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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Разработка урока английского языка для 8-го класса на тему "Спорт"
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  • Иностранные языки

Разработка урока английского языка для 8-го класса на тему "Спорт"


Урок английского языка по теме: «Спорт»

Данный урок может быть использован на уроках при изучении данной темы для учащихся среднего звена, изучающих английский язык по любому УМК.

Учитель Яглова Ольга Петровна.

Цели урока:

Обобщение и систематизация знаний по теме «Спорт».

Тренировка и закрепление в речи учащихся лексических единиц по теме.

Развитие навыки монологической и диалогической речи.

Развитие навыка чтения с извлечением необходимой информации,

Воспитание активной жизненной позиции, ответственности за свое здоровье.


1. Организационный момент.

Teacher: Good morning, boys and girls. Today we are going to speak about different sports and games. We shall find out what sports you like or maybe dislike. Thousands years ago ancient Greeks said: “A sound mind is in a sound body.” Millions of people who go in for sports know from their own experience that this famous saying is true to fact. At the same time a great number of people do not go in for sports. Some of them realize that sport is useful but prefer watching sport competitions on TV.

2. Речевая зарядка. Warming up

1) Does sport play any role in your life?

Yes, it plays an important role in my life.

2) Are you good at any sport or games?

I am good at …..

3) Have you ever taken part in sports competitions?

Yes, I have.

No, I have not.

4) Why do many people go in for sport?

Sport helps us……

to support health

to keep fit.

to organize our daily life

to be more disciplined.

5) What sports and games do you prefer?

I like volleyball…..

6) Do you practice them or watch them on TV?

I practice …..

I watch……

7) Many people call themselves football fans, basketball fans, hockey fans. Can you call yourself a fan?

8) Do you know any big national or international competitions? What are they?

The Olympic Games.

The world championship on football

9) What is your favorite kind of sport?

10) Who is the best sportsman in our class?

Please ask him questions.

  1. What sport are you going for?

  2. When did you begin to train?

  3. Why did you choose this kind of sport?

3) Работа с лексическим материалом.

Let’s repeat the VERBS connected with Sports and games

Complete the table with the correct verb forms.


Past tense

Past participle






drawn [drLn]


Past tense

Past participle
















draw [drL]

drew [dru;]

drawn [drLn]

Is it correct? Yes,it is. There are no mistakes.

And now please give the best translation of these verbs in the following word combinations:

Win – (won – won)

  1. the game /competition / battle / war. (Выиграть, победить)

  2. Respect ( добиться, завоевать)

Lose –( lost – lost)

  1. the game (проиграть)

  2. the key / temper / control / weight (потерять)

  3. way (заблудиться)

Run – (ran – run)

  1. away / fast / slowly ( бежать)

  2. the country / hotel (управлять, владеть)

Break – (broke – broken)

1) the record (ставить рекорд)

2) the cup / the leg ( разбить, сломать)

3) the law / the rule ( нарушить)

4) the heart (разбить сердце)

Catch – (caught – caught)

  1. the ball (ловит, поймать)

  2. bus / train ( сесть в.., успеть)

  3. cold (простудиться)

Draw – (drew – drawn)

  1. a picture (рисовать)

  2. the game (сыграть вничью)

Tell me please what can you do with a ball?

Pictures will help you.

Throw it (basketball, volleyball)

Head it (football)

Pass it ( football / hockey)

Hit it ( tennis / cricket / badminton)

Catch it. (Water polo)

Kick it (football)

Name the game or games where you usually throw the ball

Look at the blackboard and try to restore the verbs, connected with the topic sport.

Try to guess what are they.

Participate p - - t - - i - - t -.

Play p - - y

Train - r - - n

Compete c - -p - - e

Take part - ak- p - - t

Jump - u-p

Practice p - - c - -c -

Let’s repeat some ADJECTIVES connected with sports and games

Study the information from this table and make sentences, using the construction

more / less … then Ex: Chess is more intelligent than checkers.







Horse riding













Table tennis


Figure skating

Wind Surfing










People who go in for different sports have different names.

а) How do we call people who:

play football, cricket, rugby, tennis;

do judo, weight lifting;

go swimming, jumping, running, windsurfing, mountaineering, potholing;

ride a bike

b) Let’s check whether you are right.

4. Тренировка навыка аудирования.

What gym class would you take if you...

  1. are fond of oriental forms of exercise?

  2. enjoy dancing?

  3. like swimming?

  4. want to become stronger?

  5. want to relax and get fit?


Introduction class to improving fitness levels through progressive resistance exercises using machines and free weights. You will review lifting techniques, workout etiquette and program structure with an emphasis on building your muscle tissue. Individualized weight training programs offered once basic exercises are learned


In this traditional form of Japanese karate, students win learn basic martial art skills and philosophy as a means of developing then- bodies, minds and spirits. Trains the mind and body, emphasizing development of character and self-discipline.


This high energy, low impact step aerobics class is designed for the intermediate exerciser. Class format utilizes a 4, 6, or 8-inch platform and provides basic patterns that incorporate high intensity power movements and challenging choreography.


