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План-конспект урока в 9 классе по теме «Интернет»

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План-конспект урока английского языка в 9 классе по теме «Интернет»

Form: 9 School: Date:


Topic: Internet

Objectives: 1) to revise and learn new words about the internet so pupils can speak on the topic

2) to develop students’ speaking and listening skills on the material covered.

Visuals: Spotlight student’s book, a computer presentation, a projector, a recorder with a text

Language: explaining the material, answering questions, quiz on internet ex 1 p 64, text @living in a wired world@ ex2 p 64.


December 5

Lesson Plan:

  1. Vocabulary test H/T:

  2. Test on future tenses 1. Ex. 4, 5 p. 65

3. internet

Brief notes.

I Entry

  1. Greeting and giving a lesson plan 2 min

II Follow up activities

  1. Vocabulary test 10 min

  2. Future tenses 10 min

  1. Revising future tenses 5 min

  2. Doing test 5 min

  1. Internet 10 min

  1. Asking questions about internet 1 min

  2. Getting acquainted with new words 3 min

  3. Listening to the tape 3 min

  4. Checking answers 3 min

  1. Word formation 10 min

  1. Reading and opening brackets 10 min

III Closure

  1. Giving homework for the next lesson 2 min

  2. Rounding off and saying good bye 1 min


I Entry

  1. Greeting and giving a lesson plan TT 8:30

T: good morning. I’m glad to see you. You may sit down. What was your home task? (be ready for the vocabulary test and grammar test) we’ll start with what we didn’t complete last lesson and then move on to the next topic.

II Follow up activities

  1. Vocabulary test T→Cl 8:32

T: before getting down to the test, we’ll revise all the words all together, we’ll read them and translate. Now I will hand out the pieces of paper for you, close everything and work on your own. You’ll have enough time.

1- ability

2- artificial

3- assistant

4- cater for

5- companion

6- conflict

7- consciousness

8- receive

9- creativity

10- decision

11- divided

12- emotional response

13- except for

14- existence

15- gesture

16- harm

17- in theory

18- inaction

19- mow the lawn

20- obey

21- power of reasoning

22- access

23- average

24- bridge the divide

25- broadband

26- brows

27- compare

28- coordinate

29- deliver

30- email account

31- look up

32- review

33- schedule

34- take over

35- upgrade

36- wireless

37- worldwide

  1. Future tenses

  1. Revising the material T→Cl 8:42

T: now we’ll quickly revise all the tenses we talked about last time . you alse learned at home the cases of using this or that tense so now you are to tell me everything about each of the future tense.

  • (Future simple). Look at the structure and tell me how this tense is formed.

I, you, he, she…+will+ V

Now tell me in what cases this tense is used, when do we use Future Simple? (future predictions, promises, decisions made at the moment). Put those down in to your copybooks.

  • (to be going to). in what cases do we use this structure? (future plans/intentions, predictions based on what we know/see) and the formula is the following

I, He, we…+ to be +going to + V

  • (Future continuous) when do we use future continuous (for the action in progress in certain time in future). And the formula is…?

I,he,we… + will be + Ving

  • (present continuous) we use it talking about fixed arrangements in the near future.

  • (present simple) talking about timetable

  1. Doing the test Cl 8:47

T: I’ll give the pieces of paper. The test is really easy I’ll give you 5 min to do it.

1) On Sunday at 8 o'clock I  (meet) my friend.

a) will be meeting b) will meet c) am meeting

2) Listen! There's someone at the door. I  (open) the door for you.

a) will open b) open c) will be opening

3) Can I come over in an hour? No, I ________ (clean) the house. 

a) will clean b) will be cleaning c) clean

4) Look at the clouds - it  (rain) in a few minutes.

a) will rain b) is going to rain c) rains

5) The English lesson (start) at 8:30.

a) Is starting b) will start b) starts

  1. Internet

  1. Asking questions about internet T↔ Cl 8:52

T : before starting I’m going to ask you some questions. Do you know what internet is? In your words. What do you know about it, anything about its history? Do you use it? How often?

  1. Getting acquainted with new words T↔ Cl 8: 53

T: now look at the blackboard, you see words some are familiar to you, some are not. Lets read them and try to translate. In chain… (explaining in English like quiz – is an intellectual game when you are to answer questions)


To stand for

Internet user


Probable – вероятный, возможный

Instead of


Boomed = largely grew

Appliance = equipment


bridge the divide – преодолеть разрыв

Wired = crazy, strange

  1. Listening to the tape Cl 8:56

T: now look at ex 1 on p64. You are going to listen to the interview about internet, you are given some questions and you are to find a correct answer out of two. You have a minute to look through the questions

  1. Checking answers T↔ Cl 8:59

T: now lets check all together. Do it in chain. Read the question and the correct answer. Good, thank you! Now I’ll tell you the phrase or word in Russian and you are to translate. ( интернет пользователи, повышать, означать, выход в интернет, всемирная паутина)

  1. Word formation

  1. Reading and opening brackets T↔ Cl 9:02

T: now look at ex 2 on p64. Do you know what word formation is? (словообразование) for example a word beauty, what other words can you make out of it? (beautiful-beautifully). So you are given a text, let’s read it in chain and open the brackets changing the word.

III Closure

  1. Giving homework for the next lesson TT 9:12

T: for the next lesson you are to look through all the future tenses again and be ready for the test. You are to do ex 4,5 p. 65.

  1. Rounding off and saying good bye TT 9:14

T: thank you for the work today, you may be free. The marks are the following…

Краткое описание документа:

Данный план-конспект урока составлен на основе Учебного пособия "Spotlight" и направен на повторение и ознакомление с новой лексикой по теме "Интернет", усовершенствования навыков говорения и аудирования. Урок начинается со словарного диктанта оп ранее изученным словам. На уроке также совершенствуются грамматические знания по теме "Future Tenses" и проводится тест. ознакомление с новой темой начинается с новой лексики, о значении слов учащиеся догадываются сами. после прослушивания интервью происходит обсуждение и учащиеся отвечают устно на вопросы по прослушанному материалу.

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