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Грамматический тест для 9 класса

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Тест по грамматике для 9 класса

  1. Where _____ you from?

  1. Am b) is c) are d) do

  1. He _____ English well.

  1. Speaks b) speak c) does speak d) is speak

  1. Where _____ your friend live?

  1. Do b) does c) are d) is

  1. Where _________ now?

  1. Do you go b) are you going c) is you going d) are you go

  1. What _________ tonight?

  1. Do you do b) are you do c) you are doing d) are you doing

  1. You _______ the result of your test in a week.

  1. Will know b) know c) knew d) shall know

  1. Bob _______ us yesterday.

  1. Didn’t helped b) did help c) didn’t help d) doesn’t help

  1. ________ the new film?

  1. Did you see b) did you saw c) have you saw d) have you seen

  1. How many years _________ French?

  1. Have you studied b) did you study c) have you been studying

d) had you been studying

  1. We ________ our report by 4 p.m. yesterday.

  1. Has finished b) have finished c) finished d) had finished

  1. Mail _______ every day from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m.

  1. Delivered b) is delivered c) has been delivered d) are delivered

  1. This shop _______ two weeks ago.

  1. Is closed b) was closed c) has closed d) closed

  1. Sasha said, he ______ join us for dinner.

  1. Will b) is c) can d) would

  1. Look at _____ Moscow at _____ night! It’s _____ beautiful city.

  1. The, -, a b) -, -, a c) -, the, a d) a, -, the

  1. There ______ a table and a chair in the room.

  1. Are b) is c) were d) aren’t


1)-c 2)-a 3)-b 4)-b 5)-d 6)-a 7)-c 8)-d 9)-c

10)-d 11)-b 12)-b 13)-d 14)-b 15)-is

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