles, Jutes d) the Angles

65. The British national anthem is _________

a) “The Soldier Song ” b) “ The Star – spangled Banner ”

c) “ God Save the Queen ” d) “ The God Save Me ”

66. Northern Ireland is sometimes called ______

a) Ulster b) Eire c) the Emerald Isle d) Irish

67. The City of London is …

a) the business part of London b) the shopping part

c) the cultural part d) the political part

68.London became extremely prosperous during….

a) the XV century b) the X century

c) the XVI century d) the XI century

69. Who is the architect of the famous ST. Paul’s Cathedral?

a) Robin Hood b) Sir Christopher Wren

c) Neil Armstrong d) Charles Darwin

70. What title does Prince Charles, the eldest son of the

British Queen have?

a) Prince of Scottish b) Prince of English

c) Prince of Irish d) Prince of Wales

71. When did the Great Fire of London take place?

a) 1766 b) 1866 c)1666 d) 1966

72. Who are Prince William and Prince Henry’s parents?

a) Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer

b) Prince Charles and Julius Caesar

c) Lady Diana Spencer d) Prince Philip

72. Nelson Column is situated in ….London

a) Trafalgar Square b) Westminster Abbey

c) Hyde Park d) Buckingham Palace

73. In which city is Hollywood?

a) Oxford b) New York c) Los Angeles d) London

74. Lake Lock Ness is situated in …

. a) Wales B) Northern Ireland c) Scotland d) London

75. What is the financial centre of the UK?

a) the West b) the City c) the Westminster d) London

76. Six ravens live in the Tower of London. There is an old

story if they leave…

a) the Tower will fall down b) the Queen or King will die

c) the British empire will fall d) Trafalgar Square

77. Harrods is ……

a) the first escalator on London before underground stations

b) an entertainment district with a lot of cinemas, restaurants

c) one of the world’s largest and most elegant stores

d) the second escalator on London

78. What is the narrowest part of the English Channel called?

a) the Strait of Dover b) the North Sea

c) Lowlands d) the Clyde

79. Who founded London? a) by the Romans in 43 AD

b) by the Romans BC c) the Celts by the Americans

80. Who became the King of England in 1605?

Whose son was he?

a) the son of Mary Queen of Scots James Stuart I

b) Henry VIII c) Richard d) the son of Queen

81. What do you know about the English hobby-gardening?

a) growing snowdrops b) growing roses

c) growing tulips d) growing dandelions 4

82. How many pets do lots of families in Britain?

a) 8 million b) 5 million c) 6 million d) 3 million

83. What is the traditional breakfast? What is this breakfast

called? a) cereal, eggs, and bacon, sausage, cornflakes with

milk and sugar, toast and marmalade, tea or coffee.

It is called “English breakfast”

b) sandwich, bread and butter, coffee “British Breakfast”

c) hamburger, salad and cornflakes, tea and juice

“ England breakfast ” d) hamburger, cheese and hot dog

84. Is New Year Day popular in Great Britain?

a) No, it isn’t b) Yes, it is c) I don’t know d) Yes, of course

85. What is the main meal in the English home and what times?

a) dinner (6 and7 p.m.) b) supper (19 and20p.m.)

c) breakfast ( 7and8a.m.) d) lunch ( 1and 2 p.m.)

86. What is the traditional dish of old English?

a) bacon b) chips c) pudding d) roast beef

87 . Do English people celebrate Maslenitsa?

a) I don’t know b) Yes, it is c) No, it isn’t d) I didn’t know

88. What is the name of the planet we live on?

a) Neptune b) Earth c) Sun d) Mercury

89. How many planets are there in the solar system?

a) 6 b) 7 c) 9 d) 8

90. What is the first planet?

a) Neptune b) Mercury c) Earth d) Mars

91. What is the national flower of Japan?

a) holly b) hop c) water lily d) chrysanthemum

92. What is the earliest spring flower?

a) snowdrop b) primrose c) poppy d) daisies

93. When is Earth Day?

a) April 22 b) May 22 c) April 25 d) June 17

94. How many oceans and continents are there on the Earth?

a) 5/6 b) 4/6 c) 7/8 d)5/9

95 The USA is …. a) a small country in the world

b) the largest country c) the fourth largest country

d) the third largest country in the world

96. The only of the Great Lakes which lies entirely on the territory of the USA is … a) Lake Superior

b) Lake Michigan c) Lake Eric d) Lake Manchester

97. The animal the Indians dependent on was …

a) antelope b) beaver c) bison d) wolf

98. When was the Constitution of the USA written?

a) 1778 b) 1890 c) 1795 d) 1793

99. What is the American Dream? a) international, powerful, and democratic b) victory and international c) independent, democratic, powerful state with the developed economy and equal rights for everybody d) democratic and powerful

