Инфоурок Английский язык ТестыSpotlight 11 Module 3, I Variant

Spotlight 11 Module 3, I Variant

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Progress check 3 module Variant 1                                          ______________________



1. Fill in: identify, grabbed, witness, contacted, a scam

1. The boy_______ the old lady’s bag and ran off.
2. Fraudsters use _______ to trick people and take their money.
3. The kidnappers ________ contacted the family with their demands.
4. I was a ________to a car accident.
5. The man was attacked from behind so he was unable to________who did it.

2. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form

1) My brother decided _________ (buy) a new car.

2) The idea of __________ (spend) our holidays in the country belongs to my brother.

3) I like ________ (read) detective stories.

4) After _________ (have) been discussed by the whole population the low was adopted.

5) My brother made me ______________ (apologize) for taking his football without asking.

6) He’s old enough ___________ (drive) a car.

7) I don’t like ___________ (shout) at you but sometimes you make me so angry!

8) You should ___________ (be) very careful when you walk in dark streets at night.


3. Complete the phrasal verbs with the correct particle:.

1. It’s hard for elderly people to keep _____.the changes in computer technology.

2. He approached me and growled:” Keep ______ from my daughter!”

3.Though Robin was constantly chased by the sheriff, he kept ______ helping the poor.

4. I had a feeling she was keeping something important ________ .

5. It’s too late! Keep the radio ___


4  Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition

1. The requirements ______ the contest were extremely strict.

2. The teenagers were charged _______ vandalism.

3.Who was responsible _______ the organizing the party? It was a real failure!

4.Smoking in public places is ______ the rule.

5.Clients were tricked ______ believing their money had been invested.



5 Write a short essay –opinion for next topic ‘’crime, criminals and law’’.

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