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Follow the steps for making projects:

  1. Work individually and do the task! Sometimes the topic your teacher introduces to you can seem very broad. You can think about it as a whole and identify its significant parts. It`s best to choose a concrete aspect of a big project so that is easier to deal with. Your topic should be interesting to you and your classmates.

  2. Decide on a title! This will help you keep track of your notes later.

  3. Think about what you already know! You can have some useful information. You need to summarise key points of information and to decide which information goes together. You must organize your notes in a logical way and develop them into paragraphes. You may feel that you don`t know enough about your topic but that is the challenge.

  4. Find the information on the internet! You must revise, analyse and organize the information you have found. It should be essential.

  5. Be selective, don`t get overloaded with information! It`s not necessary to write long pieces of text.

  6. Design a computer presentation! The organization of your presentation is very important. It should contain an introduction, a main body and an ending. You mustn`t forget about the task (the questions).

  7. I wait for your presentations:



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If you have no idea how to make a project, read the tips making it.

You can work individually or in pairs (in groups). You need to do some research and get ready to present the results. Sometimes the topic teachers introduce to you can seem very big and broad. Think about the topic of your project as a whole and identify its significant parts! It`s best to choose a concrete aspect of a broad topic so that is easier to deal with.

You can make a plan for your presentation to help you to explore the topic you have chosen. There are some resources. You can use books, the Internet (websites), your knowledge, textbooks, reference books.

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