100. What part of the USA has a subtropical climate?

a) the South b) the West c) the North d) the East

101. What is the national sport in America?

a) cricket b) baseball c) basketball d) rugby

102. The first colonists in America started the tradition of …

a) Thanksgiving Day b) Halloween

c) Independence Day d) Easter

103. The world “ Albion ” the poetic name of Great Britain, means…..

a) white b) brown c) yellow d) green

104. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from:

a) America b) Spain c) Canada d) France

105. Which beautiful waterfall is situated in the USA?

a) Niagara b) Poppy c) Water lily d) Hawthorn 5

106. Which is the biggest state of the USA?

a) Alaska b) the Sierra Nevada c) Chicago d) Los Angeles

107. What are the last two states to join the US?

a) Chicago, Hawaii b) the Sierra Nevada, Chicago

c) New York, Niagara d) Alaska, Hawaii

108. Which is the largest city in the USA?

a) Washington b) New York

c) the Missouri d) San Francisco

109. The anthem of the USA is …

a) Star Spangled Banner b) the Bonny M

c) Icelandic d) Macbeth

110. The heart of the city of New York is ….

a) Brooklyn b) the Bronx

c) Manhattan d) Queens

111. When did New York get its name?

a) in 1664 b) in 1564 c) in 1654 d) in 1644

112. When did Columbus discover America?

a) 1492 b) 1537 c) 1632 d) 1494

113. Where is the Great Salt Lake?

a) in the west of the USA b) in the north of the USA

c) in the east of the USA d) in the south of the USA

114. The Capitol is in the center of …

a) Glasgow b) London c) Washington d) Canada

115. Maine Reid was an …. a) American President

b) American writer c) English d) American artist

116. In the north the USA is bordered by? a) Spain b)Scotland c) Alaska d) Canada

117. What is the nickname of New York? a) The big town b) The Red apple c) The Big apple d) The Red town

118. How many of American presidents were lawyers?

a) 4 b) 2 c) 22 d) 6

119. What is the nickname of the US government?

a) Uncle Sam b) Uncle Jack c) Uncle Dan d) Uncle Mark

120. What state of the USA is situated in the Pacific Ocean?

a) Texas b) Alabama c) Hawaii d) California

121.The first capital of the USA was ….

a) Washington, D.C. b) Chicago

c) Los Angeles d) Philadelphia

122. In 1812 the first Russian settlement appeared on the American continent.

The name of it is ….a) the White House b) Fort Ross

c) Moscow d) The Grand Canyon

123. Which animal is an official emblem of Canada?

a) the beaver b) the mouse c) the polar bear d) the dog

124. How many provinces and territories are there in Canada? a) 11 b) 12 c) 13 d) 14

125. What is the origin of the name “Canada”?

a) Inuit b) Huron-Iroquois c) Metis d) Soho

126. When did Canada became independent? a) on the 4th of July, 1776 b) on the 1st of July,1867 c) on the 1st of January,1901 d) on the 22nd of May,1918

127. The British Queen is also the queen of Canada. What official is the real head of the Canadian government?

a) Prime minister b) MPs c) Senator d) Queen

128. The first settlers in Canada are …

. a) Indians and Eskimos b) the Maori people

c) the aborigines d) Indians

129. Under the US Constitution, the powers of the 6

government are divided among ... branches.

a) two b) three с ) four d) five

130. The first ten amendments to the American Constitution are

called a) The Bill of Citizen b) the Bill of Freedoms

c) the Bill of Rights d) the Bill of Possibilities

131. The Queen's husband is….. a) King Philip

b) Prince Philip c) Duke Philip d)

