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Фрагмент урока с использованием проектной технологии


Фрагмент урока с использованием проектной технологии

My favourite




The 3rd form

Цель:1.Закрепить знание ЛЕ темы урока. Практиковать уч-ся в

описании сказочных героев (внешность, место проживания,

личные качества и поступки). Формировать навыки

эффективной групповой работы.

2. Развивать речевую компетенцию в рамках программной

тематики, ставить вопросы о сказочных героях и отвечать

на них; развивать креативность.

3. Воспитывать у уч-ся самостоятельность; прививать уч-ся

интерес к чтению книг.

Оборудование: коллективные композиции «Сказочный городок»,

картинки сказочных героев, любимые книги,

магнитофон, кассета.

Ход урока:

Teacher: Dear pupils! The topic of our lesson is “My favourite fairy-tale character”. Why do we read books?

P1: They are interesting.

P2: We learn many interesting things from the books.

Teacher: And what is your task for today?

P3: We collected information on the topic.

Teacher: Where can you get information? Who can answer?

P4: We asked our friends and schoolmates, our parents and grandparents, our librarians and teachers.

Teacher: OK, but can you tell me what books we all read?

P5: We read books about birds and nature.

P6: We read books about children and people.

P7: We read books about wild and domestic animals.

P8: We read books about magicians and fairy tales.

Teacher: What have you got in your folders?

P9: We have got a Q-list, our drawings, the description of some characters

and their houses.

Teacher: And now let’s play the game “Merry-go-round” and find out what book is your favourite one. Michael, Vlad, Emil, Paulina and Daria, take your favourite books and go to the blackboard, please.

Listen to music and move in a circle, when I stop music one of you, facing to the class, will tell us about his/her favourite book. Let’s start.

Michael: Look at this book! You can’t find better! Read this book and you’ll learn more about animals.

Vlad: Better take this wonderful book about Mowgli. This book is about one boy who fights against the tiger and lives in the pack.

Emil: And I think my book is the best one. It’s about my namesake Emil and his different adventures.

Paulina: But my favourite book is “Masha and the Bear”. It is very interesting and funny. Take it and read!

Daria: What of it? I also like to read books, but only about Dunno and his adventures. Dunno is a very funny boy. Take this book and read!

Teacher (showing the pictures without naming them, pupils name characters in English): Guess the names of the character .Who is this? IMAGE0056.JPG

P1: I think it is Little Red Riding Hood. IMAGE0055.JPG

P2: To my mind, it is Piglet.

P3: I think it is Pinocchio.

P4: I suppose it is Eeyore.

P5: To my mind, it is Wolf.IMAGE0047.JPG

P6: I think these are Fox and


Teacher: Very well, thank you. I see that you know the names of the fairy-tale characters in English. And now it is a high time to present your projects. Whose group will be the first? You are welcome.IMAGE0007.JPGСофиевка, Вид на площадь Собрани0002.JPG

Group 1: “Little Red Riding Hood”.

P1 (describing Little Red Riding Hood): This is Little Red Riding Hood. She is a little girl. She has got a round face, a small turned-up nose, small red lips and big blue eyes. Her hair is fair. She has got long braids. She is wearing a red hat, a white blouse, a red skirt, a black vest, a white apron, white and red stockings and brown shoes. Her hobby is cooking. She likes to cook most of all. Little Red Riding Hood is very kind, because she loves her Granny very much. She is beautiful, well-mannered and generous.P1010529.JPG

P2 (describing the house): Little Red Riding Hood is a little girl. She is wearing a red hat, a white blouse, a red skirt, a black vest, a white apron, white and red stockings and brown shoes.

She lives in the village. It is near the wood. The house is not very big. It is cosy. There are many trees, bushes and flowers near it. It has two floors. There are five rooms in it. The kitchen is her favourite one. There is a table, a cupboard, a shelf and a fridge in it. There are chairs and window plants there. P1010528.JPG

P3 & P4 (acting out the dialogue):

Wolf: Good morning, Little Red Riding Hood!

Little Red Riding Hood: Good morning, Mister Wolf.

Wolf: Where are you going so early?P1010526.JPG

Little Red Riding Hood: I’m going to my Granny.

Wolf: And what is there in your basket?

Little Red Riding Hood: It’s a cake for my Granny, she is very ill.

Wolf: And where does your Granny live?

Little Red Riding Hood: Her house stands under three big trees in the forest. But excuse me, Mister Wolf, my mother told me not to stop anywhere. Goodbye, Mister Wolf!

Wolf: Goodbye, Little Red Riding Hood, see you soon!

(Soon Little Red Riding Hood came to the Granny’s house and knocked at the door).

Wolf: Who is there?

Little Red Riding Hood: It’s me, Little Red Riding Hood.

Wolf: The door is opened, come in, dear! Come nearer to me, I’m very ill, and I can’t see or hear you. Sit beside me on the bed.

Little Red Riding Hood: Granny, what big ears you have got!

Wolf: To hear you better, my dear!

Little Red Riding Hood: Granny, what big eyes you have got!P1010527.JPG

Wolf: To see you better, my dear!

Little Red Riding Hood: Oh, Granny, what sharp teeth you have got!

Wolf: To eat you up, Little Red Riding Hood!

Teacher: Thank you very much. Outstanding performance! And now I invite another group to present their project.

Group 2: “Pinocchio”.

