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1. What is the official language in Great Britain?

a) English b) French c) Russian d) Chinese

2. Big Ben is ___.

a) a horse b) an animal in the zoo c) a clock d) a famous name

3. The changing of the guard happens every day at ___.

a) 12.30p.m. b) 12 o’clock c) 11.30 a.m. d) 9 o’clock

4. Great Britain is divided into ___.

a) three parts b) five parts c) four parts d) two parts

5. What is the Tower of London now?

a) a prison b) a house c) a fortress d) a museum

6. The name of the Palace where the Queen lives is ___.

a) the Tower of London b) the White House c) the Buckingham Palace d) the Winsor palace

7. The capital of Great Britain is ___.

a) Paris b) Moscow c) London d) Cardiff

8. What can you see in Trafalgar Square?

a) Nelson statue b) King memorial c) Queen memorial d) Queen Victoria memorial

9. Sir Christopher Wren built ___.

a) St. Paul’s Cathedral b) the Tower of London c) Westminster Abbey d) the Parliament

10. The name of the river in London is ___.

a) the Volga b) The Thames c) the Nile d) the Mississippi

11. Westminster Abbey is ___.

a) the house b) the monastery c) the hotel d) the church

12. London is more than ___.

a) one thousand years old b) two thousand years old c) three thousand years old d) four thousand years old

13. The British Parliament is in ___.

a) the Buckingham Palace b) the Houses of Parliament c) Backer Street d) Westminster Abbey

14. Great Britain consists of ___.

a) England b) England, Scotland and Wales c) England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

15. The symbol of England is ___.

a) a thistle b) a daffodil c) a rose

16. Trafalgar Square is in ___.

a) England b) Wales c) Scotland

17. A Loch Ness Monster is from ___.

a) Scotland b) Wales c) England

18. You can see Beefeaters in ___.

a) Windsor Castle b) the Tower of London c) Buckingham Palace

19. Big Ben is in ___.

a) London b) Moscow c) Paris

20. St. Paul’s Cathedral was built by ___.

a) Nelson b) Madam Tussauds c) Sir Christopher Wren

21. What was Nelson famous for? We have learnt that he ___.

a) defeated the French at the Battle of Trafalgar b) built the Tower Bridge c) built St. Paul’s Cathedral

22. Who is the head of state (глава государства) in Great Britain?

a) a monarch b) a prime minister c) the House of Commons d) the House of Lords

23. Where are kings and queens buried (похоронены)?

a) St. Paul’s Cathedral b) Tower of London c) Westminster Abbey d) The British Museum

24. When was the Great Fire in London?

a) 1600 b) 1666 c) 1606 d) 1006

25. What holiday do English people celebrate on the 14th of February?

a) St. Valentine’s Day b) Halloween c) Christmas Day d) New Year’s Day

26. The kilt is ___

a) a shirt b) a skirt c) a pair of trousers

27. Madam Tussaud’s is a museum of ___

a) wax figures b) western paintings c) ancient coins

28. The Tower of London was started by ___

a) Julius Caesar b) William the Conqueror c) Henry VIII

29. Guy Fawkes Night is celebrated on the ___

a) 24th of December b) 31st of October c) 5th of November

30. Halloween and St. Valentine’s Day are __________ holidays.

a) Russian b) English and American c)French

31. What is a double-decker?

a) a bus b) a disco c) a taxi

32. Agatha Christie wrote lots of ___.

a) detective stories b) plays c) poems

33. Manchester United is a popular ___ team.

a) basketball b) football c) handball

Key: 1) a; 2) c; 3) c; 4) a; 5) d; 6) c; 7) c; 8) a; 9) a; 10) b; 11) d; 12) b; 13) b; 14) b; 15) c; 16) a; 17) a; 18) b; 19) a; 20) c; 21) a; 22) a; 23) c; 24) b; 25) a; 26) b; 27) a; 28) b; 29) c; 30) b; 31) a; 32) a; 33) b;

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1. What is the official language in Great Britain?

a) English b) French c) Russian d) Chinese

a) a horse b) an animal in the zoo c) a clock d) a famous name

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