132. The British Royal Family has got residences in...

a) England and Wales b) England and Scotland

c) England and Northern Ireland d) England and Irish

133. . Where is London's "theatreland"? a) in the West End

b) in the Barbican c) in Covent Garden d) in the East End

134. What sort of performances are Promenade Concerts at the

Albert Hall? a) jazz festival b) ballets c) concerts of

symphony orchestras d) chamber music concerts

  1. Westminster Abbey is the chief church of

a) Britain b) England c) London d) Westminster

  1. What did Whitehall become the centre for?

a) trade and business b) banking c) government

offices d) insurance

137. What is the official residence of the Lord Mayor?

a) the Mansion House b)the Guildhall с ) the Tower

of London d) Westminster

138. When does the Prime-Minister traditionally make

an important foreign policy speech?

a) at the opening of Parliament b) at the annual

Lord Mayor's banquet c) January 1

d) on Queen's birthday

  1. The first English colony was established in

a) Boston b) Jamestown c) New York

140. The people who organized the Tea party were...

a) the Indians b) the merchants

c) the officers d) the Englishmen

141. The second Continental Congress met in

a) New York b) Philadelphia c) Boston

142. What branch of the American government do the Supreme

Court and lower national courts make up'?

a) Legislative branch b) Judicial branch

c) Executive branch d) independent branch

143. What protects specific individual rights and freedom of

citizens of the USA from government interference'?

a) Constitution b) Court c) Congress

144. What state is known as the "Presidents" State"?

a) California b) Virginia c) Texas

146. Whom was the first American university named after?

a) George Washington b) John Kennedy c) John Harvard

147. The three majors organized sports in the USA are:

a) hockey, tennis and golf b) football, basketball and baseball

148. The City of London is proudly independent because...

a) it has its own police force b) it is self-governed

c) Lord Mayor is elected every year d) Lord Mayor greets the monarch at Temple Bar

149. Lloyd's is... a) a coffee house b) a shipping and insurance association

c) the Royal Exchange d) a Maritime museum

150. St. Paul's Cathedral is the last resting place for….

a) English kings b) famous poets and writers

c) mostly soldiers and artists d) statesmen

151. Ascot is famous for its...

a) football team b) horse race c) tennis tournament

152. The Proms is... a) a popular series of concerts

b) a festival in Edinburgh c) an art festival in York

153. At Easter people …. a) eat cross buns b) light bonfires c) make pancakes

154. Where can you find dinosaur skeletons?

a) Natural History Museum b) National Gallery

c) MOMI museum

155. Who made the Christmas tree popular in Britain? 7

a) Father Christmas b) Queen Elizabeth II

c) Queen Victoria d) the Druids

156.What is the name of the Queen who ruled for the longest period in British History?

a) Victoria b) Elizabeth c) Mary

157.The person who defeated the Anglo-Saxons at the battle of Hastings was...

a) Edward the Confessor b) William, Duke of Normandy c) Harold II

158. The word "Tory" is... a) an English word for politicians

b) a Scottish word for enemies c) an Irish name for thieves

159.How many sonnets did Shakespeare write?

a) 150 b) 154 c) 155 d) 170

160.What is the London underground called?

a) the tube b) the metro с) the subway d) under road

161.What colour are the taxis in London?

a) blue b) red c) black d) yellow

162.English people say...

a) candies b) cookies c) sweets d) cakes

163.Young people in Britain can drive a car at...

a) 16 b) 18 c) 17 d)20

  1. Hollywood is in…. a) Texas b) California

c) Florida d) New York

165. . Thanksgiving Day is observed in the USA on...

a) the third Thursday in November b) the fourth Sunday in November c) the fourth Thursday in November

166. What is the official religion in the UK?

a) Catholicism b) Orthodoxy c) Protestantism

167.What is the school-leaving age in the UK?

a) 16 b) 13 c) 18 d) 14

168.What is the most famous sport event in Scotland?

a) the Highland Games b) the Commonwealth Games

c) the Wimbledon

169.Where in the I ISA can you find the Golden Gate Bridge?

a) San Francisco b) San Diego c) New Orleans

170.What colour are the taxis in New York?