P1 (describing Pinocchio and his house): This is Pinocchio. He is a little wooden puppet. He has got a round face, a big red mouth, black eyes, big ears and a long nose. His hair is short and fair. He is wearing nice clothes out of paper. Pinocchio is wearing a white shirt, a red vest, green shorts, a red and white hat and brown boots.

Pinocchio can’t read and write, but he wants to go to school. He has got a lot of friends. He likes dancing and singing most of all. Pinocchio is not very clever, lazy, kind, funny and cheerful. He loves his father very much. He has created the puppet theatre with his friends.

He lives in a small town. The house is very small. It has one floor. There is only one room in it. There is a table, a shelf, a chair and a fireplace in it. There is a candle on the table.P1010536.JPG

P2, P3 & P4 (acting out the dialogue):

Cat and Fox are selling candies near the box office.P1010537.JPG

Cat: Little girls, little boys,

Come and buy our little toys…

Fox: Monkeys made of sweet bread

And sugar horses painted red.

Cat: Hello, Pinocchio.

Pinocchio: You know my name, but I don’t know you.

Cat: We know you father well.

Pinocchio: When did you see him?

Fox: I saw him yesterday.

Pinocchio: And how was he?

Cat: He had no coat on and he was cold.

Pinocchio: Poor Papa! He will not be cold any more.

Fox: Why?

Pinocchio: Because I have a lot of money now.

Cat: Do you? What do you want to do with that money?

Pinocchio: First I want to buy a new coat for my Father. Then I’ll buy a school-book.

Fox: For what?

Pinocchio: To go to school.

Fox: It’s a bad idea. Look at me. I lost my leg because I went to school.

Cat: Look at me, Pinocchio, I lost my eyes because I went to school.

Pinocchio: Oh, my God, but how did it happen?

Cat: Don’t go home. You must come with us.

Pinocchio: Where are we going?

Fox: You’ll find out.

Cat: OK, I’ll tell you. We’ll go to a field. It’s a very special field. There you must make a small hole and put one golden piece in it. Then you must throw some earth into the hole and make a small hill.

Fox: After that pour some water on the hill. When night comes you can go to bed. While you are asleep, the golden piece will grow into a beautiful tree with many golden pieces on it.

Pinocchio: It’s a good thing! But how shall I get to the field?

Fox: First turn to the right and then turn to the left.

Pinocchio: Thank you. Bye-bye, my friends.

Cat and Fox (in one voice): See you soon. P1010537.JPG

Teacher: Thank you very much. Creative job!

And now it’s a turn of group 3 to present their project.

Group 3: “A present for Eeyore”.

P1 (describing Piglet): This is Piglet. He is a little pink pig. He is wearing green shorts. It has got small eyes, small ears, short legs and a short tail. He is fat. Piglet likes to eat out a lot and likes eating acorns most of all.

Piglet has a lot of friends. They are Winnie-the-Pooh, Eeyore, Rabbit and Owl. Piglet likes to play with his friends. He likes to jump and to sing songs with his friend Winnie-the-Pooh. He is friendly, funny, kind, honest, sensitive and naïve. I like Piglet very much. P1010532.JPG

P2 (describing his house): Piglet is a little pig. He is wearing green shorts. Piglet lives in a house in the forest. The house is small. The house is under a big tree. There are many flowers and trees near it. It has two floors. There are three rooms in it. The kitchen is his favourite one, because Piglet likes eating most of all. There is a table, a clock, a cupboard and a shelf in it. There are pink curtains, chairs and window plants there. P1010530.JPG

P3 & P4 (acting out the dialogue):P1010534.JPG

Piglet: Many happy returns on the day!Eeyore: Meaning me?

Piglet: Of course, Eeyore.

Eeyore: My birthday?

Piglet: Yes, Eeyore, and I’ve brought you a present.

Eeyore turned with great difficulty and pushed his left ear forward.

Piglet: Many happy returns on the day!

Eeyore: Meaning me again?

Piglet: Yes.

Eeyore: I’m having a real birthday?

Piglet: Of course, Eeyore. And I’ve brought you a present. It’s a balloon.

Eeyore: Balloon? Did you say balloon? One of those big coloured things you blow up?

Piglet: Yes, but I’m afraid – I’m very sorry, Eeyore, but when I was running along to bring it to you, I fell down.

Eeyore: Dear, dear, how unlucky! You ran too fast, I suppose. You didn’t hurt yourself, little Piglet, did you?P1010535.JPG

Piglet: No, but I – I – oh, Eeyore. The balloon was damaged when I fell down…

There was a very long silence.


Teacher: Exceptional performance! And what are all these main characters like? What character do you like best of all? Why?

P1: I like Little Red Riding Hood because she is very kind and generous.

P2: I like Piglet because he is naive and funny.

P3: I like Pinocchio because he is kind and friendly.

Teacher: Are all of these characters good? Name the bad characters, please.

P4: I think that Wolf is wicked and artful.

P5: I think that Fox is very sly and lying.

P6: I think that Cat is lazy and silly.P1010524.JPG

Teacher: Yes, you are quite right. I’m satisfied with your projects. Well done. Thank you very much. The lesson is over. You are free. See you soon.

All the characters sing a song, to the tune of the popular song “My Bonny is over the ocean”.

My books are just standing on bookshelves

That I’m always happy to read.

My favourite’s under my pillow

The English book is what I need.

Refrain: Read books, read books,

They were invented to read, to read.

Read books, read books,

English book is what you need.


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