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Контрольная работа по английскому (Аяпова) 7 класс І четверть

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7 grade I term (1 тоқсан)

1. Put the right form of the verb, using Present Perfect

  1. I'm afraid I forget my book at home.

  2. .. .the secretary yet/come?

  3. I learn the poem. Could you listen to me?

  4. ... you ever/be to Italy?

  5. I not/see Tom for ages.

  6. I not/hear from him since he left Paris.

2. Put the right form of the verb, using Present Perfect Continuous

  1. What are you doing? I'm repairing my bicycle. I do it for two hours.

  2. Hurry up John. I'm waiting for you. You have a bath for an hour.

  3. Those people quarrel since breakfast.

  4. Dora is playing the piano. She play the piano since I came.

3. Put the letter in the right order to write the names of wild animals.

1. e a b r - ______

2. g l a e e - ______

3. p h a t l e n e - ______

4. n o i l - ______

5. k a s e n - ______

6. r i t e g - ______

7. w e l h a - ______

4. Match the descriptions with the animals in ex.3

  1. It’s very heavy, it’s grey and it has four legs and big ears.

  2. It’s big, it has four legs, it’s orange and black and it can kill you.

  3. It’s long and thin and has a small head. It doesn’t have any legs or arms.

  4. It’s one of the biggest animals in the world. It lives in the sea but it isn’t a fish.

  5. It’s a big bird. It normally lives in the mountains.

  6. It’s normally brown and dangerous, has four legs. You can see it in a circus.

  7. It lives in Africa. It’s yellow-brown and very strong. It’s a king of animals.

5. Read the text and answer the questions.

The Brown Bear

The brown bear is a large animal. Its coat is thick. It has a short neck, its head is big, and its tail is very short.

The brown bear lives in the forest. It likes to make its home in a hollow tree. It eats fruit and berries which it finds in the forest. The brown bear also likes honey, and it gets it in the hives of the wild bees. The wild bees make their hives in the trees, and the brown bear finds them by the smell of the honey. When it finds a hive, it climbs the tree, and for hours and hours it gnaws the bark. It makes a hole in the tree, pushes its paw through it and gets the honey.

During the winter months the brown bear sleeps. It lies in a den where it makes a bed of leaves for itself. The snow comes and covers its den. It closes its eyes and sleeps there all winter.

When spring comes, the brown bear wakes up and begins to walk about the forest.

1. Where does the brown bear live?

2. Where does it like to make its home?

3. What food does it like to eat?

4. Where does it find honey?

5. What helps it to find the hives?

6. What does the brown bear do in winter?

7. When does it wake up again?

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