a) black b) green c) yellow

171.What do American people call their police officers?

a) bobbies b) cops с) dogs

172.What is the New York underground called?

a) the metro b) the subway c) the tube d) under road

173.A tunnel has been opened under the sea. Which of the following countries does it connect'?

a) England and France b) England and Ireland

c) England and Wales d) Ireland and France

174. British children must go to school from the age of...

a) 6 b) 7 c) 5 d) 8

175.Which American President was the first to live in the

White House?

a) George Washington b) Thomas Jefferson c) John Adams

176.Who was the longest serving US President?

a) Thomas Jefferson b) Bill Clinton c) Franklin Roosevelt

177.. How many time zones is the continental US divided into?

a) 4 b) 3 c) 5 d) 6

178. The smallest US state is...

a) Washington b) Rhode Island c) Hawaii

179. The United States is …

a) a small country b) the largest country in the world

c) the third largest country in the world d) the fourth

largest country in the world 8

180. The USA’s area is …

a) 9,4 mln. km b) 7,7 mln. km.

c) 9,9 mln. km. d) 268 700 km.

181. The longest river in the USA is…

a) the Mississippi b) the Missouri

c) the Columbia d) the Arkansas

182. The only of the Great Lakes which lies entirely on the territory of the USA is …

a) Lake Superior b) Lake Michigan

c) Lake Erie d) Lake Ontario

183. The largest state in the United States is …

a) Texas b) Florida c) Alaska d) Wisconsin

184. The smallest state in the USA is …

a) Hawaii b) Rhode Island c) Delaware d) California

185. How many states are there in the USA?

a) 6 b) 10 c) 18 d) 50

186. The animal the Indians depended on was …

a) antelope b) beaver c) bison d) hare

187. When did Alaska become the 49th state of the USA?

a) 1959 b) 1859 c) 1933 d) 1998

188. Where is the Niagara Falls situated?

a) Michigan b) Erie c) Huron d) Ontario

189. The United States began as a nation of …

a) 10 states b) 13 states c) 18 states d) 20 states

190. What state does the District of Columbia belong to?

a) Alaska b) Hawaii c) Texas d) not a part of any state

191. When did the Civil War in the USA begin?

a) 1861 b) 1891 c) 1903 d) 1991

192. Benjamin West was …

a) an artist b) a singer c) a writer d) a dancer

193. What was Edward Hopper?

a) an actor b) a painter c) a singer d) a writer

194. What was Leonard Bernstein?

a) an actor b) a painter c) a composer d) a writer

195. Which sport is considered to be the national pastime of America?

a) baseball b) volley-ball c) football d) basketball

196. What was Charlie Chaplin?

a) silent film star b) a painter c) a singer d) a writer

197. Which American state was the last to acquire “state” status?

a) Hawaii b) Rhode Island c) Delaware d) California

198. What is the name of the first US national park?

a) Central Park b) Yellowstone c) St. James’s Park

d) Hyde Park

199. Which major city in the state of Florida has the same name as a Russian city?

a) Tambov b) Tula c) Pskov d) St. Petersburg

200. In which mountain are the faces of four American Presidents chiseled?

a) the Rockies b) Mt. McKinley c) Mt. Rushmore

201. When did Columbus discover one of the Bahama Islands?

a) October 12, 1492 b) December 12, 1495

c) October 25, 1592 d) December 25, 1595

202. In which famous location do people in New York City celebrate New Year’s Eve? a) Wall Street b) the Bowery C) Washington Square d) Times Square

203.What is the name of the architect who built the Guggenheim Museum in New York? 9

a) Frank Lloyd Wright b) John Trumbull c) Leonard Bernstein d) Edward Hopper

204. When did American women receive the right to vote?

a)1817 b) 1917 c) 1920 d) 1928

205. Who was the youngest elected President in the history

of the US?

a) George Washington b) John Adams c) Thomas Jefferson d) John F. Kennedy

206. Which animal symbolize the Democratic Party?

a) donkey b) monkey c) elephant d) bear

207. Choose the longest serving US president.

a) George Washington b) John Adams

c) Thomas Jefferson d) Franklin D. Roosevelt

208. In which city did the first Continental Congress meet in 1774? a) Philadelphia b) New York c) San Francisco d) New Orleans