This class incorporates rhythmic movements synchronized with breathing techniques. It combines yoga poses with cardiovascular exercise that builds strength, flexibility and balance in a flowing yoga format designed to relieve stress.


This class is designed for children who are comfortable in the water. Children will be introduced to the pool's deep water area, learn how to enhance the basic swim strokes, work on water entries, including diving and jumping, play water games, and learn basic water safety and rescue skills.


This class is an introduction to the art of tap eland which focuses on rhythmic accuracy and efficiency of movement. Students will learn the basic steps of tap, combinations of steps and full-length routines. Steps learned include flaps, shuffles, stomps and toe-heel combinations.

5. Тренировка навыка чтения.

Now you will read the text and get some new information.


Have you noticed that quite a few Chinese words have recently entered the English language and the Russian language as well? In spite of the famous saying "East is East and West is West," western people are becoming more and more interested in eastern philosophies, religions, culture... One of the new words that appeared in Europe is Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is a system of slow, graceful and rhythmic exercise. The word is translated as 'supreme fist,' but specialists prefer to describe the system as "strength within softness," "poetry in motion" and "moving harmony."

Some people say that Tai Chi is 6,000 years old, some say it began only a few centuries ago. Everybody agrees however that it originated in China and it is still extremely popular there. A lot of Chinese people practice it together in parks in the morning. It is said that the founder of Tai Chi was a Taoist monk. Once he saw a fight between a crane and a snake and was inspired by the soft and gentle movements of the snake which eventually out-maneuvered the crane and its hard beak.

Tai Chi can be described as a system of health, medicine, relaxation and self-defense. It teaches patience and helps to understand the co-ordination of body and mind. In Chinese medicine the interdependence of body, mind and spirit is considered integral to well-being. The movements of Tai Chi tone and strengthen the organs and muscles, improve circulation and posture and relax both mind and body. They help to increase alertness, to develop concentration and to improve balance and posture.

Tai Chi can be used in self-defense but it is usually practiced for its health-giving benefits. Martial arts rely mostly on force and speed, Tai Chi is "soft," but its gentleness does not prevent it from being a very effective form of self-defense.

One of the advantages of Tai Chi is that it can be practiced by people of all ages and abilities and it does not need any special equipment or clothing — just a small well-ventilated area, some loose and comfortable clothes and flat-soled shoes. Or you can practice it bare feet. But you cannot learn Tai Chi from a book or a video alone, you should find a class, because only a teacher can correct your postures. Once learned it is with you for the rest of your life. It does not require much time — just a few minutes, but it should be practiced regularly, preferably every day. It is considered to be a perfect antidote to stresses and strains of modern life.

supreme [su`pri:m] превосходный, верховный

fist кулак

graceful [`greisfl] грациозный

to originate [q`riGineit] брать начало, возникать

founder основатель

Taoist monk [,tauqist`mAnk] даосский монах

crane [krein] журавль

to be inspired [in'spaiqd] быть вдохновленным

eventually [i`venCuqli] в конце концов

to out-maneuver [,autmq'nu:vq] перехитрить, обыграть

beak [bi:k] клюв

interdependence [,intqdi`pendqns] взаимозависимость

integral ['intigrql] неотъемлемый

well-being здоровье, благополучие

to tone тонизировать

muscle ['mAsI] мышца

to improve [impru:v] улучшать

alertness [q`lE:tnis] реакция

circulation [,sE:kju`leiSn] циркуляция (крови)

posture [`posCq] осанка, поза

self-defense [,selfdi'fens] самооборона

health-giving benefit [`benifit] польза для здоровья

balance [`bxlqns] чувство равновесия

martial arts [,ma:Sql`a:ts] боевые искусства

to rely [ri`lai] полагаться

advantage [qd`va:ntiG] преимущество

ability [q'biliti] способность

equipment [i`kwipmqnt] оборудование

well-ventilated area [`eqriq] хорошо проветриваемое помещение

loose [lu:s] свободный

flat-soled [,flxt`squld] shoes туфли на плоской подошве

in bare feet босиком

antidote [`xntidqut] противоядие

Now let’s check how much new information you caught.

Answer the following questions.

How old is the system?

Who was the founder of TAI CHI?

What is the difference between Martial arts and TAI CHI?

Can you name some advantages of TAI CHI in comparison with other sport activities?

Can you name some disadvantages of TAI CHI?

6. Подведение итогов урока

Boys and girls, we did a lot at the lesson. You worked hard. Thank you for being so active.

Your marks are …………

Краткое описание документа:

Урок английского языка по теме: «Спорт»

Данный урок может быть использован на уроках при изучении  данной темы  для учащихся среднего звена, изучающих английский язык по любому УМК.


Учитель Яглова Ольга Петровна.


Цели урока:

Обобщение и систематизация знаний по теме «Спорт».

Тренировка и закрепление в речи учащихся лексических единиц по теме.

Развитие навыки монологической и диалогической речи.

Развитие  навыка чтения с извлечением необходимой информации,

Воспитание активной жизненной позиции, ответственности за свое здоровье

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