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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Контрольный мониторинг за 1 триместр обучения по учебнику "Английский с удовольствием" (Enjoy English) для 5 класса

Контрольный мониторинг за 1 триместр обучения по учебнику "Английский с удовольствием" (Enjoy English) для 5 класса

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Контрольный мониторинг 5 класс 1 триместр

I. Аудирование

  1. It often rained when Peter was in the country. True / False

  2. Peter and his friends didn’t swim when it was rainy. True / False

  3. Peter and his friends didn’t find any mushrooms. True / False

  4. Nobody could cook mushroom soup. True / False

  5. Peter didn’t like mushroom soup. True / False

II. Чтение

Hello! My name is Alex Dempsey. This summer was great! I went to a summer camp and visited my granny. She lives in the country. In summer I swam in the river, met new friends and helped granny in the garden.

I am eleven years old now. I live in London. I am in the 5th form. Usually the lessons start at 9 o’clock at our school. We study a lot of subjects: Biology, Mathematics, Technology, Literature and other. But there are some new subjects in our timetable this year: Drama, I.T. and Geography. I get only good and excellent marks at school.

I really enjoy Biology. We do experiments and learn interesting facts about animals. I also like Drama, because we act out short stories. I don’t like Art, it’s so boring! At school we must wear a uniform. I think it is a beautiful uniform.

I think I love my school. I have a lot of friends there. We like to go to the parties together. There are even foreign students in our school! They are from the USA.

3. What are his favourite subjects?

4. What clothes do they wear at school?

5. Where do Alex and his friends like to go?

III. Лексика.

Last year I got an ………. letter from my friend from Italy. He invited me to ………..my holidays in his country. So, I went …………. . I spent there three weeks and ………… a lot about Italian ………. and …………… . I …….. a lot of pictures of this country. My friend helped me learn new words. Now I speak and read Italian …………. ………… than I did last year. I ………. a lot of new friends. I am …………. by Italy and hope to visit it again.

Words: impressed, invitation, history, learnt, much better, traditions, made, spend, took, abroad

IV. Грамматика

  1. Last summer I (to go) __________abroad. I (to miss)_______my parents and friends very much.

  2. Some girls (to go)__________shopping every day.

  3. My brother (to watch) _______________football matches last year.

  4. Kate (to have) __________5 lessons tomorrow.

  5. Sam (to take) ____________a lot of pictures during his last trip.

V. Вопросы

1. My friend wants to become a popular writer. – Who__________________

2. Yesterday Elizabeth invited us to her Drama Club. – When_____________

3. The girls from our class like our Singing Club. – What____________________

4. Mark took a fantastic photo of a champion. – What_____________________

5. You will become a strong swimmer in our school. – What kind of _________

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