209. Which American artist painted portraits of outstanding historical leaders and scenes of important historical events, including “The Declaration of Independence” and three famous portraits of G. Washington?

a) Benjamin West b) John Trumbull

c) Leonard Bernstein d) Edward Hopper

210. Which American artist chose painting mother and child as the main theme of her creative work, spent the better part of her life in Paris, and was very close to the impressionists?

a) Benjamin West b) John Trumbull

c) Mary Cassatt d) Edward Hopper

211. In which city is the Liberty Bell located?

a) Philadelphia b) New York c) San Francisco

d) New Orleans

212. Which American President was the first to live in the White House? a) George Washington b) John Adams

c) Thomas Jefferson d) John F. Kennedy

213. Which country presented the United States with the

Statue of Liberty?

a) Great Britain b) Spain c) France d) Germany

214. Which American architect is called the “Father of the skyscraper”? a) Frank Lloyd Wright b) John Trumbull

c) Leonard Bernstein d) Louis Henry Sullivan

215. What was the first English colony in America?

a) New Amsterdam b) Jamestown c) Bristol

d) Windsor

216. Who was the first American President?

a) George Washington b) John Adams c) Thomas Jefferson d) John F. Kennedy

217. On what river is the capital of the United States situated? a) the Potomac River b) the Connecticut River c) the Ohio River d) the Mississippi River

218 A famous American author wrote a book about a dog. Name him and his book.

a) “White Fang” by Jack London b) “The little Foxes” by

Lillian Hellman c) “Tobacco Road” by Erskine Caldwell

d) “The Old Man and the Sea” by Ernest Hemingway

219.What animal is a symbol of the US government?

a) donkey b) monkey c) elephant d) bald eagle

220. Give the names of the three ships on which Christopher Columbus made his first voyage to America

a) Nina, Victoria, Santa Maria b) Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria

c) May Flower, Victoria, Santa Maria d) Virginia, Pinta,

Santa Maria 10

221. Which American President attended the Potsdam Conference?

a) Harry Truman b) John Adams c) Thomas Jefferson

d) John F. Kennedy

222. Which 19th century American writer is said to be the founder of detective genre?

a) O. Henry b) Isaac Asimov c) Edgar A. Poe

d) Jack London

223. Which American author wrote “The last of the Mohicans”? a) Edgar A. Poe b) Jack London

c) James Fenimore Cooper d) Ernest Hemingway

224. What is the nickname of the US government?

a) Uncle Tom b) Uncle Ben c) Uncle Jack

d) Uncle Sam

225. What is the Day of National Independence in the USA?

a) October, 31 b) July, 4 c) November, 11 d) December, 25

226. What university is the oldest in the USA?

a) Harvard b) Columbia University

c) Princeton University d) University of Pensilvania

227. What name is given to the annual statuette award made

by US Academy of Motion Pictures for outstanding

achievements in various fields of film production?

a) George b) Oscar c) James d) Andrew

228. Which famous event happened in California in 1849 was

glorified in films and books?

a) the American Revolution b) first telephone exchange

opens c) First Continental Congress d) The Gold Rush

229. The traditional clothes for men in Scotland is a -------------

A. helmet. B. hilt. C. suit. D. dress.

230. The national emblem of Scotland is ----------- .

A. the thistle. B.the rose. C. the daffodil. D.the red hand.

231. Lake Loch Ness is situated in -------- .

A.Australia. B.Scotland. C.Wales. D.England.

232. Australia is famous for its-------- .

A.pigs. B..asses. C. horses. D. sheep.

233. What are the official languages in Canada?

A. Scotish. B.German. C.English. D.French.

234. Who were the first people to live in Canada?

A.American. B.English. C.Asian.

235. Who is the head of Australia ?

A.The Queen. of Britain. B.Parliament. C.President.

236. Lake Huron is situated in -------- .

A. Australia. B. England. C. Scotland. D. Canada.

237. Formally the head of Canada is ------ .

A. President. B. Prime Minister. C. Queen of Great

Britain.D. Prince.

238. North America was discovered by Vikings in ------ .

A .in the 10 century. B. in the 12 century. C. in the 13

century .D. in the 14 century.

