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Разработка урока по английскому языку на тему "Grammar competition" (9 класс)

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Урок английского языка в 9 классе

Theme: “Grammar competition.”

Grammar material: Gerund, Present Tenses, Past Tenses, phrasal verbs, prepositions.)


  • to develop pupil’s skills in reading the text, speaking on the theme (“Health”, “The pleasure of life”, “Geography and travelling”), making up dialogues;

  • to review vocabulary, grammar material (Present Tenses, Past Tenses, phrasal verbs, prepositions.)

Communicative goals:

  • to develop pupils’ confidence in speaking, using grammar forms.

Socio-cultural goal:

  • to create the atmosphere of discussion on the topics;

  • to teach to work in groups to communicate to each other.

Educational goal:

  • to enlarge pupils’ knowledge in grammar.

Aids: computers; Power Point

г. Житикара Средняя школа №3 2013 уч.год.

Загитова С.Н.

Theme: “Grammar competition.”

Grammar material: Gerund, Present Tenses, Past Tenses, phrasal verbs, prepositions.)

T: Today our competition is devoted to English grammar

I want you to be active at our competition, to show interest in English, to participate in all our tasks. We have 3 teams from 9 “V”, 9 “D”, and 9 “YE” forms. The motto of our competition is “Think before you speak”. Let’s start. Good luck!

T: Our plan of the competition is

  • Yhello_html_m5fca6bbb.pngou and your classmates

  • Give the advice

  • Correct Nelly’s letter

  • Make questions complete

  • Match lines

  • Your dream vocation

  • Role play

  • What would you do if…

  • Work out the joke

  • Proverbs

  • Summary

T: Open the plan. Take the mouse and choose slide 1 “Let’s get acquainted

I was born in ….

Ihello_html_2b2db497.jpg live in …..

I’ve got …..

I’m studying English, because it’s ….

I’ve been to …..

I’m going to visit ….

We all…….

Many of us ……….

We have never been …….

Many of us ……

Group 1, Group 2, Group 3.

T: Open the next slide: “Ask questions about our classmates’ activities”.

  1. Dhello_html_m31a037ae.gifo you like …..?

  2. What kind of …. do you like?

  3. What do you think of …..?

  4. What presents do you ……?

  5. Who is your favorite ….?

  6. What is your favorite ….?

  7. What is a special place ……?

  8. Who is your best ….?

G 1- G 2 –G 3

T: Using Gerunds tell us about your classmates’ important activities.

Task: Complete the sentences below using gerunds.

1.I love to go to the moves.

2. Pupils of our class can read books in English.

3. I like going to the park at weekends.

4. I dream to travel all over the world.

5. I find it difficult to do sums.

6. I like doing physical exercises.

G 1- G 2 –G 3

Thello_html_m5bf68eb7.jpg: The next slide is – “Give the advice with a problem”.

  • I never get up on time

  • I am always late.

  • I am very untidy.

  • I don’t sleep well.

  • I never know what to say when I meet people.

  • I often forget things.

  • I often buy more things than I need.

  • I think I talk too much.

  • I don’t remember people’s names.

G 1- G 2 –G 3

T: Correct Nelly’s letter and don’t forget about prepositions.

  • Dear Mary!

Nhello_html_m5b875406.jpgice meet you! I lives in Moscow. I go school. It doesn’t far from my house. I’m in the five form. We do many subjects at school. We has 5 or 6 classes every day. After 3rd lesson we goes at the dining – room. My favorite subjects is Music and History. We has many clubs at school. My friend Ann and I am in a Sport Club. We goes in the club at Monday and Thursdays. And what to you? Write me about you school life.


T: Thank you. The next task is ….

Mhello_html_m27e199ce.pngake the questions complete. Fill in do/does/have /to be.

  • What subject you do at school?

  • What your best friend’s name?

  • You go to school on Sunday?

  • When your school start?

  • What a good day at school for you?

What you mad about?

Match a line in A with a line in B.


  • Aren’t you hungry?

  • You all look very miserable.

  • You are very late.

  • She is covered in soup and water.

  • He has got a headache.

