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Интеллектуальный марафон проведенный на неделе языка

Международный конкурс по математике «Поверь в себя»

для учеников 1-11 классов и дошкольников с ЛЮБЫМ уровнем знаний

Задания конкурса по математике «Поверь в себя» разработаны таким образом, чтобы каждый ученик вне зависимости от уровня подготовки смог проявить себя.


Конкурс проходит полностью дистанционно. Это значит, что ребенок сам решает задания, сидя за своим домашним компьютером (по желанию учителя дети могут решать задания и организованно в компьютерном классе).

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Global Yurt”

Интелектуалды марафон


2015-2016 оқу жылы

Мақсаты: ағылшын тіліне деген қызығушылықтарын арттыру және тілдік білімін іс-тәжірибеде дұрыс пайдалана алу қабілеттерін дамыту.

Өткізу формасы: интелектуалды марафон

Сынып: 6а, ә сынып оқушылары

Өткізілетін орны: №8 каб

The Procedure:

  1. Organization moment. Greeting.

Teacher: Good afternoon, children and our guests! I’m very glad to see you here. Now we shall organize an Intellectual Marathon called “Global Yurt”. Two teams will take part in a game of the most quick-witted and the cleverest. As you know that this week is the week of languages and it is a high time to show your knowledge of English. It’s time to introduce yourselves. Who is the captain of the 1st team?

P1: I’m the captain of the team. The name of our team is “Kazakh Eagles”. Our motto is “Enjoy English!”

Teacher: Who is the captain of the 2nd team?

P2: I’m the captain of the team. The name of our team is “Wonderful Seven”. Our motto is “Learn English!”

Teacher: Today all of you have a good chance to improve your English during the game. The members of our today’s judges are …

Now I’m going to teach you how to play this game. The game has 8 contests, they are:

  1. The ABC game.

  2. A magic 5.

  3. Parts and wholes.

  4. Proverbs and sayings.

  5. Hidden words.

  6. A tongue-twister.

  7. The right choice.

  8. Inventions and discoveries.

Well, I wish you success. Be active, honest and helpful!

  1. The main part.

  • Teacher: And now we come to the 1st contest of the game called “The ABC game”. Kids, you’ll get some words and one of them begins with the capital letter which is the beginning of the sentence. You must put the words in the right order, so as to get the famous writer’s words about language. You have 2 minute at your disposal. Each team can get 5 points.

(Language is the road map of a culture. Rita Mae Brown

A different language is a different vision of life. Federico Fellini).

  • Teacher: And now we come to the 2nd contest which is called “A magic 5”. Look at the square, each team will take turns in answering questions. You’ll choose any number. “ …”, it’s your turn to start. Captains will have an opportunity to choose the number.

You can get 5 points for the right answer.













  1. Say or sing any English song.

  2. Name 5 domestic animal.

  3. Name 5 sorts of vegetables.

  4. Name 5 school subjects.

  5. You’re lucky! You won a prize!

  6. Name 5 sorts of fruit.

  7. Name 5 sports.

  8. Name 5 professions.

  9. Name 5 things that people wear.

  10. Name 5 English names.

  11. Name 5 English-speaking countries.

  12. Name 5 wild animals.

  • Teacher: The 3rd contest is called “Parts and wholes”. I need 1 pupil from each team. You should combine these parts so as to get a popular name. Who will be the first? You can get 1 point for each right answer.

1. Mickey a) Claus

2. Mary b) Duck

3. Robinson c) Pooh

4. Peter d) Mouse

5. Donald e) Poppins

6. Winny-the- f) Crusoe

7. Santa g) Pan

  • Teacher: Our next contest is called “Proverbs and sayings”. Each team will get a list of words. You should rearrange the words so as to make up a proverb. You have 2 minutes at your disposal and can get 3 points for this assignment.

  1. Better late than never.

  2. Two heads are better than one.

  3. East or West home is best.

  • Teacher: Attention, please! The 5th contest is called “Hidden words”. This round is for the captains. Find, please, the animals hiding in the following sentences!

Example: If I shout, he’ll hear me.(Fish)


1. Close the door at once! (Rat)

2. He’ll come to America tomorrow. (Cat)


1. Do good workers succeed? (Dog)

2. If Roger comes, we’ll begin. (Frog)

Teacher: The following task is for the rest . I need 1 pupil from each team. You should read the tongue-twister as quickly as you can 3 times.

  1. How many cookies could a good cook cooks If a good cook could cook cookies?

  2. How much dew does a dewdrop drop If dewdrops do drop dew?

Teacher: The 7th contest is called “The right choice”. It’s very important to make the right choice in our life: the right choice of a color, a hobby, a friend etc. Each team should answer my questions. You’ll get the cards with the letters a, b, c. Choose the right answer and show us the card.

  1. What is the official language of Kazakhstan and England?

  2. The capital of England is a) London b) Paris c) Moscow.

  3. Which town in Kazakhstan is named “Little Sweden”? a) Astana b) Almaty c) Kokshetay

  4. London stands on a) the Volga b) the Mississippi c) the Thames.

  5. Traditional Kazakh instrument a) dombra b) guitar c) piano

  6. What bird can you see on the Kazakhstan flag? A) owl b) eagle c) swan

  7. The symbol of England is a) a red rose b) a tulip c) a daffodil.

  8. The English flag is a) blue and white b) red and green c) red and white.

  9. Who wrote Kazakh alphabet a) Abay b) Shokan Yalihanov c) Altinsaryn.

  10. The traditional Christmas meal in England is a) roast turkey b) fish and chips c) porridge.

Each team can get 1 point for the right answer.

Teacher: One more contest. It’s called “ Inventions and discoveries”. You should answer my questions. The team which answers the first and correctly wins. You can get 1 point for each right answer.

  1. The father of Kazakh “Kuy” (Kurmangazy)

  2. Who discovered America? ( Ch. Columbus)

  3. Who invented the car? ( H. Ford)

  4. Who created Donald Duck? ( W. Disney)

  5. Who was the 1st man in space? ( Y. Gagarin)

  1. Заключительный этап. Подведение итогов игры.

Teacher: Friends, do you like music? Listen to the song “ ”` now and sing with British children. Our judges will add up the score of the game.

Judges: The score is … to … in smb’s favour. The team “…” is the winner.




The ABC Game

A Magic Five

Parts and Holes

Proverbs and Sayings

Hidden Words

A Tongue-twister

The Right Choice

Inventions and Discoveries

Самые низкие цены на курсы профессиональной переподготовки и повышения квалификации!

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Обучение проходит заочно прямо на сайте проекта "Инфоурок".

Начало обучения ближайших групп: 18 января и 25 января. Оплата возможна в беспроцентную рассрочку (20% в начале обучения и 80% в конце обучения)!

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