239. A new part of the world was called America after ----- .

A .Columbus . B. Verpucci. C .Lincoln. D. Franklin.

240. In the north the list bordered by------ .

A. Canada. B .Alaska. C Mexico. D. Spain.

241. What is the major language spoken in Ireland.

A. Wales. B. Irish C. English.

242. Canada has official two languages. What are they?

A. English and Spanish. B. English and French

. C. English and Irish.

243. What is the national symbol of Canada? 11

A. the bald eagle. B. the maple leaf. C. the magnolia tree.

244. What is the hottest month in Australia?

A. January. B. April. C. December.

245. Where and when were the last Olympic games held in


A.in 1956 Melbourne . B.in 1984 in Canberra.

C. in 2000 in Sydney.

246. Who is the head of the country of New Zealand?

A.President. B. king. C.governer-general.

247. What is the national symbol of New Zealand.

A.emu. B.thistle. C.kiwi.

248. What are the aboriginal people of New Zealand called?

A.Maories. B.Indians. C.New Zealanders.

249. What type of footwear suggest the capital of New Zealand?

A.shoes. B.felt boots. C.wellingtons.

250. Where is Australia located?

A. between the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

B. the English Channel and the Worth Sea.

C. between the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

251. What are the aboriginal people of New Zealand called?

A.Maoris. B.British. C.American.

252. What is the first largest city in New Zealand?

A.Aukcland. B.Ben Nevise.C.the Severn.

253. Who discovered New Zealand?When?

A .A.Tasman, in 1642.B.Hiarvard. in 1636.

C.Uncle Sam.in 1405

254. What is the capital of Scotland?

A.Edinburgh. B. Cardiff. C.Belfast.

255. What is the national instrument of the Scots?

A.The drum. B.The bagpipe . C. The trumpet.

256. How is the northern part of Scotland called?

A.The Lowlands. B.The Highlands. C. Ben Nevis.

257. What mountains are there in England?

A.The Cambrian . B.Ben Nevis. C.The Grampians.

258. What is the official name of Britain?

A.The United Kingdom. B.Great Britain.

C. The United Kingdom.of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

259. Which part of Asia Australia does lie?

a) To the south east of Asia b) To the south of Asia

c) To the east of Asia

260. Australia is the world _________ continent?

a) smaller b) small c) smallest

261. Which is the total area of Australia?

a) It’s 5,735,300 sq. km b) It’s 7,682,300 sq. km

c) It’s 2,560,500 sq. km

262. What kind of climate is there in Australia?

a) It’s generally warm and dry b) It’s cold and dry

c) It’s warm and wet

263. Australians speak _______

a) French b) Spanish c) English

264. Which of these cities is the capital of Australia?

a) Wellington b) Canberra c) Belfast

265. When was formed the Australian Federation?

a) on April 13, 1892 b) on December 24, 1900

c) on January 1,1901

266. What are the main branches of the Australian economy?

a) Wool, food and minerals b) Wheat c) Cotton

267. How many states does Australia consists of?

a) Two b) One c) Three

268. What is the capital of New Zealand? 12

a) Canberra b) Bristol c) Wellington

269. New Zealands speak _____?

a) French b) Spanish c) English

270. Who is the head of the state in New Zealand?

a) The President b) The British Prince c) The British Queen

271. The government of New Zealand ______?

a) Political b) Democratic c) Republican

272. Where New Zealand is situated?

a) in the southwest Pacific Ocean

b) in the southwest Indian Ocean

c) between the Pacific and Indian Oceans

273. What is the area of Australia?

a) 454,8 thousand square kilometers

b) 268,7 thousand square kilometers

c) 165,8 thousand square kilometers

274. What is the population of Australia?

a) 16,45 million people b) 17,75 million people

c) 19,20 million people

275. What is the Australian currency?

a) American dollar b) Australian dollar

c) New Zealand’s pound

276. Name the main Australian cities.

a) Monreal, Toronto, Edmonton b) Sidney, Melbourne,

Brisbane c)

