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Инфоурок Иностранные языки КонспектыСценарий на концерт недели английского языка

Сценарий на концерт недели английского языка


Сценарий концерта на неделю английского языка

(Кушкова С.В.)

Февраль 2015г.

  • Dear friends! We glad to see you on our concert!

  • Дорогие друзья! Мы рады видеть Вас на нашем концерте!

  • Today we have a very interesting show. We will recite poems, sing the song, dance, you will watch short plays and we will have some quiz!

  • Сегодня у нас будет очень интересный концерт. Мы будем декламировать стихи, петь песни, танцевать, увидим короткие сценки и поиграем.

  • We want to start with some rhymes. Girls from the 5th form, please.

  • Мы хотим начать со стихов. Девочки 5 класс, пожалуйста.

What are little boys made of, made of?

What are little boys made of?

Frogs and snails,

And puppy-dogs' tails,

That's what little boys are made of.

What are little girls made of, made of?

What are little girls made of?

Sugar and spice And all things nice,

That's what little girls are made of.

Children are skiing,

Children are skating,

Sledging down the hills.

Winter is charming,

When it is coming

With snow and frost all around.

- Thank you girls! And now quiz. Let’s check what do you know about the UK and Russia. Answer the questions!

  • Спасибо девочки. А сейчас викторина. Давайте посмотрим, как хорошо вы знаете Объединенное Королевство Великобритании и Россию. Отвечайте на вопросы!


  1. What is the largest part of the UK? (England)

  2. What is the capital of Wales? (Cardiff)

  3. What parts does the UK consist of? (the UK consist of 4 parts: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland)

  4. What is the favourite topic to discuss in GB? (the weather)

  5. Where can you see ravens in London? (in the Tower of London)

  6. What is the deepest freshwater lake in Russia? (lake Baikal)

  7. How many republics are there in Russia? (22)

  8.  What is the longest river in Europe? (Volga)

  • Oh! You are very clever! Thanks.

  • Какие Вы молодцы. Спасибо!

  • Now let’s watch a joke! How some students passed the exams.

  • Давайте посмотрим шутки, как студенты сдавали экзамены.

  • Now, we will have very interesting and we think very funny competition “I think I can dance”. We need 7 pupils. So, who want to take part?

  • Сейчас у нас будет очень интересный, и мы думаем, очень смешной конкурс «Танцуют все». Нам нужно 7 учеников. Кто желает поучаствовать?

  • Riddles:

  • Загадки

Clean, but not water,
White, but not snow,
Sweet, but not ice-cream,
What is it?


* * *

What is in the middle of Paris?

Париж - что находится посреди него?

The letter "R".

* * *

What is found over your head but under your hat?

Your Hair.

* * *

There was a green house. Inside the green house there was a white house. Inside the white house there was a red house. Inside the red house there were lots of babies. What is it?


* * *

The more you have of it, the less you see. What is it?


* * *

Look at my face and you see somebody
Look at my back and you see nobody.

A mirror.

* * *

We have legs but cannot walk.
Tables and chairs.

- And now Let’s watch how our pupils learn English.

-  А сейчас, давайте посмотрим, как наши ученики учат английский.

The pupils are shouting and running between the desks, some of them are sitting on the desks. Two boys are fighting. The girls are laughing loudly. The bell rings. Nobody pays any attention to it. Only one pupil is sitting at the desk and reading. The teacher comes into the classroom and goes to her table.

The teacher/shouts/: Stop it! Take your seats! The lesson has begun! Good morning, children. First of all let’s revise some grammar rules. Do you remember the meaning of the category of person? The verb to be. “I am ill, he is ill, she is ill, we are ill, etc.” Bobby, go to the blackboard and write it down.

Bobby/writes on the blackboard/: All are ill.

The teacher: Oh, Bobby! Alice, if I say: I wash, you wash, he washes, we wash, they wash - what is it?

Alice: I think it is a bathroom and we are all very dirty.

The teacher becomes nervous. She writes two sentences on the blackboard: “John has been learning English for 3 years”. “Jane learnt English at school 3 years ago”

The teacher: Pete, where is the Present Perfect Continuous and the Past Simple Tense?

Pete: The Present Perfect Continuous Tense is next to Past Simple and the Past Simple Tense is near Present Perfect Continuous.

The teacher becomes angry: What are you talking about? Sit down! You know nothing! Albert, where is the subject?

Albert: I don’ know, madam. I haven’t got it. Look! /He turned out his pockets//The rest of the pupils are laughing. A girl is reading a magazine. The boys are playing./

The teacher /almost furious/: Albert, where is the subject? I ask you the second time!

Albert /sadly/: I should like to have your worries, madam!

The teacher: Who can find the subject in a sentence? Ann, please.

Ann: Well, I see there is no progress in the science of language. My father tells me that when he was a schoolboy they were making them look for this thing too. So they haven’t found it yet, have they?

The teacher /angrily/: I can’t listen to such silly answers! Who can write some adverbs? Tom!

Tom: I can. /Goes to the blackboard and writes/Highly, poorly,richly He reads:[higli] [purli] [rihli]

The teacher /screams/: That’s enough! Your English is very poor! You are unteachable! You don’t know grammar at all! What about reading? Have you read the text about O’Henry? What was O’Henry? Where was he born?

Bobby /shouts/: I know! He was an American cosmonaut and was born in Zvezdny Gorodok!

The teacher faints. All the pupils jump and shout: “The lesson is over!”

- Dasha Polishuk is going to dance now. Please Dasha.

- Даша Полищук подготовила танец. Пожалуйста, Даша.

- Tongue twisters. Who wants to try?

- Скороговорки. Кто хочет попробовать?


The 5th form would like to show us some small jokes.

Пятый класс хочет показать нам маленькие шуточные ситуации.

Poet: Have you got my books of poems?

Lady: Oh, yes, I have. It is lovely! I wonder where it is...

Lady's little son: It is under the leg of the table, Mummy.

Willie is at the party. There are a lot of things on the table. “Do you want something more, Willie?” asks the host.

“No, thank you,” answers Willie.

“I am full”.

“Well then,” smiles the host, “put some fruit and cakes in your pocket to eat on the way home.”

“No, thank you,” answers Willie, “they are full too.”

- Конкурс «Funny artists». You should draw an animal that we will say. But you will be blind.

- Конкурс «Веселые художники». Вы должны нарисовать животное, которое мы вам скажем, но с завязанными глазами.

horse, cat, dog, frog, dolphin, seal

  • And now Polina Nosko is going to sing the song “Molitva”!

  • А сейчас Полина Носко споет песню “Molitva”.

  • Our party is over. Thank you your attention! Goodbye!

  • Наш праздник окончен. Спасибо за внимание. До свидания!

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Сценарий недели английского языка. В сценарии есть конкурсы, постановки, стихи. Сценарий рассчитан на обучающихся 3-11 классы (время проведения 40-45 минут). Я второй год провожу подобные мероприятия, и мои обучающиеся всегда ждут этого концерта. На конкурсы я, обычно, покупаю небольшие призы (медальки, карандаши, ручки, линейки). В этом году в более сложных сценках участвовали старшие классы, в коротеньких - 5-6 классы. Какой концерт без песен и танцев? Поэтому я включаю танцевальный конкурс (делаю нарезку различной музыки), а девочки-старшеклассницы, которые занимаются вокалом и хореографией - поют и танцуют профессионально.  

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