  • Your sister is a bit sunburnt.

  • Everything is so clean.


  • She’s been bathing the children.

  • My sister’s been doing the housework.

  • No, I’ve been eating all day.

  • She’s been sunbathing.

  • We’ve been telling each other our life stories.

  • I’ve been waiting for a bus for a long time.

  • He’s been reading for hours.

T: Think of your dream vacation: what kind of places will you visit?

For example: I will visit ……., it’s in ……….

I will take …… because ……


T: Thank you. Think of your dream vacation. What kind of places are you planning to visit?

  1. When is a good time ……..?

  2. What places would you …….?

  3. Is there plenty to …..?

  4. Do you think ….. ?

  5. I would go in …..

  6. I think you would like ….

  7. Yes, if you like….

  8. Oh yes, you can see…..

Ghello_html_5885a44f.png 1- G 2 –G 3 (Making up the dialogue about the places they are going to visit).

  • T: Role play. There are a lot of famous companies in Great Britain. You will be a journalist. Interview the owner of the company.



T: Imagine you’ve won a competition to continue our education in England. You need to write about yourself.

  • What would you write?

  • I was born …..

  • At the age of …..

  • I went …..

  • Then …..

  • I like …… I want ……… G 1- G 2 –G 3

Thello_html_m37126255.png: Imagine if you were a millionaire what would you do?

If I won a lottery ….

If I spoke English fluently

Ihello_html_m18f35cee.giff I saw a UFO ….


T: Thank you. The next task is – “Work out the joke”. The five parts of this joke have been mixed up. Can you work out the joke?

  • 1. Finally he called a plumber who fixed everything in about half an hour and gave him a bill for 75 pounds.

  • 2. My bank manager had a lot of trouble with his hot water system.

  • 3. “I am not surprised”, said the plumber. “Neither did I when I was a bank manager.”

  • 4. “But that works out at 150 pounds an hour,” said the bank manager.

  • 5. “I am a bank manager and I don’t make that kind of money.”

(key: 2,1,4,5,3.)

T: Open the next slide and imagine that one of you is Mr. Smith and the rest are wife and children. This is our first visit to London. The children are pelting their father with questions, but he answers, “I don’t know”, “Who knows!”, “I wish I knew”. Finally Mrs. Smith asks the children to leave Dad alone, Mrs. Smith says………

G 1- G 2 –G 3 (They choose the suitable proverb)

T: Our competition is over. Thank you for your work. Your work is rather good. The results of our grammar competition are:…

Thello_html_78a745a0.gif: I’d like to know if English grammar is difficult.


T: The more you know English grammar the more you can speak English fluently. You know, only the first steps are difficult. After all, you must get knowledge. It is of great importance. “A good beginning makes a good ending”.

T: Good-bye.

Краткое описание документа:

Урок по английскому языку для учащихся 9 классов разработан в форме соревнования и составлен согласно календарно-тематического планирования по казахстанским учебникам, авторы Т.Аяпова, З.Абильдаева. Это итоговый урок в 3 четверти по грамматике, который включает в себя знание грамматического материала по темам "Герундий", "Группа настоящего времени", "Простое прошедшее время", "Предлоги". Цель урока - совершенствование грамматических знаний и развитие коммуникативных навыков учащихся, навыков говорения по темам "Здоровье", "Радости жизни", "География и путешествие".Урок-соревнование сопровождается презентацией, которая является хорошей зрительной опорой и состоит из следующих заданий:

-Ты и твои одноклассники (разогрев)

-Дайте совет одноклассникам по проблемам (введение в урок)

-Письмо Нелли (активизация основной работы- различные задания)

-Составьте диалог,

-Воображаемые каникулы,

-Ролевая игра,

-Что было бы если бы..,

-Продолжите шутку,

-Дайте совет, используя подходящие пословицы.

Данный урок-соревнование работает на развитие как языковых так и грамматических навыков.Основой воспитательного аспекта является формирование у учащихся потребности в сотрудничестве при работе в парах и группах. Активизация грамматического материала происходит через использование различных заданий коммуникативного характера.



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