277. Australian’s river are ________?

a) The Mackenzie, the Yukon, the St. Lawrence

b) The Murray and the Darling

c)The Colorado and the Columbia

278. Which kind of these popular sports are Australian?

a) Hunting, fishing, boxing, rugby

b) Hockey, tennis, swimming, surfing, sailing

c) Baseball, football, ice-hockey, volleyball

279. Which of these animals lives in Australia?

a) Kiwi and bear b) The kangaroo, the dingo, the koala

c) Lion, tiger, fox

280. What is the population of New Zealand?

a) 2,5 million people b) 3,4 million people

c) 2,8 million people

281. What is the New Zealand’s currency?

a) American dollar b) New Zealand’s dollar

c) New Zealand’s pound

282. What is the main New Zealand’s political parties?

a) The Liberal Party and the Labour Party b) The Labour

Party and the National Party

c) The Democratic Party and the Republican Party

283. What is climate of New Zealand?

a) Very kind b) Warm, well watered and hot with heavy

wind c) Continental

284. Name the main cities of New Zealand?

a) Chicago, Detroit b) Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin

c) Monreal, Vancouver, Edmonton

285. Which kind of these popular sports are New Zealand?

a) Hockey, tennis b) Hunting, fishing, boxing, rugby

c) Baseball, football, ice- hockey, volleyball

286. Which of this animal lives in New Zealand?

a) The dingo b) Kiwi – native animal c) Bear

287. What is the main Australian political parties?

a) The Labour Party and the National Party

b) The Liberal Party and the Labour Party

c) The Democratic Party and the Republican Party 13

288. What are these states of New Zealand?

a) Federal republic b) a self – governing c) Federation

289. What was the fist holiday, celebrated by American colonies?

a) Thanksgiving b) The New year c) Easter d) Christmas

290. Who was the President of the USA?

a) Theodore Roosevelt b) Benjamin Franklin

c) Thomas Jefferson d) George Washington

291. What tea party is a historical event?

a) Franklin and Washington tea party

b) Roosevelt and Churchill tea party

c) Boston tea party

d) Atlanta tea party

292. What was the number of the first English colonies in


  1. 14 b) 27 c) 45 d) 13

293. When was the Declaration of Independence issued?

a) on July 4th, 1776 b) on July 14th, 1776

c) on July 4th, 1778 d) on July 4th, 1789

294. Where was the Constitutio of the USA worked out?

a) in Atlanta b) in New York

c) in Washington d) in Philadelphia

295. Why did the pilgrims come to America?

a) For religious freedom b) For great money

c) For a new land d) For great love

296. Who rote the story “ The old man the sea ”?

a) Ernest Hemingway b) Mark Twain

c) Edgar Poe d) Walt Whiteman

297. Who rote “ An American tragedy”?

a) Walt Whiteman b) Ernest Hemingway

c) Mark Twain d) Theodore Dreiser

298. Who is the founder of the modern detective story?

a) Arthur Conan – Doyle b) Ernest Hemingway

c) Edgar Poe d) Walter Scott

299. What is the real name of Mark Twain?

a) Samuel James Clemens b) Samuel Lang horn Clemens

c) Sidney James Clemens d) William Sidney Porter

300. What is the pen-name of William Sidney Porter?

a) Mark Twain b) Edgar Poe

c) O’ Henry d) Walt Whiteman

301. Who is author of the novel ” The Marian chronicles ”?

a) Edgar Poe b) Ray Bradbury

c) Robert Heinlein d) Arthur Clark

302. What is the national anthem of the USA?

a) The star – spangled banner b) America the beautiful

c) Silent night d) Yesterday

303. How many patents are attributed to Thomas Edison?

a) 456 b) 790 c) 23 d) over 1000

