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Лексико-грамматический тест по теме "США" для 5 класса

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Name _____________ Form ______

Test (USA I)

I Underline the suitable variant:

  1. There is too little/few sugar in my coffee.

  2. We've got little/few sandwiches left over from the party.

  3. There is too little/few time left.

  4. I’ve got little/few bananas. I can bake a banana pie.

  5. A milkman/milkmen brings milk to us every morning.

  6. Postman/postmen bring letters and telegrams.

  7. There are many fisherman/fishermen in this city.

  8. Christopher Columbus wanted to become a seaman/seamen when he was a boy.

  9. The Greens have lived here since/for 11 years.

  10. The boy has had a teddy bear for/since a month.

  11. It has been cold in Moscow since/for morning.

  12. He left the town in 1998 and I haven’t seen him since/for.

II Fill the suitable prepositions in the gaps: through, of -3, in-3, from-2, out, on, for

  1. I am fond ___ listening to stories about great discoveries.

  2. Heidi was never interested ____ city life.

  3. Suddenly he appeared ____ the dark.

  4. Bill prepared everything ____ the game.

  5. The discoverer’s life was full ____ danger.

  6. He has been very ill but the doctor says he is ____ of danger now.

  7. We often make furniture ____ wood.

  8. All the people in the world want to live ____ peace and friendship.

  9. Children usually depend ____ the parents for food and clothes.

  10. The American colonists wanted to have independence _____ England.

  11. I haven’t read the magazine, I’ve just looked it ___________.

  12. Hats protected the cowboys’ faces and eyes ______ the hot sun.

III Say is it true or false:

  1. Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1495.

  2. In 1492 the King and the Queen of Spain gave him money to go to Italy.

  3. On the 21st of September in 1620 a group of people left England for the New World.

  4. English colonists came to the New World on board the “Novemberflower”.

  5. In America people celebrate Thanksgiving Day on the last Monday in November.

  6. They prepare traditional American food: potatoes, pumpkin and duck.

  7. Native Americans lived in small earth houses and ate only grass, nuts and fruits .

  8. Another famous tradition was smoking the pipe of peace.

  9. At the beginning of the 17th century the first colonies appeared in America. In 1733 there were 23 colonies in America.

  10. Bill Clinton became the first President of the USA.

  11. A tailor Levi Strauss lived in San Francisco in the middle of the 19th century.

  12. Cowboys usually wore hats, boots and skirts.

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