304. What was the first American University?

a) Harvard college b) Yelle’ college

c) Massachusetts college d) Wiscosin college

305. What is the famous library in Washington?

a) Library of the White House

b) Library of Capitol

c) Library of the Supreme Court

d) Library of Congress

306. Who is the King of rock- and – roll?

a) Walt Disney b) Henry Ford

c) Orlville Wright d) Norman Rockwell

307. Who is the father of the telephone? 14

a) Alexander Bell b) Henry Ford

c) Boston d) Hollywood

308. Who is considered to be the Father of this country?

a) Abraham Lincoln b) Benjamin Franklin

c) Thomas Jefferson d) George Washington

309. Who created the best animated cartoons in the USA?

a) Walt Disney b) Charles Jones

c) Norman Rockwell d) John Portman

310. Which of the US Presidents was a Hollywood actor?

a) Ronald Reagan b) Benjamin Franklin

c) George Bush d) Abraham Lincoln

311. Who is the 43rd President was a Hollywood actor?

a) Bill Clinton b) Ronald Reagan

c)George Bush junior d) George Bush

312. What President was assassinated in Dallas?

a) George Bush b) Ronald Reagan

c) John Kennedy d) Abraham Lincoln

313. Who is the greatest American architect of all times?

a) John Portman b) Stephen Spielberg

c) Louis Armstrong d) Frank Lloyd Wright

314. Who was known as the “ King of jazz ”?

a) Elvis Presley b) Wilbur Wright

c) Ansel Adams d) Louis Armstrong


1. d 2. b 3. c 4. d 5. d 6. c

7. c 8. c 9. b 10. b 11. c 12. b

13. a 14. b 15. b 16.c 17. b 18. a

19. c 20. b 21. b 22. a 23.d 24.a

25. d 26. a 27. b 28. c 29. b 30. c

31. d 32. c 33. c 34. d 35. d 36. a

37. d 38. a 39. c 40. a 41. a 42. c

43. a 44. d 45. a 46. a 47. a 48. a

49. a 50. b 51. a 52. a 53. b 54. a

55. b 56. a 57. a 58. b 59. b 60. a

61. b 62. c 63. a 64. b 65. c 66. a

67. a 68. c 69. b 70. d 71. c 72.

72(2). a 73. c 74. c 75.b 76.a,c 77. c

78. a 79. a 80. a 81. b 82. b 83. a

84. a 85. a 86.a 87. c 88. b 89.b

90. b 91.b 92. c 93. b 94. c 95.c

96. b 97.c 98.a 99. c 100.d 101.b

102. a 103. a 104. d 105. a 106. a 107. d

108. b 109.a 110.c 111. d 112.a 113.b

114. c 115.c 116.d 117. c 118.a 119.a

120.c 121. a 122.b 123. a 124. c 125. a

126. b 127. a 128. a 129.b 130.c 131. b

132. b 132. b 133. b 134. c 135. a 136. c

137. a 138.b 139. b 140. b 141. b 142.b

143. b 144. a 145. b 146. c 147. b 148.b

149. b 150. a 151. b 152. a 153. a 154. a

155. d 156. a 157. b 158.a 159.c 160. a

161.c 162. c 163. a 164. b 165. c 166. c

167. c 168. a 169. a 170.c 171. b 171. b

172. b 173. a 174. c 175. c 176. c 177. a

178. b 179. d 180. a 181. a 182. b 183. c

184. b 185. d 186. c 187. a 188. d 189. b

190. d 191. a 192. a 193. b 194. c 195.a

196. a 197. a 198. d 199. d 200. c 201. a

202. d 203. a 204. c 205. d 206. a 207. d

208. a 209. b 210. c 211. b 212. c 213. c

214. d 215. b 216. a 217. a 218. a 219.d

220.b 221. a 222. c 223. c 224. d 225.b

226. a 227. b 228. d 229. b 229(2)a 230. a

231. b 232. d 233. c, d 234. c 235. a 236. d

237. c 238. a 239. b 240. a 241. c 242. b

243. b 244. a 245. c 246. c 247.c 248.a

249. c 250. c 251. a 252. a 253. a 254. a

255. b 256. b 257. c 258. c 259. a 260.c

261. b 262. a 263. c 264. b 265. c 266. a

267. a 268. c 269. b 270. c 271. b 272. a

273. b 274. b 275..b 276. b 277. b 278. b

279. b 280. b 281. b 282. b 283. b 284. b

285. b 286.b 287. b 288. b 289. a 290.d

291. c 292. d 293. a 294. d 295. a 296. a

297. d 298. c 299. b 300. c 301. b 302. a

303. d 304. d 305. d 306. c 307. a 308. d

309. a 310. a 311. c 312. c 313. d 314. d

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